Soul Sisters Island Getaway: An Empowering Day of Yoga, Journaling, Crafting & Bliss

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This past Saturday, Kelley & I hosted our first Soul Sisters Day Retreat. Destination? Spectacle Island. For those of you who don’t know, Soul Sisters is a monthly retreat for women looking to escape the city, reignite their passion and re-connect with their soul’s truth.

Our first official retreat (away from the city!) could not have gone any better, and I think I can speak for anyone who was there that it was purely magical. The theme of our mini island getaway was empowerment & bliss, and we let that shine through in everything we did throughout the retreat.

Here’s a quick recap of our beautiful day:

11 a.m. The women joined us at Long Wharf to check-in and meet everyone. Upon arrival, they were given energy squares from Organic Living Superfoods and an organic, cold-pressed juice, courtesy of Cocobeet! Big thank you to Onur from Cocobeet for keeping us hydrated & rejuvenated all day long…my favorite juice was Green Genes, but other creative hits were Kickstart, Watermelon Quench, Forbidden and Black Rose. I think it’s safe to say the snacks were a huge hit! We also gifted the ladies vegan lip balms from Hurraw! Balm (my absolute fave) … Read More!

5 Healthy Finds I’m Loving Right Now {Beauty, Fitness, Wellness, Fashion + Food}

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Well, it’s officially Daylight Saving Time, and I’m praying/hoping/dreaming that we really do indeed “spring ahead.”

But in the meantime as I continue to freeze my butt off, share Ubers with strangers to work, and recoup from the Boston Blizzards of 2015, I’ve also been having a lot of fun navigating some new + exciting healthy finds. Hey, when the weather gets rough, spend your paycheck on things that are good for your health. Am I right or am I right? Hey, at least it makes things seem a little sunnier! Below are my latest obsessions.

BEAUTY FIND: Love Lettuce Face Mask, LUSH, $6.95

Last week while visiting my lovely friends at LUSH Cosmetics, I was given a tub of their “Love Lettuce” fresh face mask. Made with natural, soothing ingredients like lavender, almond oil, and honey, this mask is intended to give dull skin a renewed glow while balancing oily t-zones.  The product also contains ground almonds for an all-natural exfoliating effect!

Since my skin can be on the sensitive side, I tested it out on my nose and neck last night and fell in love. I can’t wait to try it out on my entire … Read More!


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but why aren’t you feeling in the holiday spirit?

Are you feeling stressed out to the max?

Hung-up about your body?


Are you finding yourself ordering takeout 5 days of the week?

Milking that snooze button a little more than you should?

Skipping the gym…because PJs just seem a little more enticing?

I’ve got a secret for you: you’re not alone.

There’s been a lot of talk lately on feeling those winter blues (er, pre-winter blues to be exact).

So I’ve been busy brewing up a fun, interactive wellness challenge for y’all! That’s right, the 21-Day Winter Blues “Get Healthy + Happy” Wellness Challenge: Ring in the holiday season feeling happy, sexy and confident in your own skin!*

The challenge will begin on Monday, December 1st (right after Thanksgiving weekend), and includes:

  • Daily dose of positivity sent straight to your email (even better than your morning latte!) with clear action-steps to implement right away for the 21 days.
  • Access to private Facebook group to hold one another accountable – I’m a firm believer that the main reason we don’t follow through is because we
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In Review: Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill

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This past month, the lovely people from Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill gifted me with a club membership. Since I had an amazing experience when visiting their space downtown, I was ecstatic to give their new club a try.

Chestnut Hill is totally blowing up lately with healthy offerings! Plus it’s close enough to my Brookline apartment for me to easily commute via public transportation.

The Amenities

Upon walking in, as expected, I was in awe of how beautiful the space was. The locker rooms alone deserve a separate post in itself! They have everything you could possibly need post-workout from lotion to hair dryers to deodorant. Their showers have all the essentials including razors, shaving cream, and high-end yummy smelling shampoos & conditioners. I absolutely adore the brand of beauty care they use by (MALIN + GOETZ) utilizing natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

Not to mention the roomy sauna and eucalyptus-infused steam room that totally blew my mind! I won’t lie: one day I took the trip just to give myself a mini “spa day” at the Sports Club/LA women’s locker room that is. In my defense, I was feeling a little stuffed up … Read More!

Now Announcing The 21-Day “Little Black Dress” Summer Shape-Up with Healthy Chicks!

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Healthy Chicks in the Community Week 6: A Sweet Southern Spinach-Loving Gal

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Good afternoon ladies and Happy Valentine’s Day! You can check out my thoughts on Valentine’s Day & 40 Days of Gratitude Project here. But in the meantime, I’ve got this week’s spotlight for Healthy Chicks in the Community, a sweet Southern gal who hearts yoga and sweaty workouts. I’ll let Sara take it from here…

NAME/AGE: Sara, 26

BLOG/TWITTER (If Applicable): / SaraWiles on twitter


PHOTO TAKEN: Maui, Hawaii

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: Corporate Event Planning

NUMBER ONE PASSION: Spreading love and happiness

I FEEL MY HEALTHIEST SELF WHEN I AM: Sweating lots and eating good, clean foods.

