On Stepping Away (+ Looking Within)

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I was just having coffee with a lovely woman in the Boston wellness industry, and we got to talking about social media distractions and all of the “stuff” out there (the good and the bad). She actually recently chose to hide the Facebook feed on her iPhone for this very reason. It’s just too much sometimes.

Ironically, this seems to be a popular topic of late. In fact, the other night when out with friends one of them mentioned how he limits what he shares/how much time he spends on Facebook. “Sometimes it just seems like a space for a bunch of people to show off!” one friend exclaimed.

I totally got what he was saying. From time to time, it can seem a bit too much “Look at me!” and not enough real, genuine, raw honest truth.

And trust me, I too have been guilty as charged. It makes you question, “Why am I sharing this?” “What purpose does this serve?” Is it inspiring others or is it just plain self-obsessed, superficial, information overload?

It brings me back to that quote I shared with you all a few months ago regarding comparing your lows (or behind the scenes) with other people’s highs (essentially, their highlight reel).

You see, Facebook (and all social media for that matter) is not real life. And when you let it become a part of your real life or if it gets to the point where it’s taking away time from your life, it may be a sign you need to step back. Like, now.

Today I realized it was time for me to step away. It’s not that I’m obsessed with Facebook by any means, but truthfully I do let it affect my mood and occasionally find myself falling into that comparison trap. Secondly with a wedding right around the corner (and a goal to publish a book!) it’s extremely important for me to have that unplugged, creative space for me & only me.

With all the social distractions out there, it’s nearly impossibly to get that genuine time for yourself.

So what am I going to do about it? Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all drastic and delete social media from my life for good. Let’s be real… I’m kinda obsessed with twitter. But for starters, I’ve deleted the Facebook app from my phone and am going to change the settings on my computer account to login only to my Healthy Chicks page, feeding information from businesses + people who truly inspire me (without all that extra fluff).

In short, I’m detoxing my ‘book…in baby steps. And it feels darn good.

Oh, and when I’m writing? That’s my sacred time. That’s my me time. As my coffee pal said today, the way to stand apart when writing is to tell your story. After all, no one has one quite like it.

Do you find yourself obsessed with social media? How do you deal with comparing, jealousy and information-overload?




Are You Getting Enough Exercise (For Your Mind)?

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Last week, there was a lot of exercise talk floating around the blogosphere and inter-webs. Am I getting enough exercise? How much should I be exercising based on how much I’m eating? Do I need more exercise in order to lose weight? If I miss a workout this week will I destroy my progress?

These are the types of questions and conversations that come up be it talking to friends or browsing through articles online. And while physical exercise does play a huge role in our overall wellness, I think we often forget about the other kind of exercise…the one that comes from within.

If not more important, just as important as physical exercise is taking time for yourself, better known as self-care. After all, if you’re running around like one big burnt-out hot mess, no amount of barre classes, running or dead-lifts is going to do you any good. While it’s great to stay busy, our bodies need that personal time to recharge, re-fuel and recover.

When we think of exercise we often think of the physical body, but what about your inside…your soul? That’s where the real transformation occurs.

Next time you find yourself stressing out about a missed workout or how many calories you burned during your treadmill circuit, pause a moment and aim to do something good for your soul. This anxiety is a signal that something on the inside is off, and your body is craving some much-needed “me” time.

Listen to it. Be. Let go of the guilt and just breathe.

Do you ever find yourself fretting about getting enough exercise? What are you doing to exercise your mind in order to practice self-care?




Where you are is where you need to be

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Do you ever wonder if you made the right choice, if you did in fact choose the correct path in life, if all will be a-OK?

Quite often we spend far too much time focusing on the past, or — the opposite — fretting about the future. We get so caught up in the “what ifs,” the “shoulds” and the “buts” that we lose site of the right here, right now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to focus on the now but I’ll tell ya what: it’s a heck of a lot less stressful.

I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations lately about choosing the right path or following ones heart, weighing the pros and cons and going back and forth between various scenarios. Be it from relationships to career to spirituality, one thing is sure: this topic is a hot one.

But what if we simply paused for a moment and instead repeated this mantra: “Where I am is exactly where I need to be.” Now how does that feel?

In a life that throws you loops and turns, grand surprises and heartbreak, one can never know if we’re doing it right…all the darn time. But what we can know is that we’re doing it right right now. And that where we are is exactly where we are meant to be.

