Get Pumped: Tis The Season for Outdoor Running!


Oh my goodness. When I just looked at the seven day forecast two seconds ago, I thought I must have seen it wrong. Did I remember to put my contacts in this morning? But I definitely saw it right, and boy oh boy am I ecstatic. The temps are going to hit 50s today and 60s (YES 60s) tomorrow! I feel like a little kid on Christmas…that’s how excited I am.

No, not just because of the fact that spring is near and I can actually go outside without 500 layers on looking like a puff-ball, but the fact that I can RUN outside. You don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for this day. Sure I’ve made peace with the treadmill, but there is nothing quite like a long, sweaty outdoor run to really get me movin’. When I run outside, I feel alive. I can zone out, unleash my stress and think…about everything in my life that’s bothering me or simply on my mind! Running outside is the bomb. And that’s just a plain truth.

Now that my half marathon is coming up soon, these outdoor runs are going to be absolutely critical to my training. Today I think I’m going to push my limits since it’s so beautiful outside in Boston, and run an extra mile or two. Then this weekend I have a big, bad 7-miler coming up and it only goes up, up and up from there! Scared? No way. I’m excited to challenge my body and let myself go as I run around the city. When I run, it’s not about anyone else but me, and that’s why I love it so darn much.

For old times sake, check out one of my most popular posts of the past on what inspired me to start running/ the hidden benefits.

Are you a runner? What are some of your favorite outdoor workouts now that the weather is looking up? (fingers crossed)

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  2. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic Says:

    Aaah I’m so excited for the nice running weather too!!

  3. Jess Says:

    SO with you on this one!!! I ran this morning and it was GLORIOUS. The best run ever because I was OUTSIDE in the fresh air and it made my heart soar with glee. Seriously, if you suddenly aren’t able to run outside due to weather like us Boston-ites, it makes it SO much more exciting and enjoyable when you finally can. Those southerners have no idea what we runners in Boston go through in the winter! Enjoy that run today girl!

  4. healthychicks Says:

    How amazing does it feel? I can’t wait to go for my run soon – just charging up my iPod as we speak : ) Bianca, how is the training going for you??!

  5. ashleigh Says:

    I am loving this weather!!! I wish I could leave work right now and run. I am hoping to get an outdoor run in tomorrow am. I really can’t wait for spring! I hope you have a great run tonight!

  6. healthychicks Says:

    Ah I always feel best when I sneak in a morning run – right when the sun comes out. Then your head feels clear the rest of the day! Enjoy : )

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