Monday Inspiration: What Nourishes Your Mind, Body & Soul?

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Do you know what nourishes you, you know those things that truly fill your soul & makes you feel your very best self? This is likely not a question you ask yourself very often, but I encourage you to do so.

So often, we eat what we’re told are the “right” foods to eat, do what we believe we “have” to do, and think the way we’re expected to think. I challenge you to stop right there and look beyond the expectations and rules we have for ourselves. Truly look within and ask yourself point blank: What makes me feel nourished?

Then take things a step further by writing it out:

These are the foods that nourish my body…

These are the activities that nourish my soul…

These are the thoughts that nourish my mind…

What came up for you? I encourage you to take a good, hard look at your list and fill yourself up with those things that nourish you most.

Here’s a hint: when we fill our life up with nourishment, we no longer need to use food/drugs/self sabotage/fill in the blank to “feel better.” That’s why talking about food is only a portion of my … Read More!

Monday Inspiration: Fall In Love with Food

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What does falling in love with food look like for you? If you need support in improving your relationship with food (and your body), check out my new & improved health coaching programs and sign up for your free “15 Minutes to Fabulous” Breakthrough Session today! Read More!

5 Tips for Healthy Eating Made Simple Plus a Bestowed Box Giveaway

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I’m a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, but not when it has to be so darn hard. That’s why I like to keep things as easy and pain-free as possible when it comes to food. Here are my top 5 tips for simple healthy eating for you to incorporate into your day now. Plus, I’ve got a pretty sweet giveaway for you! Read on, my friends…

1. Keep it Real: Eat Real Food. Period. I know it sounds silly, but if you truly strive to eat real food (food that you can recognize and clearly tell where it came from), everything else just falls into place naturally.

2. Don’t compare your plate to everyone else’s: Eat what makes you feel your best self.

3. Be Adventurous: Explore new foods (even those you used to HATE as a child), experiment with new recipes and keep an open mind when it comes to what you put on your plate. Whether it’s going out for Thai food or buying a funky new vegetable you’ve never tasted before, find a way to be daring! You’ll never grow bored this way, and you can keep healthy eating fun!

4. Know Your Body: Read More!

Why Your Relationship with Food is Directly Connected to Your Relationship with Money (& My Big Self Discovery)

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This past weekend, I attended a Business Conference for Wellness Professionals in NYC—HMBA Live: Step into Your Spotlight—that literally changed my life. I can honestly say the past three days have been among the most fulfilling days of my life: eye-opening, fun, and transformational all in one.

I cried, laughed, danced, sang, ate, wrote, learned, reflected and heck, even spoke in front of a room full of 400+ people….on a microphone.  In addition, I networked, made new friends, and relished in a community bursting with positive energy.

And while all of those things were life changing in and of itself, one of the most eye-opening “A-Hah” moments I had was when we started talking about money. More particularly our relationship with money. Just bear with me here…

I never really took the time to explore my relationship with money, although I certainly knew it wasn’t a good one. In fact, it was toxic, to say the least. I say was because all of this is about to change…starting 48 hours ago.

However, up until now, money and I just didn’t jive. We were heading straight to a break-up and boy was it going to be a nasty one. … Read More!

Boston Bloggers Meetup at Scampo: A Blogger Roundup

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Last night, I attended a Boston Bloggers Meetup hosted by the lovely Alison and Kate through Eventbrite. (Big thanks to Sara from Boston Eventbrite for taking part!) The event was held at Scampo, a tasty upscale Italian-inspired restaurant inside the Liberty Hotel.

While the wine was lovely (I changed it up with a refreshing Pinot Grigio as opposed to my usual red), the food was delectable (um, can you say sausage-stuffed bacon wrapped dates and mini Endive salads?) the best part of the night hands down was mingling with other positive, fun, like-minded bloggers!

What I love most about these kinds of events is you get the chance to meet people in all different walks of life, with many different passions! Being a healthy living blogger, I find it fascinating to meet fashion, travel, lifestyle, arts & crafts, and even beer bloggers. It completely blows my mind how many talented, created people there are out there with one big thing in common: writing it out & sharing stories.


Here’s a little snippet from some of the fascinating people I mingled with last night…

Abigail, The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster: Spunky, adorable and sweet … Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community Week 7: A Fun Foodie Who Likes Her Cocktails Strong & Her Workouts Sweaty

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Good afternoon Healthy Chicks! Today’s spotlight on Healthy Chicks in the Community is a twenty-something lady who loves her cocktails strong and her bread hot & fresh straight from the oven. I’ve actually had the honor of meeting Caitlin in person at a local coffee shop in Connecticut and she’s just as sweet as she sounds on paper. I’ll let Caitlin take it away from here!

