Event Recap: New Balance NB Fitness Club & Anue Yoga Apparel Review

This past Monday I was invited to a special yoga event at New Balance’s very own NB Fitness Club in Brighton, MA. It was my first time experiencing the club, so I was excited to check out the space for myself first-hand!

I was impressed by how open and clean it was, especially the ladies’ locker rooms. You don’t always see that at gyms these days, so it’s always a pleasant surprise.

Once we got settled in, all the ladies were lead to the group fitness room where we got to experience a 45-minute yoga class with Dina Ivas, a NYC-based yoga instructor. I loved Dina’s energy and enthusiasm, as you could definitely tell that teaching yoga is one of her greatest passions. Her class was both restorative and challenging at the same time, the perfect way to start a Monday morning!

{Anue Review}

After class, Anue (New Balance’s yoga collection) was there with a special pop-up shop offering great deals — up to 75% off — on their apparel! I also had the chance to talk with the beautiful designers behind Anue, Andrea and Rachel, who totally walk the talk and embody their brand.

{Designers Andrea Cinque-Austin & Rachel Ferri}

I love that their clothing is made from organic, eco-friendly ultra-soft fabrics, feeling super sleek, smooth & sexy against your skin. When it comes to choosing workout apparel, both comfort and looks play a part for me, and Anue does a great job of bringing the two together with a nice balance. You can tell their clothing is made really well too, as it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or sweaty post-workout.

I’ve been a proud owner of a their Anue Spree Capris in black for over a year now, and they still feel good as new! I was recently sent a few additional items to review before the event too, including a new pair of Anue Spree Capris (yay!), the Ananda Racerback in Teaberry, Arise Skirt in Jazzy and the Sutra Tank in Green Lake.

{rocking the Ananda Racerback at The Z Spot Zumba with Nicole D – separate review coming soon!}

My favorite? By far, the Sutra Tank in Green Lake, which has an open back for a unique, sultry look.

I love how light it is, perfect for a vigorous Vinyasa class, hot yoga, strolling around the city or even hanging around the house.

While at the NB Fitness Club event, I was asked to be interviewed for a video shoot, as I was decked out in Anue apparel (wearing the Spree Capri & Sutra Tank).

{during my interview; source: @yogawithdina twit pic}

When asked how I would describe Anue in 3 words, I said: comfy, silky and free. Pretty much sums it up for me!

What’s most important for you when it comes to workout apparel? Looks? Comfort? Versatility? Do you stick to one brand or bounce around?

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