Embrace the Energy of the Fall Season: Getting Grounded + Exploring Your Root Chakra

Happy November! This new month’s energy is beautiful, reminding me to slow down, get cozy, and soak up those festive vibes. It’s time for family, sleeping in, hot coffee and comfort food. It’s also a great time to kick back and really get grounded in your body.

If you find yourself all over the place, you may want to focus on ways you can ground yourself to embrace the energy of the fall season.

What better place to start than by focusing on your root chakra, which supports our entire foundation and roots us to our earth and everything around us?

The root chakra (our first “energy” center in the body) is signified by the color red and is the most common chakra to have blockages or weakness. When this chakra is blocked, one may feel emotionally needy, low self-esteem, and fearful. When balanced, you feel super energized, grounded and healthy.

So, how do we balance our root chakra, anyway?

A great place to start is by paying attention to the foods you’re eating! As the weather becomes cooler, our bodies crave warming foods that are known to help ground and calm the body. Think: seasonal root veggies, soups and stews!

Foods That Support Your Root Chakra

  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Tomatoes
  • Pomegranates
  • Root vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potatoes and winter squash
  • Protein rich foods like nuts, beans, red meat and eggs
  • Spices like cayenne and paprika
  • Other rich red foods

Aside from the food we consume, you can also get grounded spiritually and physically!

How To Get Grounded Spiritually and Physically

If you’re into crystals and healing stones, Hematite can be especially useful for grounding energy. This powerful stone has been known to help ground the body, while instilling feelings of positivity and confidence. It’s also great for fulfilling social and work life, assisting in dissolving negativity.

Other helpful grounding activities include going on a long nature walk unplugged and feeling your feet against the earth, meditation, and looking into healing therapies like reiki or acupuncture for support.

Yogis will be happy to hear that Bridge pose is a great way to get grounded, physically. If you’re not familiar with the pose, you’ll simply lay down with yours knees bent, then push your buttocks upward so your hips are raised. Pause and breathe for a few cycles. Come back down slowly, bringing the upper back down to the floor first and ultimately the tailbone. Rest here for a few minutes to allow your whole body to connect with the Earth. Try 2-3 reps!

What about you? Have you noticed a shift in your energy levels? Are you craving more grounding? What are your favorite ways to slow down and get grounded? 

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