Hump Day Lesson of the Day: Unplugging from Life

Good afternoon all! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. As I mentioned in Friday’s blog post, I was off to Bumpkin Island, one of Boston’s Harbor Islands, for the long weekend. Despite the hundreds of ticks, poison-ivy coated pathways, composting toilets and ZERO running water, I truly did have a blast. I lucked out with just a few little mosquito bites and a pretty sweet tan.

And as bad as I’m making it sound, I miss the camping trip way. Sure, it felt good to take a real shower and go out for calamari and Merlot for my birthday last night, but there’s just something inexplainable about getting away. Not only did I get to see seven different sets of fireworks right on the ocean, eat homemade turkey burgers with feta over the fire and spend time with some amazing people (The Boy included), but it also gave me a chance to disconnect…from everything.

I never thought it’d be so refreshing to simply unplug and enjoy. No smart phones, no TV, no Mac, no blogging, no Starbuck’s iced coffee and limited makeup. What at first sounded like a nightmare ended up being a pretty phenomenal experience. It helped me let go and escape, something I’m sure many of us can appreciate from time to time.

I hope you all have a brilliant day and can muster up a little time to unplug yourself. I’m not suggesting you go as far as camping in the middle of the woods sans showering for four days, but hey, it can’t hurt.

[if this isn’t unplugging, I don’t know what is]

What do you do when you need to “unplug” from life?


5 Responses to “Hump Day Lesson of the Day: Unplugging from Life”

  1. Jenny Jen Says:

    This explains why I pretty much spend every weekend at my other halves place in Muskoka now, right? The only thing as relaxing and fulfilling about unplugging for a weekend, is having the opportunity to talk and bond during the drive to and from the getaway destination.

  2. Brynne Says:

    When I need to unplug, I turn my phone off. IT’S SO NICE!

  3. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @JennyJen, I totally get why you escape to the little cottage now – how liberating! Like you I also enjoy the trip to wherever we’re going…that’s half the fun and such priceless bonding time.

  4. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @Brynne I don’t think we do that enough. Turning off the phone/the computer/the TV/all that extra “noise” can work wonders!

  5. Friday Favorites: 3 Must-Haves After My Island Adventure Says:

    […] for me…a very blurry hurricane. Ever since I’ve been back from my Fourth of July camping adventure, I’ve unfortunately been sick as a dog. I feel sore, lethargic, and have a killer sore throat. […]

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