What Do You Truly Want…and Why?

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately in order to explore my spirituality (especially when it comes to those old money fears that tend to creep up every so often).

I was recently recommended the book “Leveraging the Universe” by Mike Dooley and since I’m always up for a good read I ordered it on Amazon right away. I’ve been reading a few pages every day before bed/whenever I get some down time so I can truly savor it without rushing through.

This morning at the coffee shop I read through the chapter on “Charting your course” and the author had us answer the question, “What do I want?” Not what should you want. Not what should you do. Not what should you be when you grow up. Just what you want / what you truly want to do. Pure and simple.

I honestly had never thought of that question in such a simple way. Instead, I always clog it up with dozens of questions like “But how will I get there?” “But what do you mean?” “Like in real life or fantasy life?” “By when?” In reality, when you push … Read More!

Live Healthier, Win Sweet Prizes: Enter Source 4 Women’s “We Dare You” Summer Sweepstakes

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As you know, I’m a huge advocate for taking simple, small steps toward living a healthier lifestyle. (There isn’t anything wrong with taking baby steps. In fact, I encourage it!) I’m especially a fan when there’s sweet prizes involved! That’s why UnitedHealthCare’s new Source4Women campaign–“We Dare You”— totally caught my eye.

Every month, from now until January 2014, the team will be crafting a new challenge, “daring” participants to share a related photo of how they’re staying healthy. While their initiative launched in July, this month’s dare is to “Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet.”

To enter the challenge (and get your chance to win a brand new KitchenAid Mixer), all you need to do is share a photo of a fruit or veggie you’ve added to your diet! Did I enter too? You bet I did! I shared a pic of my favorite summer vegetable of late…

You guessed it…KALE!

This crisp leafy green is a nutritional powerhouse! It’s packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & K, fiber and iron. Leafy greens like kale have also been known to naturally reduce inflammation, act as a decongestant, boost heart health, and detox the body. Talk … Read More!

Now Announcing The 21-Day “Little Black Dress” Summer Shape-Up with Healthy Chicks!

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Sweat, Smile & Dance Your Butt Off: Try Zumba at The Z Spot Boston

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I try to live a pretty balanced life (as much as I can). I eat clean foods that make my body feel really good, but also indulge in the occasional burger and the more-than-occasional glass of red wine with dark chocolate. I love running & signing  up for local races, but I also enjoy going on long walks with The Boy or my girlfriends just to catch up. I’m known to ask a million questions and “talk too much,” but I’m also a really great friend and a darn god listener. I’m not a “vegetarian” nor am I a “meat-eater.” I adore the fast-paced, buzzing city-living in Boston, but my roots are back home on our family’s lake-house in CT. I’m a little bit of everything… the best of both worlds.

sweetgreen, the super-sweet company I work for here in Boston (if you don’t know of ’em yet you need to visit their site ASAP), believes in this concept of balance but also takes it one step further. They say that true greatness happens when passion and purpose intersect. Passion x Purpose. Passion meets purpose.  My list includes writing x inspiring others, connecting x making people feel better, eating … Read More!

Do You Need to Re-think Your To-Do List?

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Last week, I was meeting with one of my clients talking about goals, dreams and all that good stuff. I really like to get deep inside the eyes of my clients to find out what drives, motivates, and really lights them up. When we got to the part where we discussed any blockages or things getting in the way from living the life of her dreams, she simply said “My weight.” In fact, “Lose weight” was at the top of every to-do list she had ever created for herself.

I then asked her what she’d be doing, eating, living, seeing, being if her weight was not a factor in living the life of her dreams. I soon found out that not only was her weight holding her back from being comfortable in her clothing, but it was preventing her from doing things she truly loves like connecting with people on a deeper level, taking zumba classes and being truly happy in her own skin.

That right there was a huge wake up call, one that she needed to see. One that we all need to see every once and a while. So what did I have my client do? … Read More!

Monday Inspiration: What Nourishes Your Mind, Body & Soul?

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Do you know what nourishes you, you know those things that truly fill your soul & makes you feel your very best self? This is likely not a question you ask yourself very often, but I encourage you to do so.

So often, we eat what we’re told are the “right” foods to eat, do what we believe we “have” to do, and think the way we’re expected to think. I challenge you to stop right there and look beyond the expectations and rules we have for ourselves. Truly look within and ask yourself point blank: What makes me feel nourished?

Then take things a step further by writing it out:

These are the foods that nourish my body…

These are the activities that nourish my soul…

These are the thoughts that nourish my mind…

What came up for you? I encourage you to take a good, hard look at your list and fill yourself up with those things that nourish you most.