BUT I AM ALSO A REAL GIRL & SOMETIMES: I eat copious amounts of cheese. I.LOVE.CHEESE.

TOP THREE KITCHEN STAPLES: Spinach (I throw it in everything…eggs, salads, sandwiches), Olive Oil, Dark Chocolate.



FAVORITE COMFORT FOOD: My mom’s creamed spinach topped with Vermont sharp white cheddar.

MESSAGE YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE WITH OTHER HEALTHY CHICKS: Know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a happy, healthy lifestyle. Read wellness blogs, learn healthy recipes, and try new workouts. Slowly, you’ll find … Read More!

A Surprise Discovery: My Vision Board from Teenage Times

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This afternoon, while flipping through some old books, I discovered a little folded up piece of white-lined paper. When I began to open it, I got shivers because I immediately knew what it was: My “Vision Board” from when I was 19 or 20. While it was five or six years ago, I still remember quite vividly writing out my first ever Vision Board (which I titled My Visionary Board) while spending some QT on Fisher’s Island with my family.

If you can’t see it well, I’ll paint you a little picture for you:

Top Left: Photos of magazines, books, money, pens and paper with my name written in the byline of said books/magazines

Top Right: Me behind a table that says “Health Co.” I wrote above “Office in Boston.”

Middle: Me with Tall, Handsome Stranger with the words “happy & loving” over myself and “funny, handsome, sweet & spontaneous” over tall man

Bottom Left: Photo of me in a pony tail running with a water bottle, in which I wrote “Me at 140 lbs. calm, happy, healthy & in shape.”

Bottom Right: Photo of me with an apple, banana and women around me with the words “helping Read More!

SPECIAL FEATURE: My Stylist Marcus – All Natural, Organic Hair Care Guru in Boston

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“All around the hair is healthier, I’m healthier and my clients are healthier.”

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Marcus Sederstrom, the face behind My Stylist Marcus, at Salon Red on Newbury Street. With his impeccable style and witty charm, Marcus may seem like an ordinary Boston stylist at first glance.

However, once the conversation begins to flow, one realizes that there is quite the story behind that charm. While Marcus has been in the hair industry for 15 years, he just recently came back from a five-year leave while battling Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system).

During recovery, Marcus realized that he desperately missed his days as a stylist and interacting with clients, but didn’t want to work in an environment filled with toxins and chemicals all day long. Right then and there, he decided he needed to make some changes for his health, and his clients’ health.

Now Marcus proudly provides his clients with natural, certified organic cleansing, styling, color and even keratin treatments. “It’s the cleanest of the greenest products available,” he said with a smile. “All around the hair is healthier, I’m healthier and my clients are healthier.”

While describing … Read More!

7 Healthy Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit (& Burn Some Cals)

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The other day, I went to the Prudential Center to tackle some Christmas shopping. When I came out with nothing but some makeup for myself and a couple trinkets for my family, I was a little bummed. Of course, I was happy with my new Sephora goodies, but for all the efforts I went through in the mall, you’d think I’d at least get to cross off half of my Christmas list. Yes, I said efforts…my trip to the mall was more of a workout than a shopping spree. From dodging moms with strollers to running around like a mad woman (I was sweating after just 20 minutes of shopping), my annual Christmas shopping felt like 60 minutes on the treadmill. “Welp, guess I don’t have to work out today,” I said joking to a friend. But really, maybe I was right. With a little research and a little help from Health Discovery’s calorie calculator, I learned that many of our holiday activities are actually burning lotsa calories. So what I’m sayin’ is if you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen all day baking double-fudge brownies, skip that cardio and do a little butt toning instead ; ).

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Tame Holiday Stress the Healthy Way

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[don’t be a Grinch!]

As I’m sitting here in my cozy apartment with a “Warm Baked Apple” candle lit listening to Christmas tunes, I couldn’t agree more with Andy Williams when he said, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I’m absolutely obsessed with the season, and kind of turn into an overly happy, overly energized, overly joyous Santa’s elf around this time. I’m one of those girls who wants to listen to Christmas music 24/7, decorate the apartment with snowflakes and pretty tinsel, and glitter-ize everything! 

So I guess I don’t understand that when I go to the mall I see so many grinches out there. Mothers screaming at their children, people fighting with sales clerks and billions of people walking around with the most scary looks on their faces. What gives? It’s the holiday season, after all! SMILE! But I get it…I really do. While the holiday season brings lots of joy to many, it can also be quite stressful. After a trip to the mall, it’s very tempting to want to pound a few spiked ciders or vodka on the rocks. But let me tell you: that’s not the answer. 

That’s why I went out and … Read More!

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