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A Lesson from Geneen Roth: Eat The Foods That Hum To You

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In Emotional Eating Expert Geneen Roth’s book Breaking Free From Emotional Eating, she refers to foods as either “humming” foods or “beckoning” foods.

Humming foods? What the heck is that, you ask? Why it’s exactly what it sounds like; humming foods are foods that sing (or “hum”) to you, that light you up and make you feel good. They can change day-by-day depending on how you are feeling, what time it is and even who you are with. But you know it when you see it.

The most important part about humming foods is that they satisfy you both emotionally and physically. “When you eat a humming food, you don’t go looking for more food fifteen minutes or an hour later. After eating a humming food, you forget about food,” Roth writes. “You know those people who actually think about things other than food during the day? You become one of them.”

To me, eating the foods that “hum” to you means eating according to what your body wants & needs, rather than eating what you think you “should” be eating. It’s listening to your body at its best. On the other hand, beckoning foods are those that … Read More!

No, I don’t need you to shrink me & make me hot: Here’s Our Body-Love Message To YOU!

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The other evening, I nearly fell off my chair when I read my friend & fellow health coach Kendall Covitz’s Facebook status:

“A trainer looked me up and down and said ‘I can make your butt smaller and shrink you.’ I didn’t say anything since I was working for another company. What would you have done?”

Yes, I was mortified this happened to her but the reason I was shocked is that the SAME EXACT THING happened to me the day before. (You’ll read all about my story below in a minute) Was this a new trend? I had to reach out to her to tell her my story. We quickly realized that not only did this happen to the both of us just two days apart, but it was the same trainer.

After making each other giggle and realize what the woman said to us was pure hogwash (we both know each other are beautiful even if that means we’re not stick thin models), we knew we had to do something about it.

You see, as holistic health coaches, Kendall and I both work specifically with women to help them feel beautiful in their own skin by eating … Read More!

5 Must-Have Affirmations for Falling Back in Love with Your Body

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As you know by now, I spent years bashing and hating on my body. I’m talking total mean girl. Ironically enough, it was during the times I was most strict on myself, counting calories, exercising twice a day to burn off indulgences, and eating food that tasted like cardboard that I hated my body most.

I would tell myself horrible things when I looked in the mirror like:

I am not good enough.

I will never be thin enough.

My friends are more beautiful than I am.

I need to cut back more in order to lose the weight.

My thighs are fat.

I am a failure for “over-indulging” last night.

If I lose more weight, maybe then I can finally get a boyfriend.

In due time, I began to believe these horrible thoughts. They became a part of who I was. That’s the funny thing about our mind; it’s a powerful, powerful tool and we must be careful what we tell ourselves (especially when it’s hurtful).

Practicing positive affirmations can be an amazing way to turn negative thoughts into loving thoughts as you make the transition over to self-love! And no, they don’t need to be reserved … Read More!

On Self Love: How Do You Want to Feel When You Look in the Mirror?

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The thoughts we tell ourselves become a part of who we are. Therefore when we say mean, hurtful things to ourselves like “I’m fat,” “My thighs are too big,” “I’ll never look as pretty as she does,” or “I’m not good enough” we start to believe these thoughts. Doesn’t do much for our confidence, now does it?

As women, we constantly beat ourselves up and push ourselves to be better, faster, stronger, prettier, sexier. We are our #1 critic after all. We say things to ourselves that we would never dare say to a best friend!

This weekend, I encourage you to be a little easier on yourself. Look into the areas where you aren’t being so nice to your body, and ask yourself where those beliefs are coming from. Then think about how you want to feel when you look in the mirror and start to embody those feelings.

Do you want to feel beautiful, strong, confident? Start telling yourself I am beautiful, I am strong, I am confident. Watch as your mood lifts as you begin to see you already are all of those things. Self-love at its best, baby!

Fill in the blank. I want to feel________when Read More!

Monday Inspiration: What Nourishes Your Mind, Body & Soul?

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Do you know what nourishes you, you know those things that truly fill your soul & makes you feel your very best self? This is likely not a question you ask yourself very often, but I encourage you to do so.

So often, we eat what we’re told are the “right” foods to eat, do what we believe we “have” to do, and think the way we’re expected to think. I challenge you to stop right there and look beyond the expectations and rules we have for ourselves. Truly look within and ask yourself point blank: What makes me feel nourished?

Then take things a step further by writing it out:

These are the foods that nourish my body…

These are the activities that nourish my soul…

These are the thoughts that nourish my mind…

What came up for you? I encourage you to take a good, hard look at your list and fill yourself up with those things that nourish you most.