I look back to a time when I was making $10 an hour working side jobs just trying to make it work (like my two-week stint crafting cappuccinos trying to form that perfect heart-shape), meanwhile wondering what the heck I was going to do with my life.

I was scared. I was lost. I wasn’t sure of anything. (Are we ever really?) But I trusted the universe had a plan for me, and that everything would somehow work out.

Who knew that in just a little over a year I would…

meet the love of my life and get engaged?

find my dream job and truly know what it means to love the work you do?

finally become financially stable + free?

move into a cute little apartment in Brookline?

truly fall in love with me?

I didn’t know.

You see, nothing is certain, but if we trust in ourselves that we are enough, that where we are is exactly where we need to be, then it is certain that everything will work itself out. Even if it takes a little longer than expected.


GNO Recap: Self Expression + Freedom to Be Fit

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This past Tuesday, I helped host the third (and final!) GNO Celebration in Boston this summer as part of New Balance’s Girls Night Out Campaign.

The theme this time around was Self Expression: Freedom to Be Fit. You can read all about my thoughts on self-expression in my blog post over here. I think this was my favorite themes yet as I’m all about encouraging women to express themselves (be it through fitness or creativity) while discovering what works for YOU and your body. After all, what works for me may not work for you or your best friend (which I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before on the blog).

In honor of the theme, each woman was able to choose their own workout for the evening: an outdoor spin with Flywheel, a signature bootcamp with Equinox or a fun 3-mile run. I helped organize and plan the 3-mile fun run (using the GNO Meetup tool), which we dubbed “Freedom Fighters Fun Run Plus.” The run was definitely hot (in the low 90s) but our group had a blast cheering one another on and stopping along the way for pics!

After sweating it out, all of us met back up at New Balance for the party. I won’t lie: bottled water and moisturizing face wipes never looked so good! As the ladies gathered in and munched on tasty bites (like BLTs, rolls ups, and Deep Eddy vodka mixed drinks), I welcomed everyone and spoke about my thoughts on self-expression and being YOU.

I told my story about how in college I was all about doing what was “right” or the norm according to celeb magazines (i.e. Score Jennifer Anniston’s abs! Get that Pilates body! Lose 15 pounds!). I’d beat myself up at the gym, and spend hours at the gym burning away calories on the treadmill. I didn’t feel inspired or motivated, and I most definitely wasn’t expressing myself.

It wasn’t until after college where I became in tune with my body, began running and practicing yoga (for my mind!) that I really felt myself. Suddenly, fitness felt empowering and right. I was doing it for me.

You see, the thing is you don’t have to be a marathoner to be a runner, you don’t have to be #1 on the Torq board to try Flywheel and you most definitely don’t need to do headstands or bend into crow pose in order to be a yogi. You just gotta do what works for Y-O-U.

After my talk, I made some exciting announcements including filling in the girls on what was in their swag bags. They were packed with goodies, including a fitness towel that each of us could customize at the Self-Expression Transfer Station with various inspiring phrases like “Girls Run this Town.” We also got a thumb-drive loaded with a 30-minute running playlist specially mixed by DJ Brek One, as well as some discounted vouchers.

Once again, New Balance was kind enough to offer 20% off everything in the store. But this time there was a special added bonus! Women had the chance to customize their own shoes – everything from laces to mesh color to specific words placed on the heels – while taking advantage of the 20% off special. Check out the pair I customized for myself. Don’t they just scream summer?

The back of the heels say “choose happy,” as I believe happiness is a choice, and sometimes all it takes is a simple shift in perspective to find your happiness. I had so much fun creating my dream shoe, but I must say it was quite overwhelming with all the color combinations you could choose from. I kept it simple by sticking with lemonade + burnt orange.

After I was done speaking (I must say this whole public speaking thing is getting a bit easier), I was able to mingle, grab a bite and catch up with friends both old & new.

I was especially excited to see my long lost friend and Pilates guru Jennifer Phelan, as I haven’t seen her since she became a mommy!

Overall, it was a wonderful evening filled with great people, good eats and a fabulous sweat session! I am so grateful to have been a part of New Balance’s GNO Celebrations here in Boston, and look forward to more fun, empowering events in the future.

I’d love to hear from you! What workouts make you feel most vibrant + in tune with your body? What color combos would you choose for your custom shoes?