Here’s a hint: when we fill our life up with nourishment, we no longer need to use food/drugs/self sabotage/fill in the blank to “feel better.” That’s why talking about food is only a portion of my … Read More!

Friday Flashback: Why Confidence Plays a Role in Your Weight Loss Journey

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Good afternoon lovely ladies, and Happy Friday! This week’s Friday Flashback has to do with something that’s  been on my mind a lot lately: confidence.

To me, confidence means trusting your inner self to guide you & feeling certain that things will work themselves out. It’s knowing that, even though things aren’t perfect just yet, everything is going to be OK.

Often times, confidence gets a bad rap, mistaken for cockiness or being arrogant. But today I’m going to talk about the other end of the spectrum…when you let your confidence (or lack there of) hold you back and prevent you from living your greatest potential.

Back when I was dieting and in a pretty messed up relationship with the scale, my confidence level was about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 100. While I went about my day all smiles pretending everything was “perfect,” in the inside I was struggling.

I felt unhappy with my weight, weighing myself 2, 3, 5 times a day hoping that a drop in numbers would make me truly happy, only it didn’t. Every time the scale went up a pound, my confidence (and self-worth for that matter) would take a … Read More!

Healthy Chicks Beach Essentials (Plus a Food Should Taste Good Giveaway!)

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Good afternoon ladies! Hope you are all having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. Since this past week was chock-full of events for me, I’m making sure to squeeze in some quality R & R this weekend. That being said, I do have a trip to the beach with some friends planned for tomorrow afternoon to ring in the holiday. I lieu of Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to share with you my top 10 Beach essentials!

Healthy Chicks Top 10 Beach Essentials

1. A bottle of natural sunscreen like Alba Botanica for both body & face

2. A big eco-friendly bottle of water (that you can re-fill while there!)

3. A super cute, extra-large beach towel

4. Some good tunes – bring a radio or load your iPod up with beachy tunes like this song!

5. Fresh pre-sliced fruit like strawberries, watermelon and pineapple! (P.S. Did you know both watermelon & pineapple are great for reducing  belly bloat?)

6. Your best friends / people who make you laugh and feel your very best self!

7. GAMES! (a frisbee, deck of cards, football, and ping pong  paddles all work nicely)

8. Raw nuts (My faves are almonds and walnuts)

9. … Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community: An Outdoorsy, Pizza-Loving, Grad Student (Aka My Sister)

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Good evening ladies! Hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently away on a family vacation at Clearwater Beach, FL and am soaking up every minute of it: the seafood (seriously, the Grouper is phenomenal!), the 86-degree weather, the sunshine, beach runs, pool-side drinks). I’m super excited to announce this week’s feature on Healthy Chicks in the Community as she’s someone who is very close & special to me. That is, my younger sister of course. I’ll let Krista take it from here!

NAME/AGE: Krista /24 in a little over a week!


PHOTO TAKEN: Waterville Valley, NH (Welch and Dickey hike)

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: I’m finishing up grad school to be a speech-language pathologist and am hoping to start a job this fall in the rehabilitation setting. I particularly enjoy working with patients with aphasia, which is a language disorder that can occur after someone has a stroke or other type of brain injury. Many people with aphasia cannot say what they want to say or understand what others say, and I help them to communicate again!

NUMBER ONE PASSION: I really love helping people, and find happiness working with people with aphasia.

I FEEL … Read More!

Play More, Stress Less (And Perhaps Lose a Few Pounds Along the Way)

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Remember when you were a little girl and everything revolved around playtime? From make-believe weddings to Polly Pockets, fort-building to dream-building, a day never went by without a good dose of play, imagination and fun.

I still remember how trying to get my sister and I to sit down for family dinners was a job in itself. We’d be running around free outside (catching fireflies, building forts, or sharing secrets) and that ever-so-recognizable dinner bell meant playtime was tragically over. We’d even take mini breaks throughout our meals to skip, laugh and goof around.

The thing was: we weren’t even really that hungry. You see, we’d “fill up” on other things in life (you know, the precious things like love, hugs, laughter, and movement) that we didn’t “need” food to fill us up. In other words, as children, we didn’t rely on things like lasagna, Vodka Tonics and ice cream to make us feel better. Sure, mom’s  meals tasted delicious (and she’d surely try her hardest to get us to finish our broccoli “trees”) but we didn’t need food to make us happy.

As adults, so often we use and abuse food to fill some other type of void in … Read More!

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