Here’s a hint: when we fill our life up with nourishment, we no longer need to use food/drugs/self sabotage/fill in the blank to “feel better.” That’s why talking about food is only a portion of my … Read More!

Friday Flashback: Why Confidence Plays a Role in Your Weight Loss Journey

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Good afternoon lovely ladies, and Happy Friday! This week’s Friday Flashback has to do with something that’s  been on my mind a lot lately: confidence.

To me, confidence means trusting your inner self to guide you & feeling certain that things will work themselves out. It’s knowing that, even though things aren’t perfect just yet, everything is going to be OK.

Often times, confidence gets a bad rap, mistaken for cockiness or being arrogant. But today I’m going to talk about the other end of the spectrum…when you let your confidence (or lack there of) hold you back and prevent you from living your greatest potential.

Back when I was dieting and in a pretty messed up relationship with the scale, my confidence level was about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 100. While I went about my day all smiles pretending everything was “perfect,” in the inside I was struggling.

I felt unhappy with my weight, weighing myself 2, 3, 5 times a day hoping that a drop in numbers would make me truly happy, only it didn’t. Every time the scale went up a pound, my confidence (and self-worth for that matter) would take a … Read More!

How to Ditch Dieting & MindBodyGreen Post

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Do you weigh yourself 2, 3, 5 times a day?

Do you  let the number on the scale control your emotions & make or break your day?

Are you sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to make changes for REAL?

Do you constantly compare yourself to your friends, co-workers, siblings, etc.?

Do you put food into two categories: “good” and “bad?”

Do you constantly tell yourself you’re fat, ugly and not skinny or pretty enough?

Have you tried everything…and I mean everything?

Are you fed up with counting calories, and ready to make the bigger things count?

I know, it’s not fun. I’ve know because, well, that used to be me.

I’ve been in your shoes! That’s why I’ve created a brand new program “Ditch Dieting, Fall in Love with Yourself” 90-Day Mind/Body Transformation to break through all that “stuff” holding you back & create a life you love.

For me, one of the most integral parts of ditching the diet-obsessed living was breaking up with the scale. Like any breakup, it isn’t easy but once you move on everything becomes so much more clear. Read my post “How I Broke Up With The Read More!

Monday Inspiration: Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

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Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hope you are all enjoying spending the day of BBQing, beaching or simply relaxing. If you do hit the beach today, be sure to check out my post on Healthy Chicks’ Beach Day Essentials (plus a super sweet, er crunchy, giveaway!)

Today I wanted to shed the light on something I so strongly believe in: the concept of inner beauty. After all, it wasn’t until I started feeling beautiful and confident inside that I was able to feel that way on the outside. I won’t lie, it took time but it truly makes a world of difference.

What does inner beauty mean to you? Share below! Read More!

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Plate, Pant Size, Paycheck or Yoga Posture

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As women, we’re constantly comparing ourselves to our friends, acquaintances, co-workers, siblings, business partners, fitness idols, you name it. While being inspired by someone or looking up to someone is perfectly fine or normal, it’s when the comparisons set it that things can get a little messy. This typically leads to feelings of jealousy, resentment, judgement or straight up “not good enough” which can be extremely harmful to your personal wellbeing.

While I still struggle from time to time to resist my ego and natural inclination to compare myself, I’ve realized it does no one any good. Here’s why you should stop comparing your plate, pant size, paycheck, yoga posture and everything in between:

1. You don’t know their full story. Often times when we compare, we wish we were *just like* the other person OR we judge the other person. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know their full story, and we may never know their full story. Pay attention to your own story instead.

2. Bio-Individuality: Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. This is why some women swear by vegan diets, and others thrive on lean … Read More!

Friday Flashbacks: Forget Fads & Be True to You

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Good afternoon ladies and welcome to this week’s feature for Friday Flashbacks, where I share with you personal life lessons from my past.

Do you remember in highschool when everyone would drive the same car, wear the same clothes and eat the same lunch because it was cool? It was “the thing” to do/eat/drink/be. I swear my lunch table was like an ad for Abercombie & Fitch (and bagels with cream cheese).

I remember one day, one of the girls in our class plucked her eyebrows super thin, and then everyone started doing it including myself. Soon it was trending like wildfire. Only problem was it completely backfired and I ended up over-plucking to the extent where I just looked plain scary. Not to mention the fact that I used to pile on two pounds of makeup…because that’s what all the girls were doing after all.

This continued in college with oversized designer sunglasses, blonde highlights, fad diets and Vera Bradley bags. Whatever was “in” at the moment all the girls would buy, making us look and act like one big clone. There was the day Junior year of college where a chunk of the girls were doing the … Read More!

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