Treadmill Woes Plus Gotta-Have-It Grilled Cheese


Ever since I started training for my half marathon, it seems Mother Nature is not on my side. Blizzards and wintery mixes make running outside more like an obstacle course gone wrong than an enjoyable exercise. Since I hate the treadmill so damn much, I even ran outside last weekend when I knew I shouldn’t have. I was dodging three-feet piles of snow, jumping over icy paths and slipping my way along the sidewalk. Not exactly safe, to say the least.

The fact of the matter is I hate the treadmill that much. I hate it so much that I texted my dad after my awful workout complaining to him just how much I hated it. He said, “Yup, the treadmill is hard. No adrenaline.” Exactly, I thought to myself. He also told me to check out “the gym dudes” for a distraction (hehe). However, as much as I hate it, I am making it a goal for myself to let go of all that hatred and attempt to embrace the evil little machine. So yesterday I went to the gym with a positive attitude ready to tackle my three-mile treadmill run. While it still was no run in the park, it was a little bit better than usual, mostly because I came up with some little “tricks” to get me through.

So for all of you treadmill haters out there, read on so that you too can at the very least be friendly with the treadmill. It doesn’t have to be your best friend, but there’s no need for hate.

1. Mix up your running playlists – if you listen the same old tunes you’ve been running to forever, you’re bound to get bored and let your treadmill hatred get the best of you. Rather, mix up your tunes! Borrow some CDs from your friends to add onto your ‘pod or splurge on some iTunes every once in a while. My running faves of the week are “Hey Baby” and “Shut it Down” by Pitbull, “Magic” by B.O.B., “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. So go ahead and mix it up; it’s good for you in all aspects of your life.

2. Change up the pace – Running on the treadmill is much more difficult than running outside because there is no variety. Just one long and steady speed the entire way through. No scenic ponds, ever-so-glorious downhill slopes or other runners passing by. Therefore to keep yourself sane, you must change up the pace. The other day, I sprinted during the chorus of each song, and made sure to adjust the incline every now and then. It made my dreaded treadmill workout a tad more enjoyable for a change.

3. “Check out the gym dudes” – While my dad was joking, he is most definitely right. It definitely doesn’t hurt to scope out the fellow gym-goers for a little extra motivation. I must say the good-looking, sweaty men doing dead lifts in the corner aren’t bad to look at. I also like observing other toned, fit women to motivate me to go farther and faster.

4. Don’t Get Down on Yourself – The most important lesson of all is to not let the treadmill get you down. After all, it’s just a machine, and you will learn to like it eventually, even if it is just a bit. It’s easy for me to get discouraged by the treadmill while training for my first half. If three miles on the treadmill is hard for me, how the hell am I supposed to do 13.1? But deep down I know I will. I also know the snow will eventually melt, and my inspiring outdoor runs will grace me once again.

So, stay strong chickies!

Oh, and here’s a post-treadmill delicious Grilled Cheese treat. It’s heavenly, just warning you!

What ya Need:
-1 slice Ezekiel or whole grain bread of choice
-1 TB Smart Balance butter
-1 slice light Provolone cheese
-a few thin slices of plum tomato
-salt & pepper to taste

1. Heat frying pan to medium heat, and coat with butter. “Fry” slice of bread for a few minutes on each side, or until crispy.
2. Add cheese. Cover and reduce to low heat until cheese is melted.
3. Remove your grilled cheese sammie, and add on sliced tomato, salt & pepper.



13 Responses to “Treadmill Woes Plus Gotta-Have-It Grilled Cheese”

  1. kristen Says:

    Hey Rachel!

    First of all, still loveee reading your blog! You have great ideas and really get what it’s like to be a young twenty-something trying to be healthy having crazy schedules!

    I’m just starting a full time internship this semester on top of a part time job and two evening classes, so I definitely have zero time for the gym, especially in the endless Syracuse snow. Have any short-ish at home workouts that I can do either before I leave or after I get home from work?


  2. healthychicks Says:

    Hey Kristen! Thanks so much girly, you are too sweet…I’m glad to see you are still reading : ) As for workouts, there are a few I do when I’m pressed for time. For one I highly recommend Core Fusion: Body Sculpt which is only 50 minutes in total, but you can break up the segments (i.e. 30 in the am, 20 at night). You can see me raving about it here: . I also like doing this quickie workout either outside or on the treadmill…it’s intervals so it really works well ( Here are some great butt workouts you can do at home ( and here is another interval workout I LOVE doing when the weather is bearable ( All in all, INTERVALS are the prefect fix when you are pressed for time. Email me @ and I’ll send you some more : ) Take care! Stay healthy XoXo

  3. Johanna Says:

    Hey Rachel,

    Just wanted to add something that helps me. I’ve only just started enjoying running on the treadmill, but one thing I do is cover the screen with a towel. It’s so hard to get a goos run in when you’re constantly watching the time and tenths of a mile tick by. I try to listen to 8 songs before I let myself even look at how far I’ve gone!


  4. healthychicks Says:

    YES, I tried that yesterday! Unfortunately, when I took it off I was only at 10 minutes and I could of sworn I’d be AT LEAST at 15, so that got me a little mad. That is a great tip though and I’m sure it works for many : ) Thanks Johanna! I’d love to hear any other tips you have as well…gotta get used to the treadmill.

  5. Sara Says:

    I greatly dislike the treadmill, it’s so much harder! I’ve found that intervals work best for me. I do a combination of running and walking, so I’ll run .3, walk .05 until I hit my time or mileage goal for the day. I like focusing on the little “goals” instead of thinking “holy crap I have to run 4 more miles on the dreadmill.”

  6. healthychicks Says:

    Awesome advice Sara! Breaking it up always helps so then it’s not just 40 minutes straight running to no where!

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  8. Allie Says:

    Hey Rachel,

    1st, love love your blog. 2nd, I totally understand the treadmill hatred. One thing I like to do when I’m committed to staying on and getting a long run in is to let myself daydream! Whether it’s about what I’m going to cook for dinner that night or the handsome mystery man from the elevator, the time seems to fly by. Exercise time is generally the only free time I have during the day and so it’s usually the only time I also have to escape into my own thoughts.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  9. healthychicks Says:

    Allie, that definitely helps! Zoning out is great to make time fly by : ) I’m definitely going to try a little daydreaming next time – just hope I don’t fall off hehehe

  10. Friday Faves | Healthy Chicks Says:

    […] Fave Song: “Magic” by B.O.B. & “Marry You” by Bruno Mars; these babies have really been getting me through my dreaded treadmill runs.  […]

  11. Jess Says:

    DEF with you on the dreadmill hatred – BUT I’ve found some interval workouts that work REALLY well on the treadmill and keep me moving. PLUS they keep me from wanting to cry becuase I miss running outside so much. Damn snow!!

  12. healthychicks Says:

    Yes, I think intervals are going to be my only hope! I’m with you though…is it spring yet??!

  13. Car Covers Says:

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