How Journaling Turned My Life Around {+ 4 Week Virtual Journaling Workshop for Women}

Journaling saved my life.

“Huh?” you must be thinking. “How could a piece of pen & some paper do such a thing?”

But you see it’s far more than just simply jotting down words. Journaling is a way to express yourself, unleash creativity, pour out all the emotions, and get clear about what it is your heart truly desires.

When you think about it, many of us had our first experience with a journal during childhood — in the form of a diary. Little girls everywhere would rush home from school writing down the latest gossip, deep secrets and magical fantasies. If you’re like me, many of my entries are filled with things like “Today I have a crush on____.” “Joey didn’t talk to me on the playground today.” “She’s my BFF forever and ever and ever.”

While it may seem silly, at the time it was my little Rachel’s way of venting; it was therapeutic in a sense. After all, nothing you write in a journal is off limits.

However, it’s the journaling I deep-dived into as an adult that truly was the game-changer for me. In my early days of college, I wrote a lot about heartbreak, body insecurities and my distorted relationship with food. Upon graduation, I used my journal to keep track of my hopes and dreams, and jot inspirations as I overcame my struggle with weight and began to fall back in love with my body.

Through my mid twenties, my journal stood beside me through financial fears, career changes and the feeling of falling in love, and nowadays it helps me walk through setting my intention, understanding what it is that I want and getting clear on my business visions.

During these times (both the dark & the bright) I truly don’t know what I would have done without the comfort of my little magical book. If it wasn’t for my journal, support and self-care, I’d likely still be dieting, hating my body, feeling deprived and living a life where I felt stuck.

Today I even have multiple journals for different types of ideas — one for creative insights, business, and personal ramblings. It’s important to me that the particular journal I’m using has a certain “vibe” and purpose.

So where am I going with all of this? Maybe you journal, maybe you don’t. Maybe you intend to journal but forget, or write in it occasionally a couple times a year / around the holidays. Maybe you try to write but the words just don’t come out, you’re afraid to get real with your thoughts, or you just “don’t have time.”

I get it. Journaling is much more challenging as an adult, because let’s be real: life is much more challenging and dynamic. But I’m telling you once you begin incorporating journaling into your daily routine, things begin to open up for you. Life becomes more clear. It’s easier to understand how exactly you want to feel & what it is you truly want.

That’s why I want to make things easier for you…and will be launching a 4-week girl’s night out journaling club in August. Think of it as a book club with less reading, and lots more writing, empowerment and witty banter. Oh P.S. It’s virtual, so you can take part anywhere you may be!

4 Week Girl’s Night Out Journaling Club

WHO: You! Any gal that wants to get more into journaling and have some breakthroughs along the way, all while surrounded by a bunch of feel-good ladies. Feel free to share with your girlfriends, the more the merrier!

WHAT: Think of it as a healthy, judgment free, blissful girls night out. We’ll cover topics like settings intentions, self care, unlocking creativity, busting through body insecurities, and celebrating / finding joy with food. Each virtual meeting will be chock-full of personal stories, juicy positive mantras, inspiring journaling prompts, and fun projects for the week to keep those creative juices flowing. BYOJ! (Bring Your Own Journal!)

WHY: Because adult journaling is the bomb, and I want to help you get on a pathway of falling in love with your journal while getting real with yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love spending Wednesday nights with a bunch of inspiring ladies?

WHEN: 4 virtual meetings – Wednesday 8/3, 8/10, 8/17, 8/31 @ 6PM EST (You can join for all or pick & choose which ones you’d like, but you’ll definitely get the most out of it by joining for the entire month!)

8/3: New Moon Mantras – Identifying how you want to feel + the power of intention 6PM EST

8/10: ┬áCultivating Creativity – Unleashing Your Creative Bada*s + Getting Unstuck (In any area of your life) 6PM EST

8/17: For the Love of Food – Celebrating + Finding Joy with Food 6PM EST

8/31: Body Bliss – Breaking Through Body Insecurities + Comparisons and Mastering Self-care 6PM EST


I’m keeping the cost way down because I firmly believe in the power of journaling, and want to share it with you beautiful souls! I’m also planning on taking these workshops live, so this virtual program is a pilot of sorts ­čśë

Single Session: $5

4-pack: $18


Hope you can join us, grab your girlfriends!



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