Surviving the Holiday Season When You’re Feeling Not So Hot in Your Body

It’s the most wonderful time of the year indeed! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for decked out houses with holiday lights, Christmas music & cozy holiday meals.

With that said, this time of year can also be particularly tough for some. Family, comfort food, and holiday stress can be a trigger for many, especially those dealing with body image issues or eating disorders. Personally, in college when I was struggling with body image & a borderline eating disorder, the holidays brought a lot of fear to the surface.

Will I gain weight?

Will my family notice my weirdness around food?

Do my thighs look fat in my new jeans?

Why can’t I just be normal??!

These were the types of thoughts that would rattle through my head. And more recently, similar types of fear have come up for me. Currently, I’m struggling with hypothyroidism, which in the past few months have caused me to gain weight (about 10 pounds!) and feel foggy & exhausted throughout the day. While I’m working to get to the root of the problem and take back my health, it hasn’t been super easy for me.

The other day after spending a beautiful weekend celebrating Christmas with my family, I broke down to my husband on the car ride home. “I’m just sick of feeling this way,” I confessed. I didn’t like that I had to take a nap in the afternoon, and that my pants fit differently. I felt blah.

Rather than dwelling in the negativity, I decided I was going to spin it and channel these feelings into positive, good vibes. After all, I have control over how I want to feel and how I choose to see things. I choose to see differently. I choose love. And you can do!

Here are a few simple tips you can practice if you’re not feeling your best self this season.

1. Amp Up Your Self Care

It all starts with self care. Do the things that make you feel super pampered, and don’t apologize for taking time for YOU. My favorite ways to practice self-care are through essential oils, cuddling up with a good book, journaling and at-home facials.

2. Honor Your Body

Look at your body in the mirror, and appreciate it’s beauty. Place your hands on your tummy with loving intentions. Want to really go deep? Consider writing your body a love letter. Go ahead, give it a go!

3. Eat the Foods that Nourish You + Make You Glow

Try with all your might to focus less on the calories, and more about the foods that will nourish you. Instead of categorizing food as good or bad, think about how it makes you feel. After all, food is meant to be celebrated — especially around the holidays!

4. Avoid the Scale

Seriously, get rid of it. The scale will do you no good if you’re already feeling insecure about your body. If you have an addictive habit of weighing yourself (hello, that was me!), consider covering up the number with a loving note like “My body is not a number” or “I choose to honor by body.”

5. Practice Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be a very powerful way of shifting your mindset! If you need some support getting started, my “Spark Your Bliss Deck” will be the perfect tool for you as you embark the new year. You can purchase your own deck (while supporting my Kickstarter campaign) here.

How can you practice self-love this holiday season?

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