Hump Day Lesson, Feel-Good Music and a Shopping Giveaway

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Is this week going by slowwwww for you? Do you need a little pick-me-up?

Don’t worry; I’ve got a song for you.

Seriously. Simply press play. Not only does this lil ditty remind me of the scene in one of  my favorite movies, “My Girl”, but it also never fails to put a smile on my face.

Oh, and if you want another excuse to smile, check out my giveaway on yesterday’s post if you’re a Boston gal. I’m giving away a pair of FREE tickets to Boston Event Guide’s ladies’ day out event this weekend: Shop & Talk.  Cheers!

What helps you make it through the week? Any tricks of the trade to share with the group? Read More!

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: On Bringing out Your Inner Barber

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The other day when I was at work, I got a text from my boyfriend saying, “Feel like trying to cut my hair this week sometime? If you screw up, we can just buzz it.”

Cut his hair? First of all, how is he trusting me with that kind of thing? Second of all, me cutting hair? HA. Just because my mom owns a hair salon does not mean I have the special skills.

I thought about it for a second, then responded, “Suuureee, with a scissor or a buzzer?” “Both,” he threw right back at me. A few minutes and a few texts later I was signed up to cut my man’s hair. This could go really good, or really bad I thought. Plus, if I screw up it’s me who would have to deal with the heinous mess I had the ability to create. That’s the difference between guys and girls. I would NEVER, NEVER trust the boyfriend (nor anyone but my mom & a few others for that matter) with my precious locks.

Fast forward a few days and I was standing in his apartment bathroom with a clipper, scissors and a few combs. I was about … Read More!

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: On Girls in the Bathroom

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The other day I told my boyfriend that I had a stomach ache, probably due to the fact that I can’t, um, go to the bathroom in his apartment. “WHAT?! That’s not good!” “But it’s gross,” I added. “Plus you only have one bathroom so you’d know,” I added. He started cracking up, and told me that I was crazy and that there is spray for that kind of stuff. He then asked what I’d ever do when I’m married and I simply replied, “That’s gonna suck.” What can I say, I have problems sh*tting where I don’t live.

But what I loved most about the conversation was that he was not grossed out in the least bit. In fact, he encouraged it and told me he’d “cheer me on” because it’s a health issue. HA. I hate those guys that think girls poop out sparkles and always smell like sugar and cupcakes and goodness. NOT TRUE buddies. In fact, we have bodily needs just as much as men, and it’s detrimental to our health not to let them out freely.

Next time I’m stuck in one of those, er, situations, I’m going to try to remember that, and maybe … Read More!

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: On Coping With Valentine’s Day

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Let’s be honest: some people loath Valentine’s Day, and some people love it. Single ladies usually hate the damn day (I know, as I was one of them for 23 straight years). I even cried in 5th grade because the boy I had a crush on gave a Valentine to my best friend and not me. Then in college I had to watch all of my roommates get serenaded with balloons, roses, and fancy dinners as I sat there alone. Valentine’s day SUCKED BALLS and let me tell you all that advertising and lovey dovey stuff in the stores didn’t help one bit. Seriously…what are they trying to do to the singles out there?

This will be the first Valentine’s Day I’ll celebrate with a boy…who I actually really like. Gee, I feel like I’m in Elementary School all over again. While I am super duper ecstatic, I still feel for all those V-Day haters. C’mon I was one of them for my entire life…a gal doesn’t forget. BUT luckily I’ve discovered a way for BOTH singles and couples to enjoy the red & white day of love. Love shmuv. This has nothing to do with boyfriends or dates or … Read More!

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: When NOT to Say “I Love You”

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The L word has been flowing around everywhere lately…maybe it’s the Valentine’s Day season or something in the air but I’m telling you it’s EVERYWHERE. And unfortunately, lots of these L Bombs have been dropped on accident. EEK! Take the girl on the Bachelor the other night for example – I think her name is Chantal – who said “Everything you do just makes me love you even more…I mean…oops.” AWKWARD.

