Do You Need to Re-think Your To-Do List?

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Last week, I was meeting with one of my clients talking about goals, dreams and all that good stuff. I really like to get deep inside the eyes of my clients to find out what drives, motivates, and really lights them up. When we got to the part where we discussed any blockages or things getting in the way from living the life of her dreams, she simply said “My weight.” In fact, “Lose weight” was at the top of every to-do list she had ever created for herself.

I then asked her what she’d be doing, eating, living, seeing, being if her weight was not a factor in living the life of her dreams. I soon found out that not only was her weight holding her back from being comfortable in her clothing, but it was preventing her from doing things she truly loves like connecting with people on a deeper level, taking zumba classes and being truly happy in her own skin.

That right there was a huge wake up call, one that she needed to see. One that we all need to see every once and a while. So what did I have my client do? … Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community: An Outdoorsy, Pizza-Loving, Grad Student (Aka My Sister)

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Good evening ladies! Hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently away on a family vacation at Clearwater Beach, FL and am soaking up every minute of it: the seafood (seriously, the Grouper is phenomenal!), the 86-degree weather, the sunshine, beach runs, pool-side drinks). I’m super excited to announce this week’s feature on Healthy Chicks in the Community as she’s someone who is very close & special to me. That is, my younger sister of course. I’ll let Krista take it from here!

NAME/AGE: Krista /24 in a little over a week!


PHOTO TAKEN: Waterville Valley, NH (Welch and Dickey hike)

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: I’m finishing up grad school to be a speech-language pathologist and am hoping to start a job this fall in the rehabilitation setting. I particularly enjoy working with patients with aphasia, which is a language disorder that can occur after someone has a stroke or other type of brain injury. Many people with aphasia cannot say what they want to say or understand what others say, and I help them to communicate again!

NUMBER ONE PASSION: I really love helping people, and find happiness working with people with aphasia.

I FEEL … Read More!

I’ve Got Sunshine: 5 Ways to Break Out of That Rut & Add More Sunshine Into Your Life

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Do you ever feel like you’re lacking that glow? In a funk? Tired of the plain old mundane routine? Need some extra spark? Want to shake things up? Like you’re living in a giant cloud, and it seems like you’ve been waiting for the weather to clear for too darn long?

Well, do not fear my lovely lady. I’m here to tell you that first of all, you are 100% utterly & completely normal. In fact you are more than normal. I’ve been there, and I can guarantee any girl you talk to has been there too. And secondly, this little rut you’re going through is reversible; you can transform your life (more importantly your mindset) after all! Perhaps you don’t need anything spectacular, shiny or crazy expensive. Perhaps all you need is a little extra sunshine. Start now with these 5 simple tips and you’ll be feeling rejuvenated, hot and maybe even a little sun-kissed in no time!

1. Take a Special Someone Out On a Date (and Treat Them): I know, I know, you’re the one that’s in a funk, so shouldn’t you be the one who’s getting treated like a Princess? While it’s always nice to get … Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community: A Positive, Pre-School Teaching People Person

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Good evening ladies! Hope you were all able to squeeze in a little sunshine today. I just got back from lululemon Newbury Street run club, where I wore in my brand new #BostonStrong pink shirt The Boy bought me today. Oh, how he knows the key to my heart. There’s nothing like showing a little Boston pride while sweating it out with a great group of people!

Anyway, let’s get right to it with this week’s feature for Healthy Chicks in the Community. I was lucky to meet this lovely lady at the I am That Girl event I spoke at last month, and  simply couldn’t get over how smiley and friendly she was! A beautiful person both inside and out, this twenty-something truly knows what it means to be a Healthy Chick. I’ll let Jessica take it from here…

NAME/AGE: Jessica Scire/26

BLOG/TWITTER (If Applicable):


PHOTO TAKEN: This photo was taken in June 2012 on “Graduation Day.”  My kids were graduating pre-k to move to kindergarten.  It was such a bittersweet day—I was so proud of my students and it was such a happy day but I also knew I would miss seeing their … Read More!

Just What I Needed: In Finding Love

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You know those moments when just the right thing comes along at just the right time? It’s as if it was planned that way on purpose, like a little special hug from the Universe. It usually sneaks up on you during one of those “off days,” rough patches or time of grieving. All of the sudden, a little pick-me-up sort of falls into your lap out of no where.

To be honest with you, I’m still feeling a bit off in coping with Monday’s events, and have been having a hard time writing let alone feeling myself. I just keep replaying the day over and over again up to the moment of the attack, thinking “What if it were me?” However, I’ve certainly been finding love & joy in everything around me to not only help myself cope, but also those around me. To help our city heal.

You see, when you look for love it’s everywhere, really. You can find love in things as small as your morning cappuccino or as large as an entire community coming together to pray & heal.

