Make This: BBQ Chicken Sausage Pizza with Cauliflower “Crust” {Gluten & Dairy Free}

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The Boy & I have been trying to severely cut back and/or eliminate both gluten and dairy from our diets. While gluten is something I’ve learned to eliminate over the years (due to personal digestion issues and bloating), I occasionally indulge in a tasty snack or fresh-baked slice of bread made with real ingredients. I know my limits, and I’ve pretty much learned to live without it. I guess I’m lucky because I’ve never really had a sweet tooth so fresh bread is really my only temptation.

However, dairy is a completely different beast. You see, I love cheese. Nothing beats a slice of fresh mozzarella, hard cheese paired with fruit, or local feta from the farmer’s market. That being said, this past year I’ve also come to the conclusion that my love for cheese may have some sort of connection  to my skin issues. So I’ve been trying to cut back as much as I can to experiment. Again, this is just my own personal experiment and I’m not saying everyone should give up dairy for clear skin. After all, we are all different and what works for one may not work for another (see: bio-individuality).

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Food for Thought: Super Skin-Clearing Eats

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{Who new artichokes could actually promote skin health? image source}

On Saint Patrick’s Day morning, instead of waking up to green eggs & ham, I woke up to a full-fledged breakout. Ever since I made the decision to go off of oral contraceptives for my health and my body, I’ve been feeling wonderful – I’ve lost weight, gained energy, and simply feel “lighter” and more healthy in general. However, when making my personal, well-thought-out decision, I was also aware of one possible side effect; that is my skin flaring up due to a change in hormones. Unfortunately, I think the inevitable is happening.

“Really, I’m dealing with acne in my mid-20s! Why?! WHY?!!” I moaned and groaned to my boyfriend, my sister, and quite frankly anyone who would listen. Having struggled with severe acne as a teenager, I thought those days were far behind me, but when I looked in the mirror the other day, those difficult years came flashing back at me.

Fortunately, I know much more about my health now (what works for me, what doesn’t work for me) and am also learning more and more everyday about natural solutions and home remedies. This has promoted me … Read More!

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