GF Livin' & Coping with Food Intolerances

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When I was in college, I had a whole lotta stomach problems. I’d constantly feel bloated, and found it nearly impossible to lose weight although I was eating “healthy.” One night in particular comes to mind. All of our roommates were hanging out snacking on cheese and crackers, veggies ‘n’ dips and wine, when I felt a terrible pain in my stomach. It had felt like I’d eaten an entire Thanksgiving meal; I literally had to unbutton my jeans. Yes, it was that bad. My poor roommate and her boyfriend didn’t know what to do so they rushed me to the supermarket to get Tums and chocolate-flavored laxatives to ease the pain. And while my tummy started feeling a tad better, I knew it was time to look into what the hell was going on. 

So the next time I was home, I took a trip to a nutritionist and decided to take the ALCAT, a food and chemical sensitivity/intolerance test that has helped patients with migraines, digestive disorders, skin conditions, obesity and other conditions for years. Note: this is not a food allergy test; rather it’s testing for sensitivities and intolerances. You can read about

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