Hump Day Lesson of the Day

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Ladies, I am serious with this one so listen up. Last week, my roommate had to make a turkey for a work party, but she had the slightest idea how, so she asked roommate #2 to do all the work for her. Well all the sudden 2 a.m. rolls around (the time the turkey was supposed to be taken out of the oven) and I hear a bunch of Shit, Fu*k, Shit!s coming from the kitchen. I figured the turkey fell or got a little burnt, but then it happened. The fire alarm started going off and this heinous horn like sound followed shortly after. Indeed, we had set off the entire building’s alarm. I opened my door and couldn’t even see because our apartment was so smoky. Apparently, the grease had overflowed the pan getting into the oven, starting a mini fire and then smoking up our pint-sized apartment. 

Soon enough, the fire trucks were on their way. The best part? Five macho firemen come busting through our apartment doors expecting to save the day and come to the rescue…axes and gear in hand. Little did they know there was no fire at all, just a bunch of confused, … Read More!

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