Birthday Reflections: 27 Life Lessons I Discovered Before My 27th Birthday

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Last week, I celebrated my 27th birthday on Fourth of July weekend. It was quiet + simple yet I could feel the massive love pouring over me from friends and family.

Each year, I enjoy taking some time to reflect on the previous year and set some personal intentions for the year ahead.

This year, I was feeling rather blessed on how far I’ve come in life + love + all the other bittersweet moments. So I’ve decided to share with you — my readers, my friends — 27 things I’ve discovered by my 27th birthday. Enjoy!

1. to love your body, you must first love yourself.

2. giving and receiving go hand and hand. give often + receive with open arms (yes, it’s OK to say “thank you” when someone tells you that you look pretty today)

3. perhaps the most precious time of all is the time you spend for yourself + by yourself.

4. true love really does exist, you just need to be patient for your *moment*

5. plans, goals and vision boards are great but in the end your life is going to look much different than you had envisioned and that’s OK. in fact, it’s more than OK.

6. stepping outside your comfort zone is perhaps the scariest thing you may ever do, but it’s key for self-growth.

7. if you have the passion, the rest will come (even if it’s not how you imagined)

8. money is nice but without happiness and a genuine love for life, money is nothing.

9. your body is smart. listen to it.

10. eat real food, often. savor it and enjoy it. no, it won’t make you “fat.”

11. while saying “no” can be tough, it’s necessary for achieving balance + fulfillment.

12. do what YOU want not what he/she/they want for you.

13. what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me. find what works for you and do more of that.

14. the why is much more important than the how or the what.

15. sometimes the best thing you can do is stop, pause and let life happen. you really don’t need to try so darn hard all of the time.

16. diets are not the answer. look INSIDE. (you’d be surprised what you may learn about yourself)

17. work is work unless you find work in which lights you up; then it really isn’t work at all. seek a job you love or find a way to love the work you do.

18. sometimes, a simple shift in perspective can change everything.

19. you have control over your happiness. always choose to see happy.

20. i am enough. you are enough. period.

21. try not to compare so much to other people. everyone has their struggles (and successes!) but the ones that matter most are your own.

22. you aren’t a failure, it’s not too late, and you didn’t miss the boat. start over today, right now. treat every day as a blank canvas.

23. yes, you can. tell yourself that more often. it’s incredible what some good ol’ fashioned confidence can do for you!

24. how you feel is much more important that what you look like or what you think you look like.


26. treat your body with love. it’s the only one you’ve got.

27. say yes to the things that light your soul on fire, even if it scares the crap out of you.




A GNO to remember: Express yourself with new balance Boston

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Remember when last week I mentioned I’d announce the next GNO event on the blog soon? Well, my friends, I don’t break my promises.

And since I consider you officially in my social bubble of girlfriends, I wanted to give you the insider scoop. Registration for the third Boston New Balance GNO event goes live tomorrow, Monday the 7th, and ladies you won’t want to miss out. (You can scoop up your free tiks here starting tomorrow!)

The event will be held on Tuesday July 22, and is once again held at the New Balance Experience Store on Boylston St. The theme this time around? Self-Expression!

Festivities include choosing your own workout that fits your personality including a spin at Flywheel, signature Equinox class, or pre-mapped-out run utilizing the GNO Meetup app. Plus there will be music, healthy apps and cocktails to keep the party going afterward!

And if you’ve attended any of the past GNO Celebrations or read my review, you can bet New Balance has a few sweet surprises up their sleeves (like the premium gift bags each lady will take away at the end of the evening!)

If you’re itching to squeeze in some solid time with the gals before then, I highly encourage you to check out the GNO app where you can join meet ups in the area or create your own GNO in your city. What’s better than sweating it out & mingling with your girlfriends?

I hope to see you in a couple weeks for the third (and final) Boston GNO Celebration this summer. Get ready to sweat, party and EXPRESS yourself! My question for you – when do you feel most in your element, passionate and true to yourself?




Event Recap: “Excellent is Strong” Girls Night Out with New Balance Back Bay

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This past Thursday night, I was lucky enough to be the blog hostess/MC for New Balance’s second GNO celebration in Boston.
The theme of the action-packed evening was “Excellent is Strong” and the New Balance team did an incredible job bringing that to life.

