Monday Inspiration: Spring Clean Your Life

When you think of spring cleaning what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some of you it may be cleaning out your closet, or perhaps dusting all the nooks ‘n’ crannies in your apartment. For others, you may think of cleansing, dieting or losing weight to get in shape for summer.

This season, I’m challenging you to to rethink the term “spring cleaning,” broadening it to include all aspects of your life: mind, body and soul. Here are some super simple tips to get started right now.

1. Drink more water. Period. Start your morning off with a cup of warm water + the juice of half a lemon, and hydrate yourself throughout the day. Currently, I’ve been loving Essentia Water, which is purified & enhanced with electrolytes with a pH of 9.5 to promote an alkaline environment. Learn more here.

2. Eat Clean(er). OK, OK, you’ve been hearing the whole “eat clean” thing everywhere lately, but what the heck does that mean and where do you even begin? Eating clean is easier said than done, until you get invited to 2 weddings in a row, and your co-workers burger starts staring at you during lunch break.

Don’t worry, you’re not a complete failure. Instead of setting the bar to eat clean ALL OF THE TIME, aim to eat cleaner. Start by swapping whole grains for processed crabs (the white stuff!), going for a handful of nuts vs. a processed granola bar and eating REAL fruit + vegetables instead of items that have been enhanced with fruit flavors or microwavable veggie-like meals. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Start Cooking: If you’re currently eating out 6 days a week, try cooking for yourself half of the time. If you typically buy lunch out, aim to bring your lunch to work with you by packing it the night before. You can never go wrong with flavorful salads, brown rice wraps, or even a protein bowl with a variety of hummus, veggie sticks, local cheese, a hardboiled egg and some raw nuts.

Use bottled dressings? Mix it up by making an at-home variation with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar (apple cider and red wine vinegar are also delicious) plus your favorite herbs. On this note, aim to eat with the seasons loading up on seasonal fruits and veggies like asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries and leafy greens.

Start small. Make big changes.

4. De-Stress Your To-Do List by making more time for yourself. Here’s how!

5. De-Clutter your physical space by cleaning out your closet, donating old clothes to a local charity, and re-organizing your desk space. Don’t be afraid to throw things out in order to make room for the new!

6. Take care of YOU. After all, a healthy mind = a healthy body and if you are not taking time for some good ol’ fashioned self care, you’re doing yourself a huge disfavor. Here are some ways to incorporate self care into your own life.

7. Let Go of toxic relationships, situations and energy-drainers that are bringing you down. If something in your life is in the way of your happiness, it may be time to re-access what you truly want & why.

8. Breathe. Meditate. Practice yoga. Attempt to find peace with your body + mind.

9. Listen and be kind to your body. After all, it’s the only body you have so you best be treating it with love! This means paying attention to your cravings, your wants and your needs without depriving or judging yourself. This also means filling yourself up with love and kindness, and releasing thoughts of hate, fat-talk or criticism. On this note, be sure to give yourself space when you need it including a day-off from exercise for recovery or some quiet time by yourself on a sunny bench in the park.

10. Move more. If getting back into your full-blown workout routine seems like a chore right now, simply start by moving more. Aim to go for morning walks before work, squeeze in at-home yoga, or go for a quick sweaty, 20-minute run on your lunch break. Find little ways to tie in movement throughout the day, in a way that makes sense for your schedule.

How do you plan to spring clean your life this season? For more info, check out my most recent article “Spring Clean Your Body, Mind & Spirit” published via KnowMore TV.



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    […] Monday Inspiration: Spring Clean Your Life by Rachel – Love these ten ideas to spring clean your life – and they have nothing to do with cleaning out closets or dusting. Pick one or two each week to start working on. […]

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