Yoga and Your Health: Stress Reduction, Sexuality and Other Hidden Benefits

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The other day, I came across this article “77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga” on The author split the benefits up into seven categories: health benefits within, health benefits without, emotional health benefits, body chemistry, exercise health benefits, disease prevention and symptom reduction or alleviation. I was shocked at how many different ways yoga could improve your health. Sure, I knew it was good for you, but seventy-seven health benefits? That’s pretty darn incredible.

Coincidentally, lately I’ve been working on adding yoga back into my life, my intentions being mostly for the emotional benefits. As listed in the article, these include mood improvement, calmness, mind-body connection, stress reduction, and even self-acceptance among others. And during last night’s Vinyassa yoga class, it did just that for me. I left the studio feeling at ease, happy with myself, and extremely carefree. It felt amazing.

While the emotional aspect has been the main goal to take out of my personal yoga practice, after reading this article, I’m excited to explore and learn from all of the other benefits. Did you know yoga can help improve your metabolism, improve your posture or even improve your sexualityRead More!

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