On Letting Go of the Outcome + Being Present {Through Your Fertility Journey and Beyond}

“In my life nothing goes wrong. When things seem to not meet my expectations, I let go of how I think things should be. It’s a matter of not having any attachment to any fixed outcome.” -Deepak Chopra 

One of the themes that will come through a lot this fall season is letting go. Just like the leaves change colors and then fall to the ground, we too benefit from “shedding” that which no longer serves us.

Yesterday in my evening slow flow yoga class, the teacher kept bringing up the idea of letting go of the outcome. “Do the best you can and then let go of the outcome,” she said softly to the group of yogis.

Throughout the 60 minutes, this came up often, whether it was being OK with not bending into the pose as deeply as others, or breathing into the present moment whenever I felt my mind start to wander.

You may often hear yoga teachers use the term “Take a deep breath and let it all go,” but do you truly let it all go?

During the fertility journey I am currently on, it can be easy to get caught up in the future-tripping while putting pressure on the desired outcome i.e. getting pregnant. In fact, if you’re not careful, it can completely take over your thoughts throughout the day, as your mind is filled with the “what if’s.”

This holds true for just about anyone working toward a certain expectation, be it related to career, relationships, money or babies. It’s because we have a certain idea ingrained in our head as to what it “should be,” when in reality it’s beyond our control.

Lately, I’ve been working on being in the present, while doing everything possible to nourish my body, mind and soul in the now (which will some day nourish baby).

For those who are trying to conceive, you know how agonizing the good ol’ “two week wait” can be. Lately, I’ve shifted my mindset a bit to take a more relaxed approach throughout the process.

Whether you’re trying to conceive a baby, a new job, or a big idea, it’s important to take a step back, loosen your grip and let go a little bit.

Here’s what’s been helpful for me to stay in the present: 

  • Meditate: Meditation is a must for anyone who gets caught up in worries or future-tripping. I absolutely love the Expectful app, which has guided meditations for fertility, pregnancy and the journey through motherhood. “Being Present,” “Trusting Your Journey,” and “Connecting with Gratitude” are my favorites for hitting the pause button on life and just being here in the now.
  • Fuel Your Body with Nourishing, Seasonal Eats: Cooking scratch-made meals for yourself or your family can bring you so much joy. Lately, I’ve been loving fall eats like Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce, Thai Chicken Noodle Soup, and roasted butternut squash or sweet potatoes. I also make sure I get my weekly supply of bone broth and Kombucha for healthy gut and digestion! I visualize these foods making me the most healthy I can be, while priming my body to carry a baby.
  • Get Yo’ Downward Dog On: Yoga has quickly become one of my favorite weekly activities. I so look forward to my Monday night slow flow, where I know I’ll have 60-90 minutes 100% for myself, unplugged. Yoga has been known to help energize the body, release anxiety, regulate hormones and more. Certain poses can also help “build blood,” and may even increase blood flow to your uterus. Um, yes please!
  • Journal it Out: Aside from writing about whatever is on my mind, I make it a point to jot down at least 3 things I am grateful for in my life now every single day. I follow that by reciting, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Watch as abundance continues to flow into your life!
  • Get Crafty + Start a Project: Keep yourself busy by doing something that sparks your creativity! This will help keep your mind off the future, so you can focus on what is. Lately, I’ve been rearranging and clearing out our apartment, working on our 14-Day Self-Care Challenge, and doing DIY facials!
  • Book a Mini Getaway or Day Trip: Last weekend, hubby and I went apple and sunflower picking, and this weekend we’re looking into a mini trip to Portland, Maine. Get outdoors or book a mini trip somewhere you can bond and let loose a little bit. It does a body, mind & soul good.
  • Affirmation Cards: Last but not least, I am a big fan of affirmation cards and personal mantras. Last week when I caught myself thinking about the future and letting fear creep in, I wrote my own mantras to get me through this time of uncertainty. They include phrases like, “I trust the process and know the Universe is on my side,” “I am healthy and fertile,” and “We are ready to be parents.” I also love Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance deck and, of course, my Spark Your Bliss deck.

What tactics work best for you when you find yourself stuck in future-tripping? What do you want to let go of this season to make room for more magic?

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