NAME/AGE: Caitlin Croswell / 23

BLOG/TWITTER: / caitplusate on twitter

CURRENT CITY: Glastonbury, CT

PHOTO TAKEN: On the Lawn at Castle Hill in Newport, RI…a recommendation I got from a fellow blogger Tina, author of one of my first blogs I ever found – Carrots N Cake!

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: I work full-time in the sales department of a small engineering and manufacturing firm…while fulfilling my passion for blogging on the side!NUMBER ONE PASSION: Spreading love and happiness

NUMBER ONE PASSION: Making others feel confident, and less hard on themselves!

I FEEL MY HEALTHIEST SELF WHEN I AM: Eating the foods I crave (which means not depriving myself when those cravings aren’t necessarily for “clean food”) and doing the workouts I enjoy (aka not running…even though it seems at times

Read More!

Friday Faves

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TGIF all my little healthy chickies! Since it’s Friday – and in the Twitter world Friday is always “Follow Friday” where you mention your favorite tweeters (um, is that what they’re called?) – I figured I’d go with the theme. Here are some of my favorites this week…enjoy!

Fave Website: My Secret Boston – This site is super cool and lets you in on all things secret, yet phenomenal in Boston. From fun places to eat to where to shop & drink, these people know their city! I particularly like the SEE+DO section and this activity especially caught my eye; who knew? You must take a peak if you haven’t yet!

Fave Song: “Magic” by B.O.B. & “Marry You” by Bruno Mars; these babies have really been getting me through my dreaded treadmill runs. 

Fave Snack: Cheese ‘n’ crackers; I simply can’t stop eating them this week, as if I were a little kid again sitting at one of those plastic picnic tables! I must say…I’ve upgraded my cheese taste from string cheese to the more “classy” varieties. My new favorite is Dill Havarti from good ol’ Trader Joe’s.

Fave Television Shows: This is embarrassing to admit … Read More!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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As you can tell from the title of my post, today I will be talking about all of my favorite things. However, I now also have that song from  the classic The Sound of Music stuck in my head (and I’m sorry if you now do as well). Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…OK I’ll stop now. Those most definitely are not a few of my favorite things. I hate cats. But I do have a BUNCH of my very own favorite things and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. Enjoy!

My Favorite Perfume: Asteria by Marina de Bourbon – not only is it in a pretty purple bottle, but I fell in love with the scent the very first day I discovered it. It’s feminine, sexy and sweet all at the same time. 

My Favorite Lip Balm: C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm, Bath & Body Works – this one is easy as it’s actually called “My Favorite Lip Balm.” My sister got it for me as part of a Christmas gift last year, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It makes my lips perfectly smooth and shiny, … Read More!

What's on My…iPod, workout schedule, mind?

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Happy Friday fellow healthy chicks, and hooray for the glorious weekend ahead! Since it’s Friday and I know you’re all just itching to get out of work and get your hands on a martini, I’ll keep this post short ‘n’ sweet. Today we’re going to play a little game over at Healthy Chicks so that you all can get to know me better, and I too can hopefully get to know YOU better along the way. 

What’s on My…? 

iPod: Newly downloaded songs= Katy Perry’s “Firework” (totally motivating and great for an energy boost, plus she totally rocked it at the VS Fashion Show), One Republic’s “Secrets” (also gets me going in the morning along with my coffee), Paramore’s “The Only Exception” (how can you not love this song?), Sad Brad Smith’s “Help Yourself” (have been obsessed since watching the movie “Up in the Air“), George Harrison’s “What is Life” (an oldie but a goodie).

Refrigerator Shelves: Honestly, I’m embarrassed ’cause there isn’t much right now- definitely time to hit up Trader Joe’s. Currently I have eggs (I heart making egg white omelets), a bunch of veggies (including spinach, cucumber, carrots and zucchini), marinara sauce (leftover from Read More!

Listening to Your Bod

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Yesterday my sister called me complaining that she had a stomach ache because she overdid it this weekend. “I ate way too much this weekend,” she moaned. You see, she wasn’t upset over the fact that she over-ate (I’ve always admired my sister because she’s never let food make her feel guilty by any means), but rather she was upset by the way it made her feel...physically. It was family weekend at her school which meant parties and endless meals out. Between an entire chicken parmesan entrée to chips, dips and beer, she was definitely feeling it come Sunday night. Maybe a year ago, this kind of eating wouldn’t have made a difference on how she felt, but ever since she’s developed a healthier diet, she can no longer handle loads of grease, cheese ‘n’ fatty appetizers all in one weekend (and frankly, neither can I). 

This brings up my point that I-among many people who I know-choose to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet not because it’ll make us “skinny,” “healthy” or “heros” in any way but because it makes our bodies feel good. It’s funny because when I was a little kid (yes, I was a … Read More!

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