4 Ways to Feel Healthier, Happier & Altogether More Wholesome Right Now

As you know, I’m usually not a fan of “quick fixes.” I believe in a whole, individualized approach to health & wellness (meaning small, gradual changes make big differences and many things effect our health in different ways) and I greatly despise the word D-I-E-T. Living a healthy, pure lifestyle isn’t just a checklist that you do once to see results; rather it’s the day-to-day that counts.

That being said, there are a few things I practice nearly every day to feel happier, healthier, and more whole in the moment. Yes, these little tips will work better if you combine them with other methods that personally work for you, but this is a great jump-start. Like I said, little changes = big differences.

4 Things I Do Every Day for My Health:

#1 I attempt to cook at least two, ideally three of my meals myself. Doing this allows me to know exactly what’s going into my food, and essentially into my body. I love dining out just as much as the next girl, but quite frankly it doesn’t always work for my budget not my taste buds. Cooking allows me to have delectable roasted veggie omelets for breakfast served with my favorite Ezekiel bread, quick & easy lunch wraps or homemade soups, heavenly risotto with grilled salmon and fresh lemon and dill for dinner. You see, in making meals for yourself, you have the power.

#2 I chug water like crazy, ideally with lemon in the morning, and then switching to herbal tea a couple hours before bed. This makes my body feel clean, well, and restored and my mind to feel clear, smart, and less foggy over all. Drinking water can improve digestion, tame cravings, among a number of other miraculous things. Are you drinking enough water?

#3 I dedicate ‘me’ time, even on my busiest of days. This is something I am working on improving every day, as I tend to be a do-it-all, shop-til-you-drop, glued-to-my-computer kinda gal. In effect, I’m a bit hard on myself sometimes. To prevent stress and make me a happier person in general, I like to give myself time each day for me, whether it be catching up on a favorite show, reading a blog, magazine or book I love, or even going for a 30 minute run. Yesterday, I treated myself to a facial due to my skin issues and now feel absolutely fabulous. Do what you love, and what makes you happy. If you had 30 minutes of nothing, how would you spend it?

#4 I laugh with my friends and sister over coffee, with my boyfriend over the phone, or even at myself. In all seriousness, I do. I see people every day who take themselves way too seriously, and almost have a permanent, stern, angry face on all the time. Let go. Be a little easier on yourself. Know that one day of imperfection won’t kill you; it’ll in fact help you. Attempt to lighten up and enjoy the little, pretty things in life. If it’s excess baggage from the past, reaccess if it’s really worth holding on to. If it’s a bad day or a missed train or a serious family issue, try to view it with a different perspective. What’s holding you back?

5 Responses to “4 Ways to Feel Healthier, Happier & Altogether More Wholesome Right Now”

  1. jobo Says:

    I LOVE these! So true. I drink water like it’s my JOB! And there is nothing better than home cooked meals. Almost all of mine each week are at home. I feel lucky to work from home so I can make all meals at home, lunch included, as often as possible! makes a huge difference!

  2. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident Says:

    Great tips! I try so hard to drink water, but I never seem to drink enough.

  3. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @Jobo Thanks. That’s great you do so much home cooking! Tastes better that way in my mind 🙂 and doesn’t hurt that it’s better for YOU!

    @Mattie Water can be tricky to sneak in sometimes. Try mentally telling yourself to drink 8-12 oz. upon waking every morning (mind tricks work wonders), or sprucing it up with a splash of lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice. fresh.

  4. review Says:

    laughing is always in my every day to do list! it makes you feel alive!:D

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