Then there was my roommate who recently said “I love you poopsie” to the guy she just started dating after he took care of her while throwing up. That was another one of those “oops” moments. Luckily he told her to shut up and go back to bed (phew). I have another roommate in college who used to throw it out there to anyone and everyone, even the mailman or strange studdy buddy from her German class. Sometimes it just comes out. So take this lesson with open ears, and try to stick with “I like you a lottttt” until you really mean it.

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Hump Day and Playing Hooky

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Yesterday my roommate and the guy she’s dating called in sick to work so they could spend the day bumming around together. I immediately applauded them for their genius decision. Seeing two young professionals who work their asses off all. the. freakin’. time take one day to themselves made me smile inside. As hard-working adults who have lives, I feel we need to play hooky more often. Life is too short to make it all about work, after all.

Do you ever play hooky? What would you do on your “sick day”? Read More!

Hump Day Mood Enhancer

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Seriously…seriously. I am real, live proof – yes, even though you can’t actually see me – that this remedy works time and time and again. Yesterday in particular it worked perfectly. You see, I had a lot on my mind so instead of panicking or sulking, I booked it to the gym for some intense cross training followed by steam room (the workout part). Hello, endorphins! I was feeling goooood. 

Then my roommate came home, who is going through some very tough times right now. So instead of “talking about it” and making her even more upset, I suggested my #1 cure – Sex and the City ‘sodes! Within a few minutes, she was smiling and laughing again, and my mind was off all the bad things and on to “What is Carrie wearing?” and “How does Samantha do that?” (The Sex & The City segment) 

After a couple hours of that, and some homemade dinner, I dabbled in some dark chocolate chips. Can you say yum? These puppies enhance my mood the second they enter my mouth…every single time. So go ahead, eat some chocolate; it won’t kill ya! (The chocolate bit). 

Alas, after all … Read More!

Happy Hump Day and How to Handle a Blizzard

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Seriously ladies. I woke up to this blizzard…

But since I’m training for a half marathon, I didn’t want to skip my run so I decided to trek to the gym. Little did I know, I should have waited it out an hour or two after the stairs and the road had been walked on. The snow was UP TO MY KNEES, nearly TWO feet (I couldn’t even see the staircase). But I hiked through it anyway, stumbling and falling my way to the gym. Eek. 

Now, fortunately there are footprints so fellow gym-goers can make it there easy, breezy and pain-free. 

Enjoy your snow day ladies…if you’re from New England that is! 

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Hump Day Lesson of the Day (For Yesterday)

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Oops. All day yesterday, I thought it was Thursday and therefore totally forgot to do my Hump Day Wednesday post. Therefore, since yesterday was Thursday in my mind, today I will pretend it’s Wednesday over here at Healthy Chicks. Alas, here is your Hump Day Lesson of the Day:

Seriously, their wine selection is pretty darn good, and may I add extremely cheap. Yesterday my sister enjoyed a lovely glass of a Trader Joe’s brand California Cabernet. It paired perfectly with our sharp cheddar cheese paired with Onion & Chive seeded crackers. Yum. 

That being said, you should feel embarrassed accidentally spilling your roommate’s wine glass and getting red wine all over your white chairs. Oops, my bad. Guess I’m more of a light weight than I thought. 

So, Happy Hump Day (Just pretend it is for me, OK?) Read More!

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: How to Avoid an Awkward Massage

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I’ll forever ask for a female masseuse from now on in result of what happened to me at this time last year. I was about 20 minutes into my massage session with Justin (we’ll call him Justin), my first ever male masseuse. At this time, Justin began working on the left side of my lower back. Mind you to set the scene, my arms were dangling over the side and I was on my stomach at this point. Everything felt great and was going just fine, when I suddenly felt something against my hand. 

“Huh? What is that?” I said to myself. “His hand? No, no, it’s not his hand. Both his hands are on my back.” That’s when it hit me. Justin had a massive boner, and it was pressing against my poor dangling left hand. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. He obviously knew he was aroused. Was he embarrassed? Did he mean to rub it against me hand? Yikes, this is uncomfortable.

I brushed it off without saying anything, but at the end of the massage when Justin walked me out and handed me his business card, I just couldn’t bring myself to look him … Read More!

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