Reaching My Goals & Get Real (About Food) Event Announcement

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Happy Friday ladies! Remember a few weeks ago when I laid out my Life “Wish List” goals? Well, I’m happy to say that many of them are coming into full affect, particularly my business-related goals for Zesty Living.

I’ve been really focusing on networking, reaching out, and putting myself out there lately (even if that means writing and working on business ideas at the local coffee shop instead of at my apartment in my PJs.) It’s amazing how many  opportunities and inspiration you can find from other like-minded passionate people; the world really is a big place filled with many, many ideas!

Well, partly due to my positive vibes and vision board (I’m certain this is part of it), things have really been picking up lately. In fact, I’m hosting my very own healthy eating workshop all by myself (eek!) in mid-June , with another speaking engagement at the end of June (details to come).

Here are the ins & outs of my “Get Real (About Food)” workshop on June 14th at Oficio on Newbury Street:

Join Rachel Chemerynski, Health Coach and founder of Zesty Living, for a healthy, casual Girl’s Night Out on Newbury Street.

Forget about non fat, sugar free, carb-free, diet-obsessed living! During this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to incorporate a variety of flavorful foods made with real ingredients that actually taste good (and are good for your body too).

During the workshop, Rachel will touch upon deceiving marketing gimmicks (including a list of “healthy” foods that aren’t), analyzing food labels, and how to maneuver your way through the supermarket without having a mental breakdown in the baked goods aisle.

Oh, and be sure to bring your appetite! You’ll be provided with delicious drinks and all-natural appetizers to complement the discussion, as well as a healthy “goodie bag” for each attendee to go home with at the end.

Get ready for great conversation, delectable eats, and of course lots of laughs with an amazing group of like-minded ladies!

To learn more about my workshop, check out the event details on Eventbrite here.

Have a wonderful weekend,

5 Responses to “Reaching My Goals & Get Real (About Food) Event Announcement”

  1. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident Says:

    This looks like a fabulous event! And so exciting for you! I am definitely going to pass it along to all my friends around Boston!

  2. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @Mattie Thanks Mattie, I’m also going to be speaking at a yoga/health event at the end of June which you may enjoy…I’ll send along the details to you when the invites go out!

  3. jobo Says:

    ohhh! this is so fun!! I want to come!! I am going to check it out, maybe Jess and I can come!! So happy for you!

  4. JEss Says:

    This would be SO FUN to come to!! I love it!

  5. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @jobo @Jess Ah, it’d be amazing if the two of you ladies could come! Regardless, we NEED to meet in person soon. I need to meet the power, fit, barre-teaching sisters at last 🙂

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