Introducing Spark Your Bliss Affirmation Card Deck: 36 Cards to Set Your Soul on Fire

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or you follow me on social media, you’ve probably heard me mention my “Spark Your Bliss” deck, a 36-card deck with practical affirmations to set your soul on fire.

I’m happy to announce that right before Christmas, my Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded & I raised $3,600 toward the launch of Spark Your Bliss. Thank you to all who supported me through this long & exciting process!

The Backstory 

About one year ago I said out loud that I wanted to create my own positive affirmation deck.

But then the fears creeped in…the ol’ “but it’s going to be so hard,” “but what if I can’t” “but it’s already been done before,” “but how can I stand out?”

Then this past summer a little voice inside me said, “sweetie, but what if you CAN?”

And so I did, and Spark Your Bliss Deck was born. I wanted to create something new and different — something that would resonate with the “everyday chick” not just strictly for yogis or meditation gurus.

I worked hard and thoughtfully to create a deck that speaks my truth: 36 beautiful, positive mantras complete with journaling exercises & supporting action steps to boot.

The Deets

Healthy Chick’s Spark Your Bliss Deck is a 36-card deck of practical affirmations designed to help you set your soul on fire. 

The deck is beautifully designed with bright colors of purple, yellow, teal and pink. Each 3.5 x 3.5″ square card has a word, positive mantra, journaling exercise, and supporting action steps, and is designed with 100% love.

The cards come in a square tuck box with a beautiful illustrated mandala design.

To use the cards: 

1. Shuffle the cards + pull one when ready.

2. Allow the message to serve as an inspiration for the day/week.

3. Write out your thoughts, using the journaling prompts.

4. Spread the love by gifting one to a friend or stranger.

5. Let the sparks begin to fly!

How can I get my own deck? 

Now that my Kickstarter orders have all been fulfilled, I’m gearing up to sell the decks online via Etsy and/or Amazon. I’m also hoping to stock them in some local boutiques & gift shops in the Greater Boston area. In the meantime, you can purchase your deck directly through me. They’re $20 + shipping.

Special shout out to my beautiful illustrator Precious Little Illustration & designer Chantelle Davis-Gray for helping make this happen. Here’s to following your dreams! #sparkyourbliss

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