New Balance is on a mission to re-define the meaning of girls night, and a part of that is hosting these kick-ass celebrations in various cities in order to bring girls together for fitness, food and fun. I was so honored to be a part of the evening, as one of my #1 passions is inspiring women to do more connecting & cheering one another on (vs. judging & comparing).

I arrived to the New Balance Boston Experience Store (right on Boylston St) early to get my bearings & walk through the Run of Show with the PR team so there were no surprises. Once the ladies began arriving, they got their wrist band (labeled with group number) & enjoyed some wholesome granola bars & water to energize and hydrate.

After settling in, all of the ladies set out for their workout portion of the evening: 3 different bootcamp-style circuits (one in the store, one in Copley Square and one at Comm Ave mall) led by various trainers including Celebrity Fitness Trainer Holly Perkins & various Equinox instructors.

Holly even introduced all of us ladies to her very own fitness + wellness system baladea (which we all got to take home as an unexpected surprise as the end of the night!) Talk about feeling the burn – it’s all about the strength training, baby!

After the workout, everyone met back at the store to cool down (with moisturizing wipes provided by New Balance) and get the party started. After all, what’s a girls night out without some party time with the gals? There was a variety of finger foods like hummus, pita and chicken skewers, sangria, wine, beer and live music by BrekOne.

[DJing with BrekOne!]

Not to mention the photo booth (where girls could pose with signs re: what makes them “strong”) and 20% off special courtesy of New Balance. We also heard inspirational talks from Holly Perkins & Shape magazine editor Laurel Leicht throughout the evening.

[Holly Perkins on strength]

Then it was time for my big debut! As part of my MC duties, I was asked to share a few words about my blog, my story and what strength means to me. I won’t lie: I was extremely nervous as public speaking doesn’t necessarily come natural to me. However, in honor of the evening’s theme I decided to forge through my fears and put myself out there.

[public speaking? bring it on!]

I stressed that strength to me is so much more than just the physical but rather about how you feel mind, body and soul. After all, if you’re aiming to be strong but feel like crap inside, what’s the point really?

The new campaign floating around the internet “Strong is the New Skinny” particularly bothers me as a.) we as women don’t need a new “skinny” and b.) this claim puts so much emphasis on our physical bodies, rather than what’s on the inside. Instead of putting so much emphasis on what you look like (and how strong or skinny you can get) I challenge women to take a step back and look inside. How do you feel? Are you taking care of your body?

Having a strong mind means thinking positively and telling yourself “Yes I can” (even when you’re telling yourself “No I can’t”). A strong body involves finding an exercise that makes you feel good, challenging yourself and nourishing yourself with wholesome, feel-good foods. And lastly a strong soul means staying true to who you are and not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

None of this can be shown by looking at someone, by the number on the scale or by having toned arms. Rather, strength must come from within.

I can’t tell you how empowered I felt standing up in front of dozens of ladies sharing what I believe in, doing what I am meant to do: INSPIRE, MAKE AN IMPACT, CONNECT. I am truly so honored that New Balance asked me to be a part of this amazing campaign, and that I fought through my fears and had the courage to say YES.

[mingling with new + old friends alike like blogger Athena from Fitness & Feta]

If you love connecting with like-minded women and getting your fitness on, you won’t want to miss out on the next GNO Celebration in Boston on July 22! Registration is not yet open, but information will be available over on the GNO site. You can also follow along on the blog, as I’ll be announcing as we get closer to the date!

Stay strong, stay beautiful,



On Manifesting Your Dreams: Stop Searching + Start Being

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I had a major ah-hah moment  the other day. It hit me as I was soaking up some sunshine waiting for the t, completely out of the blue.

I’m on this planet to inspire other women – to connect, to treat their bodies with love, to SUPPORT one another, to live a healthy, happy, juicy (not perfect) lifestyle!

Now let me explain…

You see, a few years ago I struggled majorly with finding my true purpose. I kept asking myself, what the heck am I going to do with my life? I had the passion for certain but didn’t really know how to make use of it.

I worked more part time and full time jobs than any gal I know – from barista to freelancer to event planning to copy editor to fancy spas. Still searching and searching to find my WHY. I’m a certified health coach. I’m a writer. I’m a journalism grad. I’m a sister. I’m a dream-catcher. I’m a cancer. I’m a hard, determined worker.

