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Good morning lovelies! I wanted to let you in on a few new things going on over here at Healthy Chicks. Ever since I’ve met with the ever-so-fabulous Coach Jenn Lee last week, I’ve been busy making changes in the business realm of my life.

The great news? I’m going to be doing a LOT more over here on Healthy Chicks, as this is my baby and my #1 brand after all. Jenn helped me realize that, being a creative like I am, I was trying to do too many things at once in effect feeling overwhelmed and not getting clear, concise results.

Here are a few new features:

Healthy ChickLits: Every day, I post daily “Healthy ChickLits” on my Facebook and Twitter channels. These are little feel-good words of wisdom in a sentence or two to make you feel motivated and good inside! Today’s pick? A reminder for us all – Love yourself every day! Follow along on my social media channels to see more of this!

Health Coaching: Many of us may know that I am also a Certified Health Coach, but have been working mostly under my other business Zesty Living. I realized that Zesty Living, while … Read More!

Recap: Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Live Conference in NYC

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This weekend, I was given the opportunity to cover the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s October Fall Conference: IIN Live. Since I would be tweeting and blogging via Live Stream, I was able to watch the entire event (Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) from the comfort of my own home.

Last year, I attended the event live in NYC, so a part of me wished I was there. But while my jealousy set in a few times (especially during the group massages at the end), I have to admit it was nice to be able to take a lunch break, get some tea and wear my sweats as I soaked up a multitude of new information.

For those of you who don’t know or are new to my blog, I graduated from IIN this past August as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. The school has been able to give me the chance to follow my dreams, start my own business, believe in myself, lose those last 10 pounds of baggage (plus some) and start an entirely new career path for myself.

Therefore, whenever I get the chance to hear from more speakers and listen to … Read More!

Workout Woes: 3 Feel Good Moves When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

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We all know exercise is beneficial not only for our body (who doesn’t love a little extra glute-toning), but for our mental health as well. Many women track hours at the gym, have a strict running routine, or even take several group fitness classes (such as core fusion) in one day. But what’s a girl to do when she’s simply not feeling it? Do we really need to be so strict on ourselves?

Let’s face it, we are only human. While many of us strive to be superwoman at times, even the fitness fanatics among us have their “off” days. And guess what? That’s totally OK and get this…normal.

I know what it’s like to feel guilt for skipping a workout. Heck, I even skipped my 6:15 a.m. Core Fusion Cardio class this morning because the gloomy weather was a huge turnoff, and well, my need for a good night’s sleep was much more important to me. I had a busy week, I was tired and I needed some good old-fashioned beauty rest. Old me would have beat myself up over this for days, but new me simply let’s it go. Now I don’t skip my workouts every Read More!

My Super-sized Vision Board: Relationship, Career, Personal & Financial Success

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Remember when I told you guys I made a vision board with The Boy last month? Well, I decided to revamp it completely! You see, my first vision board was on a scrap piece of white-lined paper and it didn’t give me enough room to really express every little thing I want in life. Plus, with all the focus lately on my new health counseling business Zesty Living, I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and what I want for myself.

That’s when the vision board construction went down. For the past few days, I’ve been tearing witty words, motivating pictures, and inspirational phrases out of magazines, as well as surfing the web for ideas.

Voilà! This is the result:

I decided to break it down into sections: career, relationship, and personal well-being.


  • Create and sell some sort of wellness product, be it inspirational greeting cards, all-natural body scrubs or innovative spice blends!
  • Be financially stable, with a comfortable salary that I can support myself with & not have to cringe every time I “treat” myself to something nice
  • Have a successful, positive, buzzing health counseling business a la Zesty Living with 1-on-1 coaching, group workshops, and (HOPERFULLY)
Read More!
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