Hump Day Mood Enhancer

Seriously…seriously. I am real, live proof – yes, even though you can’t actually see me – that this remedy works time and time and again. Yesterday in particular it worked perfectly. You see, I had a lot on my mind so instead of panicking or sulking, I booked it to the gym for some intense cross training followed by steam room (the workout part). Hello, endorphins! I was feeling goooood. 

Then my roommate came home, who is going through some very tough times right now. So instead of “talking about it” and making her even more upset, I suggested my #1 cure – Sex and the City ‘sodes! Within a few minutes, she was smiling and laughing again, and my mind was off all the bad things and on to “What is Carrie wearing?” and “How does Samantha do that?” (The Sex & The City segment) 

After a couple hours of that, and some homemade dinner, I dabbled in some dark chocolate chips. Can you say yum? These puppies enhance my mood the second they enter my mouth…every single time. So go ahead, eat some chocolate; it won’t kill ya! (The chocolate bit). 

Alas, after all of that, three of my roommates decided to end our semi-blah night with some Core Fusion: Body Sculpt to beat out any leftover negative energy that was in us. We put the TV on mute, blasted some workout tunes and hardcore sculpted it up. Let’s just say my butt is feelin’ it this morning and I feel AMAZING. (workout part 2)

What do you do to kick a bad mood? Any fun tips? Oh, and HAPPY Hump Day ladies!

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3 Responses to “Hump Day Mood Enhancer”

  1. Jenny Jen Says:

    There is nothing worse than negative energy. What’s difficult is it has to be placed elsewhere, or it will cause a downward spiral (as I talked about in my blog on Monday…yes, shameless plug).

    What I’ve realized is the nature of balance; that what comes up, must come down. But down doesn’t have to be detrimental. Instead, that negative energy can be turned into positive. I try to do things that will make me feel better about myself: eat really well that day, go to a yoga class, listen to loud (soothing) music and write out the feelings. It often takes a few days to get back on my feet, but I know and accept that there’s no easy fix (no matter how funny or entertaining the SITC ep may be).

  2. healthychicks Says:

    Very true Jen! I agree 100% — very insightful, well-though out comment and I think we can all learn from that! However, in the meantime we can distract ourselves with little things (i.e. exercise, SATC episodes) to get our mind off of the bad/negative stuff.

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