Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone: I’m Running New Balance’s Reach the Beach Relay!

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The past couple of months, I’ve been working on stepping outside my comfort zone in all aspects of my life.

I took part in a 5-day meditation course where I didn’t know a single sole.

I took some risks with my career….and wasn’t afraid to speak my mind.

I hosted my third New Balance Girls Night Out event in June, where I spoke in front of 75+ women.

I said no when something didn’t feel right.

And I said yes to running Reach the Beach on September 18th.

Yup, you heard that right!

What is Reach the Beach, you ask?

It’s a 200-mile relay race, starting in the Bretton Woods ski area and ending at Hampton Beach. A traditional team is made up of 12 runners, where each teammate runs 3 legs of the relay.

The funny part is my dad has been running this race for years, and I’ve just never mustered up the courage to try it myself. But what better time than now?

I won’t lie; when New Balance first approached me about this exciting opportunity, a part of me wanted to say “No.” “I’m too busy.” “Maybe next year.” “I’m not quite ready.”

But I … Read More!

GNO Recap: Self Expression + Freedom to Be Fit

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This past Tuesday, I helped host the third (and final!) GNO Celebration in Boston this summer as part of New Balance’s Girls Night Out Campaign.

The theme this time around was Self Expression: Freedom to Be Fit. You can read all about my thoughts on self-expression in my blog post over here. I think this was my favorite themes yet as I’m all about encouraging women to express themselves (be it through fitness or creativity) while discovering what works for YOU and your body. After all, what works for me may not work for you or your best friend (which I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before on the blog).

In honor of the theme, each woman was able to choose their own workout for the evening: an outdoor spin with Flywheel, a signature bootcamp with Equinox or a fun 3-mile run. I helped organize and plan the 3-mile fun run (using the GNO Meetup tool), which we dubbed “Freedom Fighters Fun Run Plus.” The run was definitely hot (in the low 90s) but our group had a blast cheering one another on and stopping along the way for pics!

After sweating it out, … Read More!

Back Into Running: New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Review + Giveaway

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It’s no secret that it’s been a really rough winter for us New Englanders; I honestly don’t remember a time with this much snow in years! That being said, I still love to stay active & keep my body moving through yoga, spinning, zumba and various indoor group fitness classes.

Unfortunately because of the temps, I’ve let one of my all-time favorite workouts fall by the wayside: running. And try as I might to fall in love with the treadmill, it’s just not really my thing.

I need the outdoors. The fresh air. The people. The nature. The sunshine. And I know outdoor winter running is possible with proper gear and all, but I just wasn’t doing it.

So when the lovely folks at New Balance sent me a pair of their brand new Fresh Foam 980 running shoes, I took it as a sign to go back to my running roots & get back into it. (This was also around the same time as Chestnut Hill True Runner’s “Ladies’ Night Out,” where I bought a new running headband, socks and some other apparel.) Running Rachel was about to make a comeback!

I was super excited when the sneakers arrived … Read More!

Happy April: 8 Things to Smile About Right Now

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Happy April friends! Hope you’re all off on a great start to your month. On the first of the month, I always head straight over to Susan Miller Astrology, as her monthly horoscope forecasts are always spot on for me. I’m telling you…it’s wild!

I know it’s April Fool’s Day and all, but I’ve got nothin’ but love for you over here on Healthy Chicks today. If you’re suffering from those painful Monday Blues (or are still recovering from a prank-gone-wrong) I’ve got 8 things that should bring a smile to your face!

1. It’s officially flip-flop season: I live in these little gems, and have all colors from black to pink to flower-patterned. Any temp over 50 degrees is flip-flop worthy to me. I wear them to yoga, around the house, grocery shopping and even on lunch breaks. Seriously jeans (or yoga pants), a tee and some cute flops are my spring “thing.”

2. Iced Coffee: I’ve cut waayyyyy back on the caffeine, but nothing beats an iced coffee with a dash of almond or coconut milk. I shall enjoy these on days I want a cool little treat and absolutely can’t wait. While The Boy is … Read More!

Why I Run & City Sports Run Club Recap (Featuring CS By City Sports Wear)

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I heart running. I love how it enables me to let go and simply be. I love how it challenges me yet comforts me at the same time. I love how it makes me sweat unlike no other form of exercise. I love how it empowers me to feel strong, beautiful and sexy (on the inside). And most of all, I love the way it makes me feel (inside and out).

From half marathons to casual strolls on the river, running and I have a very special relationship and have been together through thick and thin. As you can see, I’m pretty darn obsessed with running and all of its hidden benefits (ahem, it’s more than just burning off that piece of cake).

Since the weather finally hit 50-degress in Boston (and the snow started to melt) I figured it was finally time to join in for City Sports Back Bay’s Run Club. Plus, I was even more ecstatic to join as City Sports hooked me up with their sweet CS by City Sports gear, a new women’s line specially designed for both comfort and attraction.

I loved all the options, and find it nice to know you  … Read More!

