Boston Local Food Festival THIS Weekend: Beer, Healthy Eats 'n' Fun!

Calling all local-lovers, environmental enthusiasts, health freaks, foodies and hungry people alike. This Saturday, Oct. 2nd is the First Annual Boston Local Food Festival.  No, this isn’t just your everyday Farmer’s Market or rinky-dink fair; this is a one-of-a-kind festival to remember! The delicious outdoor festival will take place at Boston’s Fort Point Channel from Congress St. Bridge, the Boston Children’s Museum up to the Moakley Bridge at Northern Avenue. Did I mention that there’s FREE admission? Yup, not cost to come!

Still not convinced? Well I’ll let you in on some insider highlights that’ll have you drop your Saturday cartoons and lazy couch potato lounging in a jiffy. Not to mention, I am one of their featured bloggers (take a peak) and am also volunteering on the day of the event, so you should definitely come say hi! 

Some hot highlights of the event: 

1. Prime location: Yes, you saw the directions. That means a whole afternoon filled with waterfront fun…can’t beat that. Shop, eat, and laugh the day away with your friends and family in the midst of the lovely Boston fall scenery! 

2. Budget-Friendly: You heard that right. Not only do you get to sample delectable food all day long, but you can do so at an affordable price. Many people are turned off by buying local, healthy food because of the steep costs. But now, you don’t need to worry because the event is ensuring low cost, affordable prices. Everything that’s sold must be $5 & under. Now that’s a steal if I ever saw one (and it helps with over-eating too)! 

3. Top-Chef Style Competition: There is going to be a “Seafood Throwdown”battle between two chef’s (Didi Emmons of Haley House v. Jason Bond of Beacon Hill Bistro, No. 9 Park and Bondir Restaurant) to see who takes the cake (er, fish) as top chef. Both contestants will have a certain amount of time to “shop” at the festival for local ingredients and then craft a meal from their mystery fish. This is definitely something you can’t miss! 

4. Chef Demos: On top of the chef competition, there will also be live chef demos all afternoon. From a “Whole Hog Demo” by Chef Matt Jennings to a “Crepes at Home Demo” by Chef Garcia, there is definitely something for everyone’s palate. 

5. Bring on the Beer: Yes, there will indeed be beer and wine tasting at the festival too for all of you who like a little liquid to go with all that food! Did I mention all the beer and wine is local as well? You’ll sample brews from a number of local brewing companies, including Haverhill Brewing, Cape Ann Brewing Co. and Harpoon Brewery. Tickets are available before and during the event, but I suggest you buy them now to avoid long lines! The price is very reasonable: $10 for 10 tastings and $20 for 25 tastings, so get your local drinking on folks! Purchase tickets today here. 

6. Eat On the Go: This isn’t one of those festivals where you have to wait until you get home to enjoy your eats. There will be food on-sale that you can enjoy instantly. Vendors include Taza chocolate (just tried it yesterday for the first time and it’s absolutely to-die-for), Nella Pasta, Daily Catch Restaurant, Burnin’ Love Sauces, The Best Damn Granola Co. and a whole lot more! 

7. Local…Music: Not only will there be local food, local health& wellness companies and local chefs, but there will also be local music! How cool? Bands include Kolors Band, The Lowbrow Boys, Squeezebox Stompers and Zili Misik. Be sure to check them out for a little local flavor to swing to!

8 Responses to “Boston Local Food Festival THIS Weekend: Beer, Healthy Eats 'n' Fun!”

  1. JON Says:

    Really nice write-up…hitting all the high points of what is sure to be an AMAZING DAY! See you there!

    Hope you consider entering the BLFF Recipe Contest!

  2. healthychicks Says:

    Thanks for the response. Yes, it will definitely be a day to remember. I can’t wait to sample all the yummy food and meet all the wonderful, local chefs/vendors/foodies that will be there!

  3. Ashleigh Says:

    Looks like a fun event! Thanks for sharing.

  4. healthychicks Says:

    Thanks for the response Ashleigh. Yes, it should be a fun-filled day! Do you live in the area?

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