It’s National Margarita Day: A Special Tasty Margarita Recipe for YOU


This morning, someone tweeted that it’s National Margarita Day. Nah, couldn’t be I thought to myself. Then I googled “National Margarita Day” and sure enough tons of results came up. According to The Food Channel, February 22 i.e. National Margarita Day is named after a lady whose name was indeed Margarita. Legend goes that this absolutely FABULOUS woman whipped up the drink on a hot afternoon, and there you have one of the most popular cocktails in the U.S. Mmm, I can already taste the tequila and salt in my mouth. Glorious. Oh so glorious. If only I was on a beach in 85 degree weather. Wishful thinking, I know.

Anyway, in honor of this incredible “holiday” I am posting my absolute favorite Margarita recipe – that is, my fabulous, quirky, hilarious cousin Sara’s homemade margarita concoction. I’ll call it the Crazy Cousin Margarita (hehehe) in her honor. Enjoy! Oh, and P.S. this recipe is much better for you than restaurant varieties because it doesn’t have loads of sugary margarita mix added in, is fresh and of course made with love. <3

Whatchya Need:

-clear tequila of choice (make sure it’s 100% tequila de agave – it’s more natural that way)

RIPE margarita mix (so tasty, and 100% fresh and natural)

-Grand Marnier



-a mini shaker


1. Add 1/4 c. tequila (or use “eye ball” method) to shaker, and fill with Margarita mix to the 3/4 c. line. Put in blender to get it really frothy or shake well in shaker.

2. Pour over lots of ice, and garnish with lemon & lime…squeeze some in too if you’d like for a little extra zing!

3. Finish with a generous splash of Grand Marnier!

Enjoy! What is your favorite way to enjoy a margarita? Do you like it on the rocks or frozen?


11 Responses to “It’s National Margarita Day: A Special Tasty Margarita Recipe for YOU”

  1. Jess Says:

    HA! Funny enough, my husband and I were just talking about making this Friday a mexican night in, complete with a fancy take on fajitas and homemade margaritas with agave nectar for sweetning. I can’t wait to try it out, esp now that I know there’s a “reason” to be celebrating a good ‘ol margarita. LOL!

  2. healthychicks Says:

    MMM I LOVE Mexican food. The guac. The fajitas. The spice. The margs. TO-DIE-FOR. That sounds delicious, and yes you totally have a reason to celebrate Jess! Enjoy!

  3. Brittney Says:

    Mmmmm margarita! Might have to make a batch tonight! My dad actually makes margaritas with NO mix. He just uses 1/3 tequila, 1/3 fresh lime juice, and 1/3 Cointreau. I usually throw in a splash of OJ when I use his recipe, or it’s like drinking FIRE 🙂

  4. healthychicks Says:

    MMM that sounds yummy. I’ve done it without mix before too – just lots of fresh lime and lemon juice! Definitely a little sour but real fresh and good too!

  5. Natalie @ Will Jog For Food Says:

    I love it on the rocks! Unless I’m somewhere very very tropical 🙂 My fav is a prickly pear Margarita… a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale makes a PERFECT one! I wouldn’t mind one right now…ahhhh.

  6. healthychicks Says:

    Oh, the Prickly Pear sounds fun!

  7. Charity Says:

    …I haven’t had a margarita since my early 20’s!! I’ll have to try this recipe though since it sounds healthy.. I just need to buy a good blender.. 😉

  8. healthychicks Says:

    Yea, you can even make it HEALTHIER using no mixer at all – just fresh lemon & lime juice and a splash of sugar, OJ, or agave syrup (it’s a healthier sugar substitute)

  9. Watching Video Says:

    happy Margarita Day to everyone! I didn’t know that February 22 is the National Margarita Day, but it sounds interesting! I love this cocktail, so I think today I will celebrate!

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