City Sports Chestnut Hill Grand Opening Party

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This past Saturday, I was invited to celebrate City Sports’ grand opening at their new Chestnut Hill location, which also happens to be City Sports’ 30th Anniversary month. (Happy Birthday City Sports!)

While the party didn’t officially start until 10 a.m., I got there at 9 a.m. for a private media event beforehand. I coincidentally ran into another blogger friend on the way there (the adorable, super-fit Jess from Little Miss Runshine), so we walked to City Sports together. We were shocked upon arriving, as the line was already down the sidewalk! Apparently, some had been standing out in the cold for hours.

After all, the first 100 customers were to receive a City Sports goodie bag filled with giftcards and sweet giveaways from City Sports and Nike. Plus, one lucky duck would find the grand prize in their bag: a free pair of shoes each month for the entire year! (I’d take that over the Golden Ticket any day.) Oh yea, and did I mention former New England Patriot Matt Light would be making a special appearance? I don’t blame these City Sports fanatics one bit for getting up early for the event; heck I’d do … Read More!

Bra Fitting for a Cause with New Balance in Boston’s Back Bay

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Good afternoon ladies! Hope you’re all off to a healthy, happy Thursday. Random question for you: Do you know your ideal sports bra size? If you’re not quite sure how to answer the question, I was right there with you. Plus, apparently 70% of women don’t know their appropriate bra size!

So when I was invited to New Balance’s Bra Fitting for a Cause yesterday evening, I was quite intrigued. To celebrate the launch of their new NBPSYCHE Sports Bra Collection, New Balance hosted an event at their Boylston St. store, offering free bra fittings to attendees. Plus, for every woman who got fitted, they donated $10 to MA’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Upon arriving, I was given a ticket with a number to hold my place in line. (It also doubled as a raffle ticket!) As I waited for my “bra consultation,” I sipped on some white wine, nibbled on a couple apps (I really liked the mini crostini with goat cheese and eggplant) and mingled with some of the other ladies.

While waiting (and snapping pics) I also ran into two other lovely bloggers: Elizabeth from On Tap for Today and Tina from Carrots Read More!

Healthy Chicks in the Community Week 5: A Traveling, Twenty-Something Librarian

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Good afternoon ladies! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A the past couple of days. I’ve been super busy working and living, including my day trip yesterday to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. It was truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I can’t wait to update you on everything I ate, learned and did!

In the meantime, I’ve got this week’s spotlight on Healthy Chicks in the Community for you, a twenty-something who loves her veggies, traveling and lazy days spent watching New Girl. She’s also a past client of mine, who increased her energy, and reached her goal of running a Half Marathon while working with me! How amazing is that? I’ll let Courtney take it from here…

NAME/AGE: Courtney, 26

BLOG (If Applicable):

CURRENT CITY: Casablanca, Morocco

PHOTO TAKEN: Hiking in Costa Rica

WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK: I’m the elementary school librarian at the Casablanca American School in Morocco. I basically get kids excited to read books and learn!

NUMBER ONE PASSION: Traveling. I am so lucky to be living in a country that is exotic AND close to Europe.  My next trip is … Read More!

What FitFluential Means to Me: The Inside Scoop from a FitFluential Ambassador

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As I’ve mentioned before here on Healthy Chicks (and as I’m sure you can tell by the badge on the right), I am a proud FitFluential Ambassador. If you haven’t checked out the FitFluential community before, which was founded by Fitness Rockstar Kelly Olexa, I strongly suggest you do so over here.

While FitFluential is packed with an amazing group of like-minded enthusiasts sharing their passion for wellness every hour on the hour, today I wanted to share with you what “FitFluential” means to me. More specifically, my very own definition of living a “healthy lifestyle.”

Discovering an Exercise Routine that Makes you Shine

[Move100 Campaign; Photo Cred:]

Just like there is no Perfect Man for every woman, there is no perfect exercise that works for everyone. In fact, I don’t believe in rules or perfection at all.

Some live for CrossFit and Pilates, while others feel their best by doing yoga and running. Some spin 6 days a week, while others enjoy being one with nature and going for long hikes with loved ones.

The point is, it’s not going to work for you unless you enjoy it. Find the exercises that make you … Read More!


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This morning, I set my alarm clock for 6:15 a.m. so that I could squeeze in a training run before work/the Big Move.

As usual, I was inclined to hit “snooze” and simply go back to bed. However, I decided to call The Boy for a second opinion. He had been up since 5:30 a.m. to pick up the Uhaul for our move, so I knew he’d pick up.

Our convo went a bit like this:

Me: Hi Jay, I woke up to run but I kind of want to go back to bed. I’m beat. (groggy, manly half asleep voice)

The Boy: Well, you know you won’t want to run tomorrow, especially after moving all day. Right?

Me: Hmm…yea I guess you’re right.

The Boy: Plus, you always feel better after you run. Why don’t you just do it?

That right there was all I needed to hear. He was right. I do always feel better after a run, no matter how I’m feeling at the time. Running makes me feel empowered, energized, alive. It allows me to think, breathe and spend some quality time alone with my thoughts.

After I hung up the phone, I immediately threw on … Read More!

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