Do Good, Feel Good: A Lesson in Spreading The Love For a Better You

Are you stuck in a rut?

Feeling a little “blah” from the frigid weather?

Feeling like straight up crap?

Heck, I totally was all of the above last week. I think I cried approximately 3 times, and I was completely “on edge” about everything.

I was under a lot of stress.

I was sad.

I was “busy.”

I ordered take-out food…like twice.

I avoided workouts like the plague.

I was kinda sorta putting myself last.

At first I tried to hold these feelings within & pretend everything was all hunky dory. You know, because I am “supposed” to be positive 24/7, and I inspire others to put themselves FIRST and to treat their bodies with love.

What kind of leader am I to “screw up?”

Then I remembered that I am a teacher, an inspirer and a motivator and that all great teachers are not perfect. I am not perfect, but I am ME and I am REAL and that’s what makes me a great teacher.

I can relate…to you. Oh, and just a quick FYI there is no such thing as screwing up or being “bad” anyway, and it is never too late to start over. We must treat every day as a clean plate, a blank canvas. And when we fall off the wagon, ask yourself what happened & then find the lesson you can learn from that.

Anyway, my story doesn’t end there. I wasn’t going to let myself feel like crap, accept it and throw myself a giant “poor me” pity party.

No, No. Instead I chose to look within & turn that internal mess upside down by SPREADING THE LOVE. Yes, maybe I wasn’t feeling my best self but I knew one of my greatest strengths (and feel-goods) is in doing good for others.

And so I did. Last week I started an Impact Journal to track the little things I do each day that create an impact on another which in turn create an impact on ME. During these “blah” days I remembered that this impact journal was my break-through tool, my way to shift the negativity into something beautiful.

Last Tuesday night, I went to bed rather angry and emotional. The next morning I woke up to a giant snow storm and was tempted to skip my morning group fitness class and stay in bed just a little longer. Instead, I put on my boots and trekked through the deep snow for class with my friend.

After class, I felt refreshed and strong in my body. I was slowly feeling a little bit more “me.” This feeling inspired me to pay a visit to an old friend who owns a juice shop down the street just to say “hello” and see how he was doing. It completely made his day, and he insisted on treating me to any juice of my liking.

Juiced up + feeling energized, I was starting to feel pretty darn amazing on this rather cold snow day. That’s when I got a tweet from a friend and fellow health coach:

It was just what I needed. I really am inspiring people.

On my way home, I passed a homeless man who caught my intention. “Your hat is amazing,” he shouted to me. “That is one great hat.” My frozen hands fumbled among my purse to grab some cash, when I realized I had nothing but a credit card. Then I remembered I did have something: my presence, my energy, my love. I turned back around, looked him in the eyes with a big smile and said “Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day,” to which he said “Thanks, dear. I hope I do too!”

I left an impact just by being there, acknowledging him.

The lesson in all of this?  By simply shifting my perspective and spreading the love outward, I was able to change my entire mindset. I felt like a rockstar.

Do good to others, and you will feel good inside. NEVER underestimate the power of your presence, your words, your love. Positive energy is infectious, after all.

Next time you are feeling like crap, look within and acknowledge your feelings. Then do something that makes you feel fabulous. That given day, I needed a workout + fresh air + some random acts of kindness to shift my mood. Some days I need yoga, a cup of tea or a deep writing session. Other days I just need to sit in stillness with my thoughts & meditate. Or sometimes it’s just a good laugh with a best friend.

Do good (to your body/your friend/a stranger/yourself), and you’ll feel good. No question about it.

How do you get out of a funk? What can do you do daily/weekly/monthly to help you FEEL GOOD inside so you are a better person to yourself & others?

5 Responses to “Do Good, Feel Good: A Lesson in Spreading The Love For a Better You”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Wow this is really amazing. First, I love how honest and open you are. 2nd I’m so glad that I said something that made you feel better! Amazing how not too log so you did the same thing for me! Xoxoxo

  2. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Kendall Thanks love! When I’m open & honest I feel like my most authentic self & the writing just flows 🙂 And your tweet was a total pick me up so thank YOU! xo xo

  3. Appetite for Instruction Says:

    What a lovely post! Really inspiring for those blah days that come before February break or while prepping students for IB exams. Good to see you today 🙂

  4. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Appetite for Instruction Thanks, girl! I think all of us have those “blah” days so it’s nice to know we’re not alone & that it’s totally NORMAL. Great seeing you today too, happy Sunday xo xo

  5. Oscar Says:

    I just publish my oganiril stuff mostly. If I rip off something, I try and give credit or else change it up so there is no copyright infringement. The net is an animal that we either share and share alike or don’t get much use out of. I enjoy the wild west ways it has so far. Once the rules and laws of other media grab it, then its appeal will be diminished a bit I think.

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