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I’ve seen people tackle goal-setting in many different ways. Some write down very clear, concise goals and others (like myself) enjoy setting intentions.

This year, I have been thinking long & hard about what I want 2014 to be for me, and what kind of legacy I’d like to leave behind. Who do I want to be this year? What kinds of things do I want to accomplish, and more importantly why?

It got me thinking all the goals I have set for myself over the years (both dreamy + extravagant and simple), and what those goals mean to me. Sure, goals are a great tool for getting sh*t done, but lately I’ve been wanting to go deeper.

I think it’s important to reflect upon WHY you set those goals for yourself in the first place, and what the meaning is behind those goals.

Then there are also those goals you’ve had forever…that you’ve failed to meet. WHY did you set this goal in the first place, and what is holding you back from achieving it? And just as importantly, is it even something that you really desire? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself…and am now … Read More!

My Letter To The Woman Behind Me In Aisle #5 (And My Defense of Real Food)

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Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I couldn’t help but check out the grocery cart of the woman behind me. I am oddly overly interested in what other people are buying at the supermarket, as I imagine some women are interested in what others are buying at the mall. What can I say? I love food.

Anyway, back to the point. I was shocked to find that this woman’s cart wasn’t filled with food at all. Rather it was filled with fake “food-like” products.

5 packs of sugar-free Crystal Light.

a box of splenda.

1 tub fat-free yogurt (or was it go-gurt?)

2 bottles of diet cream soda

A few packages of diet “low cal” microwavable meals

Zero real food.

Mind you, this woman was overweight and judging by her diet-filled cart was likely trying to lose weight by the good ol’ tactic: cutting back on calories. She looked sad, fatigued and downright exhausted.

First of all, I wanted to give her a hug. And tell her it was going to be OK and that she is beautiful & enough. (Seriously, it’s incredible how so many women just need that boost of confidence).

At the same time, I wanted to smack … Read More!

Healthy Habits: Why Eating More Can Actually Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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[smile! no you don’t have to give up your fave foods to lose weight!]

Usually one of the first steps people take when trying to lose weight and create healthy changes is eliminate “bad” foods or eat less. Cut out chocolate. Eat less meat. Give up soda for good. Skip lunch.

Heck, during my years of dieting (when I was eating diet, low calorie crap mind you) a nutritionist actually told me to eat less calories. “Calories in, calories out!” she cheerfully shouted, something I will never, ever forget. In reality, if she actually looked at what I was eating, simply “Eat more real food” would have done the trick.

It saddens me to see so many young women going on super-restrictive diets in order to get that dream body and feel better about themselves. I’m telling you right now: deprivation & cutting back is not the answer.

For one, I don’t believe in “bad” foods. Food is food & it doesn’t have a feeling attached to it – it either nourishes your body or doesn’t but that doesn’t make it “bad.” Secondly, when we deprive ourselves we typically want more of said food in which we either ignore … Read More!

20 Ways to Conquer The Winter Blues

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Winter blues got you down? Between colds & flu to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes you just want to curl up in a dark hole (your bed) and throw yourself a pity party. If feeling bummed out is becoming your daily norm, don’t you fear! You just need some good ol’ fashioned pick-me-ups to get  you back on your Winter A-Game ASAP.

Here are 20 ways to snap out of the winter blues starting right now!

1. Get some sunshine (or a Vitamin D supplement): Yes, it’s true – sunshine really does make you happy! Even though it’s cold out, make it a point to get outside every day so you can soak up some happiness for yourself. Also, check in with your doctor regarding your Vitamin D levels; many of us fellow north-easterners struggle with low levels throughout the winter which can contribute to the sluggishness and general “blah” feeling.

2. Take a Cat Nap: Naps aren’t just for tots, after all! Our bodies need more rest and warmth during the winter, so there’s definitely no shame in taking an afternoon cap nat, that is if it’s not at your office desk! Aim to get enough sleep … Read More!

In Review: Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill

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This past month, the lovely people from Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill gifted me with a club membership. Since I had an amazing experience when visiting their space downtown, I was ecstatic to give their new club a try.

Chestnut Hill is totally blowing up lately with healthy offerings! Plus it’s close enough to my Brookline apartment for me to easily commute via public transportation.

The Amenities

Upon walking in, as expected, I was in awe of how beautiful the space was. The locker rooms alone deserve a separate post in itself! They have everything you could possibly need post-workout from lotion to hair dryers to deodorant. Their showers have all the essentials including razors, shaving cream, and high-end yummy smelling shampoos & conditioners. I absolutely adore the brand of beauty care they use by (MALIN + GOETZ) utilizing natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

Not to mention the roomy sauna and eucalyptus-infused steam room that totally blew my mind! I won’t lie: one day I took the trip just to give myself a mini “spa day” at the Sports Club/LA women’s locker room that is. In my defense, I was feeling a little stuffed up … Read More!

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Healthy Chick

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We just had our first big snowfall in Boston, and I’m feeling all warm & fuzzy inside.

Before I head out for the Sowa Holiday Market to finish up some gifts for friends, I wanted to share with you 5 must-have holiday gift ideas for the Healthy Chick. Enjoy!

