11 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally During the Fall + Winter Season

As the holidays approach us and we enter into cold and flu season, it’s more important than ever to keep our immune system in tip-top shape!

What’s the immune system, anyway? Essentially, it’s a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders. Think of it as your own personal body guard, keeping you safe and healthy!

When our immune system is strong, we feel healthy, energized and clear-headed, and when our immune system is compromised, you may notice feeling fatigued, catching frequent colds or not quite feeling yourself.

Below I share some of my favorite ways to naturally boost your immune health. The best part? Many of these techniques can be done on a budget in the comfort of your own home.

11 Ways to Rock Immune Health:

  1. Prioritize sleep, and limit distractions and electronics before bed. Need help falling asleep? Try taking a shot of tart cherry juice, which helps stimulate melatonin production.
  2. Get yo’ Vitamin C from citrus, frozen berries or even green veggies like broccoli and in-season Brussels sprouts.
  3. Go Green. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards and chard are naturally good for boosting immune health!
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  5. Get your probiotics for optimal gut health in the form of Kombucha, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut or other fermented foods.
  6. Limit gluten, dairy and refined sugar which can cause inflammation in the body! An elimination diet is a great way to test which foods cause flares for you.
  7. De-Stress: It’s no surprise that stress takes a toll on our immune system too! Aim for relaxing activities like yoga, meditation and meditative coloring.
  8. Test Your Vitamin D Levels: Folks in New England are notorious for having low levels of Vitamin D. Get yours checked, and supplement if needed! Low Vitamin D levels are related to weakened immune system, especially for those with an autoimmune disease like Celiac’s or Hashimoto’s.
  9. Up Inflammation-Fighting Superfoods like garlic, oil of oregano, ginger, and raw local honey. Many juice shops have a ginger-lemon-oregano shot you can get when you feel a cold coming on, or make your own!
  10. Limit Day to Day Toxins by choosing organic foods when you can, opting for natural, chemical-free bath and beauty products, and purifying with essential oils. Try making your own antibacterial spray with lavender, clary sage, witch hazel and distilled water. Mix in a spray bottle, and keep in your purse, backpack or car! I also love taking steamy showers with eucalyptus oil, or hanging a eucalyptus plant over your shower head.
  11. Sip bone broth to support healthy gut health that naturally loves up the immune system. In fact, the majority of our immune system lives in our intestinal lining. For bone broths, I especially love local company Five Way Foods, who just started shipping all over the U.S.

Want to get a jumpstart on boosting your immune health? I’m running a giveaway with Five Way Foods over on my Instagram page, and the winner will receive a Wellness Broth kit including four bottles of bone broth plus a Nutritional Guide. The giveaway runs until  EOD Sunday, 11/12, and it open to all U.S. residents. 

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