But I still felt something was missing despite my experience, skills and degrees.

When I finally stopped searching and began to just live my passions out loud, follow my heart and say YES to opportunities that aligned with my passion (and NO to those that didn’t) I started to feel like I was walking toward the right path. It felt good. I felt good.

I’ve now discovered my purpose (though I didn’t necessarily go hunting for it). I sort of stumbled upon it; it found me. I’m here to INSPIRE & make an impact on women in the community.

And I do this everyday through my job at sweetgreen, through my writing, through my blog, through the people I meet on the train, at work or at some random networking event.

I stopped trying (to do it the way I was “supposed” to do it) and started living and I couldn’t be any happier in this moment.

BE who you are, listen to your gut and say yes to those opportunities that light you up (even if it scares you). Oh, and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of who you are.

I know my journey isn’t over & I still have many goals I want to conquer (including writing my book) but it sure feels good knowing I’m on my way…even if it took me a bit longer.

I’d love to know — what’s your greatest passion? How can you match that with your purpose & start living in alignment to your truest self? It may not come overnight, but it’s inside of you I can assure you!




A Happiness Project {In words}

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Remember when 100+ days ago I posted about my decision to start the 100 Happy Days Challenge? Well, I am proud to announce that this Monday I celebrated my 100-day mark, and I must say the whole experience was quite enlightening.

When I began this challenge back in the beginning of March, it was freezing cold in Boston, I was stressed with work, and I was struggling to find true happiness.

What this challenge made me realize is that happiness is all around us every day – be it from a hot cup of coffee, a lucky penny, or a magic moment – and sometimes you just need to shift your perspective a tad to see it.

Happiness is not something you have or don’t have; there isn’t such thing as “happy people” or “unhappy people.” Rather, I believe it’s something you choose to see…every day.

So in light of the end of my happiness journey (which is just the beginning really), I wanted to share the little moments that made my 100 happy day cut. Since I’ve already shared through photos here on instragram,  now I choose to share through words. My favorite form of art.

