My Super-sized Vision Board: Relationship, Career, Personal & Financial Success

Remember when I told you guys I made a vision board with The Boy last month? Well, I decided to revamp it completely! You see, my first vision board was on a scrap piece of white-lined paper and it didn’t give me enough room to really express every little thing I want in life. Plus, with all the focus lately on my new health counseling business Zesty Living, I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and what I want for myself.

That’s when the vision board construction went down. For the past few days, I’ve been tearing witty words, motivating pictures, and inspirational phrases out of magazines, as well as surfing the web for ideas.

Voilà! This is the result:

I decided to break it down into sections: career, relationship, and personal well-being.


  • Create and sell some sort of wellness product, be it inspirational greeting cards, all-natural body scrubs or innovative spice blends!
  • Be financially stable, with a comfortable salary that I can support myself with & not have to cringe every time I “treat” myself to something nice
  • Have a successful, positive, buzzing health counseling business a la Zesty Living with 1-on-1 coaching, group workshops, and (HOPERFULLY) some corporate wellness mixed in
  • Be published in a women’s health magazine featuring an article on holistic health & wellness…a dream come true to have my own byline!
  • Speak in front of a group of people regarding health, happiness and finding balance


  • Move in with The Boy in an adorable little Boston area apartment where we’ll wake up together each morning, sip coffee, make tasty dinners, and stay up drinking wine and laughing our faces off!
  • Be a “power couple” both reaping the benefits of being successful entrepreneurs, making our own schedules and ultimately working for ourselves
  • Happy & in love


  • Feel more calm & at peace with myself
  • Do more yoga – practice regularly!
  • Have enough money to be able to treat myself to monthly massages, gym memberships, yoga retreats and other wellness activities
  • Travel more! (Oh, and be able to afford it and not feel bad about it!)
  • Trouble-free, energized, motivated go-getter
  • Super healthy, happy, fit & feeling my best self
  • Have a plethora of delicious, wholesome, all natural food to cook with each and every day

Have you ever made a vision board? What do you want for yourself this year? What positive steps are you taking to get there?

11 Responses to “My Super-sized Vision Board: Relationship, Career, Personal & Financial Success”

  1. Clair Says:

    So so glad to have met you last night. Thanks for all the info and inspiration.

    I’m officially adding you to my google reader, and I hope to see you again!

  2. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @Clair It was great meeting you as well! I’d be happy to send you along more info whenever you’re interested. I LOVE your blog, your pictures are beautiful and you are a super creative girl! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. jobo Says:

    I love the one about moving in with The Boy! When is that going to happen? very awesome! And speaking in front of a group of people about health and living…love that and hope you do soon AND I can come see 🙂

  4. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @Jobo Hehe glad you liked it! I’m moving in with him in SEPTEMBER. It’ll be a big step, but we’re both super excited about it.

    You will totally be on my invite list when the public speaking engagement happens 🙂

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