For the Creative Soul: the universe knows journal

All your creative, writing gals will love these inspirational journals from the universe knows. Great for both late-night journaling and creating your food/mood journal, these babies are a must for the Healthy Chick. They come in a variety of bright colors with various messages like “live with passion” and “cherish the journey.” Plus today, Sunday the 15th they’re only $10!


For the Yoga Chick: Harmony Yoga Mat By Jade

Every yogi needs a mat, and what better way to make your favorite yogi’s day than by gifting them with a brand new one? I’m one of those girls who needs a new mat, so I asked my friends in the Twitter world what they recommend. My yoga-loving friend Jen recommended Jade, so you bet it’s going on my list this year. Not … Read More!

A Lesson from Geneen Roth: Eat The Foods That Hum To You

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In Emotional Eating Expert Geneen Roth’s book Breaking Free From Emotional Eating, she refers to foods as either “humming” foods or “beckoning” foods.

Humming foods? What the heck is that, you ask? Why it’s exactly what it sounds like; humming foods are foods that sing (or “hum”) to you, that light you up and make you feel good. They can change day-by-day depending on how you are feeling, what time it is and even who you are with. But you know it when you see it.

The most important part about humming foods is that they satisfy you both emotionally and physically. “When you eat a humming food, you don’t go looking for more food fifteen minutes or an hour later. After eating a humming food, you forget about food,” Roth writes. “You know those people who actually think about things other than food during the day? You become one of them.”

To me, eating the foods that “hum” to you means eating according to what your body wants & needs, rather than eating what you think you “should” be eating. It’s listening to your body at its best. On the other hand, beckoning foods are those that … Read More!

No, I don’t need you to shrink me & make me hot: Here’s Our Body-Love Message To YOU!

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The other evening, I nearly fell off my chair when I read my friend & fellow health coach Kendall Covitz’s Facebook status:

“A trainer looked me up and down and said ‘I can make your butt smaller and shrink you.’ I didn’t say anything since I was working for another company. What would you have done?”

Yes, I was mortified this happened to her but the reason I was shocked is that the SAME EXACT THING happened to me the day before. (You’ll read all about my story below in a minute) Was this a new trend? I had to reach out to her to tell her my story. We quickly realized that not only did this happen to the both of us just two days apart, but it was the same trainer.

After making each other giggle and realize what the woman said to us was pure hogwash (we both know each other are beautiful even if that means we’re not stick thin models), we knew we had to do something about it.

You see, as holistic health coaches, Kendall and I both work specifically with women to help them feel beautiful in their own skin by eating … Read More!

I Sweat For a Cure with New Balance Lace Up 365

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Last month, I was invited by the lovely folks at New Balance to participate in the launch of their Lace Up 365 program to celebrate their 25th anniversary of their partnership with Susan G Komen.

To honor those who have been affected by breast cancer, Lace Up 365 was born so supporters could dedicate their workouts to breast cancer survivors (featured on New Balance’s site daily) simply by hash-tagging #LaceUp365.

And to kick off this fabulous, feel-good campaign, New Balance invited bloggers to participate in some of the newest & hottest workouts all around the city of Boston: Barry’s Bootcamp, November Project, The Handle Bar and Yoga at NB Fitness. Sweating it out for a good cause? I’m IN!

Before the event, I was sent a pair of pink New Balance sneaks, a pair of pants and some shirts with the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure logo. I absolutely love my super-bright pink sneaks, which I wear proudly & think of someone to dedicate my workout to every time I sport ’em!

Each event started with a special gathering where we heard from a New Balance representative, as well as the beautiful & inspiring … Read More!

I am grateful for…

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With Thanksgiving Day coming tomorrow, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. I’m a firm believer that expressing your gratitude & feeling thankful is the #1 key to a happy, love-filled life. Next time you’re feeling down or particularly un-grateful (like “HOW COULD THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME???!), I encourage you to get cozy & jot down everything you are grateful for right now.

Here’s my list:

  1. My family
  2. Having a sister
  3. My lovely fiancé Jason (even though the word still sounds kinda silly to me)
  4. My writing
  5. My blog
  6. Love
  7. My cozy apartment
  8. Cuddling
  9. Hot tea
  10. Heat
  11. My college girls
  12. My best friends
  13. Child’s Pose
  14. Fresh-brewed coffee
  15. My job
  16. Good food
  17. Our New Hampshire condo
  18. sweetgreen salads
  19. Fuzzy socks
  20. Fuzzy blankets (especially “Pinky”)
  21. My in-the-works e-book
  22. My health coaching
  23. Making people smile
  24. Helping people see themselves in a more beautiful light
  25. Helping people ween off dieting, deprivation & self-hatred
  26. Real food
  27. My future wedding – 10/24/14
  28. Mom’s chicken noodle soup
  29. Mom’s chicken divan
  30. Dad’s Thanksgiving Day turkey
  31. Thanksgiving
  32. Grandma’s homemade…everything!
  33. Running
  34. Yoga
  35. Meditation
  36. Essential oils
  37. Savasana
  38. Vision Boards
  39. #BostonStrong
  40. My mac
  41. My dog Sunny (who we had to put down last year but who was my “brother” growing
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