Monday Inspiration: On Starting Over

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I used to think that starting over was impossible — it seemed completely out of my reach.

If I over-indulged for a weekend in college, I’d punish myself for being “bad” and “ruining” my diet by starving myself and stuffing my face with sugar-free, low-cal crap.

And if I made a mistake, chose the wrong path or felt “stuck” in a life I didn’t love, I’d think there was nothing I could do about it. This is just how it is. It’s “too late.”

I now know it’s never too late to start over & create the life you want for yourself. With this new mindset, I’ve left jobs that didn’t feel right to me, let go of a toxic “relationship” that was draining me, broke up with the scale, and released the thoughts “I can’t.”

By doing so, I have found a career path that makes me stay up late at night feeling inspired, I know what real love feels like, I have developed a healthy & fun relationship with food and I now tell myself “I can do it” as much as possible.

You see, it truly is never too late. Your life is like a blank … Read More!


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Last night, I was reading the latest issue of Boston’s Natural Awakenings magazine and stumbled upon this quote by author Melody Beattie: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”

What a beautiful reminder to be thankful for what we have, and stretch yourself to find the beauty in the little things. I think we can all work on finding a little more gratitude, no matter what the circumstance.

This past week, I had been bumming out about money. While it would have been pretty sweet to have won the powerball, I reminded myself that money does not buy love. It does not bring happiness, peace or even success. It’s just a thing.

While there are many wealthy people out there who are successful and brilliant, there are an equal number of people who are are living by the week who are just as successful and brilliant.

So today, I want to express my gratitude for those things … Read More!

21 Itty Bitty Summer Pick Me-Ups to Boost Your Mood

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It’s summertime and the sunshine is beaming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling so sun-shiny inside. Even the cheeriest of us have those days where we could use a little extra boost. Here are 21 little ways to brighten up your mood this summer. Feel free to add your own in the comments section!
  1. Squeezing in a little extra time with those friends that make you extra cheery
  2. Reading booklets, magazines and articles packed with inspirational quotes like the one above which is from an IIN magazine
  3. Escaping to the beach for a sun-kissed afternoon
  4. Getting out of the house/apartment & going for a long walk
  5. Shutting down all sources of technology (yes, that includes your iPhone!)
  6. Avoiding Facebook & twitter stalking for a day, and living your life rather than comparing it to others (think: I’m so jealous all my friends are at this party except me! I can’t believe she’s engaged! Her job is my dream job! Life is so unfair!) Try to remember there’s always another side to every person’s story…
  7. Reading a steamy summer romance novel
  8. Signing up for a 5K, 10K or half marathon in your area like the UnitedHealthcare Half in the beautiful
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Quotable Sunday: Making Changes

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I used to be one of those girls who would flow through life settling. I settled on a long-term toxic “relationship” in college that was going no where because I was too afraid to say what I really wanted: a real relationship. I settled on a few entry level jobs after college, until I I realized I had much more potential than sitting at a desk in a position I loathed.

Worst part? Not only did I settle, but I’d complain about it. I want a boyfriend. Why isn’t he calling me back? I hate my job. I need more money. Why am I not making more money? Why is life so hard for me? Why am I having the worst luck? Wah. Wah. Wah.

And then I realized, while it may be difficult at times, things are really pretty simple. We are all in control of our own lives, and ultimately play a huge part in our own destiny. Therefore if you are unhappy in one area of your life (be it financial, personal, etc) then make a change. Maybe that means letting go of a relationship that isn’t working, or asking your boss for a raise or … Read More!

Quotable Sunday: Paint Your Own Story

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{words to live by when you’re feeling ‘blah’ via Pinterest}… Read More!

Quotable Sunday: Dream Big

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How many of you tend to let your dreams and envisions for your “ideal life” get the best of you at times? Well, trust me you are not alone. You know what they say, we all want what we don’t have. But what about stopping to think once in a while what you do have. And not in the cliche kind of way. Of course, we are all grateful to have food on our plates, some sort of family and a roof over our home.

I’m talking about the things we have that we don’t realize we have; the things that were once merely on our “want” list.

I personally tend to think about the “what ifs” and the “dont’s” from time to time, primarily when it comes to the oh so scary future, financial issues and career opportunities. However, whenever I find myself getting like this I try to remember that many of the things I now have (a loving boyfriend I wouldn’t trade for the world, a happy & healthy relationship with my body, a super cute North End apartment) were once on my “want” lists.

You see, many of those hopes and dreams from months/years/decades ago are … Read More!

Love is…

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I found this quotable image today on Pinterest, and thought it was absolutely fitting for today. After all, it is the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, you know that day of love. It was interesting reading how other people filled in the blank “Love is…”

Such as…

“Like heaven but it hurts like hell”

“a moment that lasts forever”

“that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”

“hard work”

I’m sure all of us embody different definitions of what that four letter word means. Whether we are single or taken, a college senior or a senior citizen, heartbroken or passionate, love is a powerful thing and has a certain meaning to each and every one of us. So I challenge you to go ahead and fill in the blank. Love is________.

I shall start. Love is….

“a crazy, passionate, wild beautiful journey that makes each day a little more ‘worth it.’ It adds a lil extra spice to a bland day.”

OK, your turn. Love is…

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Quotable Sunday: On Food & Love

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You know how sometimes when you’re down, nothing can pick you up quite like a bowl of homemade chicken soup or some homemade bread? There is a reason for that! We equate food with emotions, as many times eating is more of an experience than just something we do.

And just as food can lift us up to our cheeriest selves, so can love. This week, practice sharing your love and gratitude with food. Bake some homemade, healthy muffins for a loved one, or surprise your sweetie with a cup of hot cocoa made with extra love.

Food and love are one in the same my friend, so start spreading the cheer!


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Quotable Sunday: Be Thankful for What You Have

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Good evening ladies! I hope you all had splendid, little Thanksgiving weekends stuffing your face with delicious bites, spending time with family & friends, and shopping your little hearts out. Oh, and the most important part: giving thanks. I, like many of you, sometimes to forget just how much I have to be thankful for. As humans, we tend to forget what it is that we have, instead dwelling on the negatives, the “don’ts” and the “cant’s.”

Whenever I find myself stressing (most of the time over nothing), or feeling down in the dumps, I sit back and remember all I have to be grateful for in life. From our boyfriends and spouses who love us oh so very much and friends and family who are there for us in any crisis to all our wonderful accomplishments and the food on our table, we all have many things to be thankful for every. single. day. Yes, that’s you too!

I suggest you make a list of things you are so lucky to have, so that next time you find yourself getting all Negative Nancy you have something to pick you right back up!


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Quotable Sunday: On Washing Away The Worries

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The other day, I wrote this post regarding a lesson that I learned from my yoga teacher on worrying less – something we should all strive to do. This post led to a great discussion on how all of you feel about worrying, and letting the little things go. I encourage you to leave a comment & get involved if you have not done so yet.

Anyway, since today is Quotable Sunday and all, I share with you this quote which I whole-heartedly agree with. Now whip out that chicken stock and some root vegetables, and get the ball rolling (er, the wooden spoon stirring)!

What’s your favorite worry-free remedy?


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