you do you: 7 Little Ways to Work on Yourself as We Prepare for Spring

Is it just me, or did winter absolutely kick your butt? There’s something about the cold weather that makes ya want to stay in bed a little longer, work out a little less, find comfort in comfort food, oh and those darn sniffles! While the first snow fall + holiday season is one of my favorite times of year, clearly you can see I’ve had enough.

It’s time to show winter what’s up and take care of yourself again! And while spring is still 23 days away, there are little things you can do right now to make you feel your best self again. (Trust me, the birds will be chirping in no time!)

1. Get your beauty sleep: I mean it. If you’re like me, winter has probably taken a toll on your body. In fact, I’m pretty certain I have mild adrenal fatigue due to stress, late nights and my go-go-go mentality. To combat this, I’m working on getting to bed at a decent hour (by 10 p.m. or earlier would be ideal to start!) and resting when my body is asking for it. Naps are totally underrated and can be everything. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, try reading in bed, using an eye pillow or breathing in some lavender essential oils.

2. Make me-time a priority: Are you making time for the things that light you up? One of my colleagues had a great idea of scheduling in personal time to do the things that you love. Just as you would block off time for meetings, work outings, and assignments, this helps you hold yourself accountable when it comes to Y-O-U.

3. Put Your Cooking Shoes On: If takeout has taken over this winter in your household (um, pad thai anyone?), get back to the basics and make more time for cooking at home! When it comes to cooking, preparation is everything so make sure you’re well stocked with seasonal produce, proteins, snacks, spices + your favorite staples. And yes, if it means you have to schedule grocery shopping into your calendar, by all means do it!

4. Have Fun! That’s all we really waaant, after all right? If you’ve been cooped up this winter, try to find ways to get social and sprinkle some joy into your life. It could mean hosting a dinner party at your apartment with your best gal pals, taking your hubby out to dinner at a new local hot-spot, or going to a comedy show. Get out of the house, or try to shake up your normal routine when staying in.

5. Try Meditating: Even if you don’t “have time” to fully practice daily, you do have time to work on yourself. For starters, something I’ve implemented is starting each day with a positive mantra. It’s something I set for myself before I get out of bed, look at my phone, or eat breakfast. Sometimes it’s a word like “clarity,” or I’ll set an intention like “You’re going to rock these meetings today, you’ve got this!” I’ve found it really helpful to start my day on a positive note, instead of a stressful one. How do you want to start your day?

6. Move More: Exercise doesn’t only have to be for the marathoning, sprinting, muscle-bound! And while I totally respect those who have a daily rigorous routine, something you enjoy is better than nothing at all. Right now, my body has been craving gentle exercise, so I’ve been making more time for yoga, sun-shiny walks around my neighborhood, and soulful, non-competitive spin classes like SoulCycle or Flywheel’s new FlyBeats.

7. Zone Out Negativity: Let’s all take a giant deep breath in and out together now, shall we? This past month, I’ve had to deal with a lot of negative vibes, in nearly all aspects of my life. It’s easy to let this bring you down, but the best thing you can do is brush it off and do you. Don’t let other’s negativity or opinions of you turn off your light. Shine on, baby!

What are you doing to work on you as we transition into the new season? Share below!

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