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I recently started a “Wish List” board on Pinterest featuring all things I want, from elegant  yoga-inspired jewelry to the Canon G9 PowerShot camera my sister has that will enable me to take much prettier pictures of food/life/everyday beauty. Perhaps that will finally encourage me to bring out my inner photographer? One can only hope.

During the process of “pinning” I realized I was a little bit constricted as everything I posted were just things, you know objects. And in reality, there are a lot of things on my “wish list” that don’t necessarily have a price tag, a fancy package or a tangible image. There are many things I wish for in life that involve events, actions, and happiness and these are the big things I’d like to focus on this month.

So yesterday during my two-hour bus ride home to Connecticut, I decided to make a list of things I both want and expect from myself. I call it a wish list, but it’s more or less a list of desirable goals I’ve had for myself for a while now and just need to implement.

Here’s What I’ve got on my plate:

Personal Wish List:

Yoga/meditation at LEAST once a week (aim for 2) Currently there is slim to none of this and I know it helps calm my restless mind tremendously

Run at least twice a week Again, I have been neglecting running for a while now because “It’s too cold” or “It’s raining” or “I already did Core Fusion” or “But I worked out yesterday” and it’s time to quit the excuses and suck it up. I love running. Running helps me think. It makes me feel wonderful about my body. It’s an incredible tool for finding clarity.

-Join the gym! Which brings me to this point; on days it’s raining/snowing/too sunny/too cold/too hot I will have the gym to escape to. Currently I’ve been sticking to at-home workouts, Core Fusion and yoga but sometimes it’s nice to have an outlet for everyday exercise that = the gym for me. Joining Monday after Easter. You can hold me to it.

Work out in the a.m. I know my body, and what works best for me. Morning workouts bring the greatest bliss to my day. Morning it shall be.

Pamper & love myself more often Be it a massage, a new pair of yoga pants, a cup of gourmet tea, an expensive lunch at Whole Foods that I truly enjoy, or a day to me, myself and I. It doesn’t have to be pampering myself with something monetary; even reading 40 pages in a new book will suffice. Work will always be there, and I need to remember to put myself first sometimes. What’s the point if you’re not taking care of yourself first?

Business Wish List a la Zesty Living:

Plan to attend at least one outside networking event per month. Bring business cards/ step outside my comfort zone I need to put myself out there more if I want to see big success. This I will do.

-Come up with a writing proposal & reach out to local magazines, publications, newspapers, companies, online brands for freelance work. I went to school for journalism after all, and now I am finally getting a degree in something I’m passionate about: holistic health. Apply your degree mixed with your fiery passion and start earning money and recognition for your hard work, Rachel! Just do it. Don’t think about it. Do it. Just think of how wonderful it will feel to see your name (not someone else’s name) in print under an article you worked hard on.

Organize my Calender, scheduling time for everything including personal time/networking time/marketing time/event time/client time/ you-name-it-time

What’s on your personal and/or occupational wish list? Do you make goals that you find hard to stick to? What’s something you’ve been wanting to cross off your list for a while now?

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  1. jobo Says:

    I love your wish list! And how you turned it into a life/wellness list too. On mine? Let’s see…to do more yoga. Need to gain some flexibility because I know it will help my running and my barre work!

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