1. A clean home

2. Fresh brewed coffee in my Life is Good mug

3. A green smoothie + avocado toast

4. Tea date + brainstorm sesh with a good friend

5. My man’s famous Western breakfast frittatas

6. My fiancé, the love of my life who accepts me for who I am

7. Running in a tank top…in the winter

8. My job at sweetgreen

9. Taco night with J

10. Eating Well + Clean Eating magazines arriving in the mail

11. Snuggling up in my pink blanket

12. Treating 2 of my rockstar employees to a coffee surprise on a snowy day

13. Living the condo life in New Hampshire

14. Snowshoeing

15. A lucky white feather tucked into my phone case

16. My passion x purpose necklace

17. Silver sparkly flats

18. Unplugging before 8 p.m.

19. Wearing flip flops to celebrate spring

20. Cards Against Humanity with good friends

21. March Madness

22. Happy Hour

23. Sun shining

24. Seeing J’s co’s snacks(Organic Living Superfoods) sold at The Bees Knees

25. New turquoise yoga pants

26. A little hidden gem of a fruit stand on the side of the road

27. Drinks with my best friend

28. The perfect cappuccino from Barrington

29. Yogi tea

30. I found a beer I kinda liked (Big Squeeze UFO)!

31. Pad thai

32. Hard work paying off / celebrating a new store open

33. Boston mornings

34. Breakfast + coffee date

35. Hanging photos at sweetgreen for Lucie Wicker’s Boston Marathon project

36. Home sweet home (+ flowers blooming)

37. Wedding planning

38. A 40-minute run ending with Bennie and the Jets playing on my iPod

39. Run club

40. Iced coffee + sunshine

41. Finding a lucky penny in my shoe

42. Sangria

43. Nature walk to dinner with mom

44. Working outside

45. Morning tea

46. Otto pizza

47. Nike sweetgreen sneaks

48. Yellow flowers all over the city for the Boston Marathon

49. Iced coffee en route home for Easter

50. Easter spent on Fisher’s Island with family

51. Celebrating + honoring The Boston Marathon

52. Fresh fruit cup

53. Meditating, journaling, essential oils, + lemon verbena rose petal tea

54. Surprise flowers to celebrate 6 months until the wedding!

55. Margaritas on Friday

56. Guacamole

57. The North End + a visit to the sis

58. Practicing yoga with my beautiful friend Cara Gilman

59. Custom rice bowl from sweetgreen

60. Tea time

61. Coming home to J after a long day

62. Lavender herb sangria at Barcelona Wine Bar

63. Mexican food with the fam

64. Hanging with mom + sis in the Bean

65. Zumba

66. At-home mani

67. Allandale Farm

68. Surprise flowers from a sweet coworker (all the way from DC)

69. Wine + cheese

70. Spicy quinoa avocado bowl

71. Mother’s Day brunch

72. Runner’s high

73. Redeeming my Starbucks reward

74. Coming home to the happiest fiancé

75. Sangria with my best friend

76. Colorful salads

77. New Hampshire de-stressing

78. Celebrating dad’s birthday (my #1 role model)

79. Sushi

80. A peaceful walk home

81. Planking in the Boston Common

82. Pilates with Ali B

83. A surprise owl mug + note from a sweet coworker

84. Celebrating my sister’s 25th birthday

85. Hanging on The Greenway

86. SoulCycle

87. Cozy bowl of oatmeal

88. A glass of red

89. Visiting my “family” at sweetgreen fort point

90. Rehearsal dinner for our best friend’s wedding

91. Outdoor a.m. yoga

92. My famous bowl of goodness

93. Curling up with a magazine + shutting down

94. Photo shoot in Copley Square Farmer’s Market with lululemon

95. Crockpot garlic chicken

96. Hot tea with honey on a rainy day

97. An .88 cent chocolate truffle

98. VIP tickets to DMB

99. Kayaking on the lake

100. Gazpacho + Cesar salad pairing at sweetgreen

Now I ask you – what makes you truly happy? How can you shift your perspective to discover your own inner happiness? Start your own 100 Happy Days challenge here.



New Balance Boston Girls Night Out June 26: Excellent is Strong

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Note: This event is now full. Please stay tuned for updates regarding additional spaces.

Remember last month when I posted about New Balance’s Girls Night Out campaign? If you missed the post, no worries you can catch it here! In short, New Balance is working to redefine the meaning of “girls night,” focusing on empowering women through fitness, socializing and simply having a good time.

And I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I’m going to be playing a part in hosting the upcoming “GNO Celebration” in Boston this month (and in July, more on that later)!

The Details

The big event will be held on Thursday, June 26th at 6 p.m and it’s 100% free of charge. Participants will meet at the New Balance Experience Store (located at 583 Boylston St in Copley Square) and then take off for a bootcamp-style workout with New Balance Fitness Ambassador Holly Perkins.

After the workout, we’ll all come together for the ultimate girls night fully stocked with appetizers, cocktails, music by BrekOne and swag bags.  Oh, and did I mention SHAPE Magazine’s fitness editor Laurel Leicht will be their sharing insights on what makes her strong?

Excellent is Strong

Speaking of strong, the whole theme of the evening is “Excellent is Strong.” I was thrilled when I heard that New Balance’s focus for the evening is on strength and empowering women not just through fitness but through mind, body and spirit.

I’m so sick of hearing sayings like “Strong is the new sexy,” focusing solely on women’s bodies.

I feel that healthy is far more than what your body looks like from the outside. It’s about how you feel in your body. It’s about the attitude you carry through with you throughout the day. It’s about digging deep into your soul and finding what makes you feel truly inspired.

It’s not something that can be measured by a scale, viewed in a mirror or shown on your pant tag.

I’ve been through my own battles with body image + feeling strong and happy in my own skin (which I’ll share more on at June’s event), so I excited to celebrate with other women.

You are strong. You are excellent. You are beautiful.

Plan Your Own GNO

If you’re loving all of this GNO talk like I am, go ahead and plan your own! Simply join GNO Meetup, and then get started on creating your own Buzz Run. Here you’ll be able to map out your perfect route, invite friends, and even get alerts for other runs going on in your area.

How cool is that? End the evening with a healthy happy hour or just some solid catch-up time with your gals.

Come Join Me

Are you sold? I don’t blame you.

Register for the FREE event on June 26th before it sells out to get in on the action! Just scroll down to GNO Celebrations > Boston > RSVP.

Plus, I’m going to be one of the hostesses of the evening & have some special announcements to share with the group and would love your support (especially when I’m up on stage with the mic)!

Are you in?



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