Love is in the eyes of your barista, your lover, the stranger on the street. In … Read More!

Shifting Your Perspective From a Negative to a Positive: I am Enough

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Last week, I was chatting on the phone with my grandmother while cooking dinner in our teeny-tiny kitchen. When she asked me what I was doing, I caught myself going there to that negative place we all know. And so I began complaining. “Well you know I’m cooking in my awful kitchen and it’s stressing me out. I just can’t stand our apartment. If only we had a bigger kitchen – a bigger apartment for that matter – so I could cook a nice meal for myself and actually enjoy doing it.”

When she asked where The Boy was, I told her he was in the other room waiting for me, and then I lit up. There was a complete shift in my mindset. “You know, I really am lucky to have him.” After all, not only does he cook (and do the dishes) but he loves me despite our tiny apartment…through the good times and the bad.

Then my grandmother said something to me that really struck me. “You don’t know just how lucky you are. He’s a catch. And as for the apartment, it’s just perfect for now. You have enough.” She then went on to … Read More!

Need Inspiration? I’ve Got Just the Spotify Playlist for You

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Sometimes we need a hug, sometimes we need mental clarity, and sometimes we just need a good healthy dose of inspiration! While I can’t technically give you all a hug (though I totally would if I could…e-hug?) I’ve got just the Spotify playlist for you that should  clear your mind and ignite your creativity.

As someone who is constantly thinking (and writing) music is a great way for me to unwind, let loose and allow my thoughts to form naturally. Whether I’m writing at a local coffee shop, brainstorming in my bedroom or attempting to reach a deep meditation, music is always a blessing. I hope you enjoy this ultra-inspiring, thought-provoking playlist, including 10 hits that have been on my radar lately!

What do you do to clear your mind and ignite your creative juices? What are your go-to tracks or artists?


Read More!

Friday Flashbacks: Treat Your Body With Love

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If you’re new to my blog, each and every Friday I post a Friday Flashback, taking you on a journey back into my past life. Why? Well, because I’ve been there and can totally relate to body image issues, dieting struggles and all the other things in between.

This week, I want to touch upon how we treat our bodies. During my prime time of diet-obsessed living and calorie counting, I completely disrespected my body.

I filled up on toxic, chemicalized “diet” foods that promised to make me skinny (at least, according to all the magazines and advertisements) and ate or drank my feelings away. I abused myself in the mirror (telling myself I am fat, I am not pretty enough, I am not good enough) and abused myself in the gym by overworking it and forcing myself to exercise (even when I didn’t want to or when my body was saying “No! Enough!”) I listened to what the number on the scale said, instead of what my body was telling me loud and clear.

I remember being so hungry: for real food, for love, for the answers. Unfortunately, I was starving myself by loading up on … Read More!

Friday Flashbacks: Bring Your Inner Sexy Out

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Growing up I didn’t pay too much attention to my looks, that is until I started dieting and well, my looks quickly became everything. I was consumed by my weight and how others, especially men, perceived me. Once I started getting attention from the guys, I became obsessed with my looks, in particular appearing “sexy.”

I remember one day quite vividly while loading on makeup for a friend’s graduation party, my sister (who was always the sportier one in the family) looked at me and said, “You changed.” I naturally got defensive, and she continued with “It’s great you’re getting all this attention and all, but all you care about is your looks.”  While I refused to admit it at the time, she was absolutely 100% right. Spot on.

And then there was college. Getting ready for a night out to the frat house was an event in itself. I’d change my outfit at least ten times, load layers of makeup over my face (including a dash of bronzer on my chest one of my best friends swore created the allusion of “cleavage”), and strive to wear the tightest or shortest thing I could possibly find paired with the highest … Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community: An Almost Thirty, Quinoa-Loving New Mom

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Good evening ladies! Hope you all had a great day, and are now taking some time to shut down and relax. You deserve it, after all. Be sure to check out my post from earlier today recapping a fun sports bra fitting event I attended last night at New Balance. But tonight I’m here to bring you this week’s feature for Healthy Chicks in the Community, who’s actually a cousin of The Boy, and someone I admire greatly for her dedication to inner happiness and wellness. I’ll let Marybeth take it from here…

NAME/AGE: Marybeth Ferreira… Soon to be 30 🙂

CURRENT CITY: outside of Worcester

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: Outpatient Mental Health Clinician, specializing in children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities

NUMBER ONE PASSION: Do I have to choose one? 🙂

I FEEL MY HEALTHIEST SELF WHEN I AM: Active, eating well, GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP, and finding balance in all of my roles

BUT I AM ALSO A REAL GIRL & SOMETIMES: I like to bake fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies and sample the batter!… and skip parts of workouts I don’t prefer… on occasion

TOP THREE KITCHEN STAPLES: olive oil, quinoa, and organic chicken … Read More!

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