Summertime Updates: Upcoming Happenings with Healthy Chicks

I know people say this all the time, but holy cow summer really is flying by! In the past month, I’ve turned 26, helped launch sweetgreen’s opening in Boston, celebrated my dad’s retirement (and my sister’s graduation), hiked up Welch & Dickey Mountains, ventured to Cape Cod for my college roomie’s Bachelorette, launched some fabulous new health coaching programs, took a impromptu trip to Fisher’s Island to visit my grandparents (and ate lots of tasty seafood), all while growing my business  and writing my butt off each & every day.

Work hard, play hard baby! Whew, it’s time to catch my breath.

Here are some upcoming happenings going on over at Healthy Chicks:

Swimwear Tips & Body Image Talk at Cerulean Blu: I was asked to speak at Blog & Tweet Boston’s next event, hosted by the lovely co-founders Jen and Kerrie. The event is to be held at Cerulean Blu Swim & Resort Wear Boutique located right off Newbury St. in the Back Bay. I’ll be there talking body image & confidence tips to rock your swimsuit fearlessly, and you’ll also get to learn which bathing suits are best for you (all while munching on healthy refreshments). To learn more or request an invite, check out Jen’s event announcement here!

21-Day “Little Black Dress” Summer Shape-Up: This week I announced Healthy Chicks’ very first 3 week e-program: a cleanse for the mind, body & soul. After getting asked dozens  & dozens of questions about cleanses, crash diets and quick ways to lose weight I felt the need to do something about it! Losing weight and feeling great in your body takes much more than drinking kale juice, going for a run and “cutting back” on calories. Just as important as what you eat is how you feel on the inside and what’s really going on behind the scenes.

If you’re struggling with your weight or beating yourself up over being “fat” or not being able to squeeze into that LBD for your best friend’s wedding, this program is for YOU! In the 21-day program you’ll discover which foods are best for your body (and which foods drain you), how to nourish your mind, body & soul, techniques to de-stress and become more mindful when eating, ways to cope with cravings (the healthy way) and tips to boost your self-confidence. Oh, and I won’t make you go on a crazy diet or cut out chocolate either! Sound good?

Head over here to learn more & secure your spot in this super hot, brand new program (and rock your LBD this August & Beyond) After all, every woman deserves to shine in her little black dress. The program begins 8/11/13.


Writing, Writing, Everywhere: A couple of months ago, I announced that I am in the process of writing a book and I’m proud to say it’s coming along. I’m taking baby steps but it brings me so much joy to follow my heart and actually see a life-long goal come into fruition. Writing is my greatest passion, so it means the world to me to be able to share this with the world (particularly other women who are struggling with body image, dieting, and food “stuff.”)

Speaking of writing, here are my latest freelance pieces published around the web:

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How to Deal with Post-Binge Guilt in 4 Simple Steps

We’re Moving: The Boy & I are moving next week to a lovely new apartment in Brookline (with hardwood floors, a big enough kitchen to put a KICHEN TABLE in, and lots of natural light! Yipee!) Currently we live in a tiny “garden level” unit in Cambridge which we now refer to as “the dungeon.” Can you tell we’re ready to move on?

What’s going on with you ladies? What do you have to celebrate in your life right now? I want to hear from YOU!

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