What Clients Are Saying…

“When I went to She Breathes Balance & Wellness for the first time, a dear friend bought me your deck of yumminess. I use it every morning with my 13-year-old daughter as part of our morning ritual.”

-Maria Salomao-Schmidt, Coach Me Maria


This [Spark Your Bliss deck] is my go-to gift these days. This is an incredibly powerful deck of affirmation cards which also offer mantras along with journaling exercises. I must say, I was a doubter – but once I started using them, I was surprised, excited and energized by the focus and clarity they bring every day.”

-Susan Finn, Susan Finn Online


I felt more centered and more interested in foods that service my body & mind well.” -Susan C., MA


“I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how motivating and amazing your ‘healthy’ detox plan was. I have always thought of the word detox negatively but your plan was easy and straight forward. From the guide to the recipes to meal planning, everything was easy and I did not feel intimidated at all. Your support via email and Facebook was awesome. Just to know if I was struggling or had any questions at all you were right there!!! I hope to continue to follow with my healthy eating and recipes. You have pushed me through the beginning health journey, I have never been able to follow plan by myself. I am glad I met you. This past Sunday I completed my 5th half marathon and even though the weather was horrible due to Hurricane Matthew, I nailed it due to following the plan for the past two weeks. Keep inspiring others as you did me!!!! I am so grateful to be a part of your healthy chicks tribe!!! I am honored to call you a friend. I will be telling my friends about my success!!!! I hope to be part of upcoming challenges!” -Stephanie C., MA


“Rachel was amazing to work with. Her knowledge and energy was so inspiring  Even though I know she has other clients, she made me feel like her only one. She listened to every issue I had and responded amazingly fast with wonderful advice, recipes and plans to implement. I have so much more energy and appreciation for taking care of myself after working with her. If you are looking for someone to really listen to you (judgement free) and help you with a plan to to live “zestier” life, I would highly recommend Rachel.” -Kristin C., CT

“Working with Rachel has been such a positive experience. Rachel is such a kind, caring, and creative person, who worked so hard to help me figure where I was missing balance, self-love, and confidence in my life. She was a huge support and a great teacher for me as I was beginning my journey of trying to lead a healthier and happier life. She was able to provide me with tips and tools (like recipes, activities, and journaling ideas) to help me really pinpoint what was causing my struggles with food, eating, and stress. Our sessions included a grocery store tour, where she helped me to figure out what foods I would enjoy that would still nourish my body and help me feel energized and healthy.  She also helped me figure out that I wasn’t hydrating enough and wasn’t spending time doing the exercises that really made me feel good. Just making those 2 small steps of drinking enough water and going back to spin class has made a huge difference in my life! She has taught me so many things that I still use a year and a half later, like how to build confidence in myself and how to stop waiting for things to happen in my life. I always felt like I needed to lose another 10 or 15 pounds before I would be my “best” self, and really worthy of the love and respect I saw other people getting. Rachel was so good at reading when I was holding back and figuring out how to help me be more honest about myself, why I was feeling like that, and what I could do to feel more confident as I was. I was able to make positive changes with her help that left me feeling more confident and happy with who I am, as I am. I loved how much time Rachel took to meet with me and talk with me on the phone to really figure out what I needed to feel better about myself and my choices. She was always helpful, honest, open, and a great listener. All of the activities she provided and advice she gave felt personal to me and what I needed at the time. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! -Mary A., MA

“I did the 28-day “Food Stress to Success” with Rachel in the Fall of 2013. We originally met at a lululemon health talk that Rachel was giving. I was immediately drawn to what she was saying about not feeling “guilty” when eating. This has always been an issue for me, but talking with Rachel really helped me to feel mindful when eating. I loved the exercise of eating a meal being totally “unplugged” from everything else. I actually started to think about the food I was enjoying! I would definitely recommend working with Rachel. :)” -Melissa R., MA

“When I approached Rachel of Healthy Chicks, I was seeking a way to manage my “fear” of the grocery store (crowded aisles, long lines, what to buy!?), in addition to my lack of confidence in the kitchen. Through Rachel’s 28-Day Jumpstart program, I learned how to simplify the shopping and meal preparation process, using straightforward techniques that I could implement immediately. The ideas and recipes that Rachel suggested were tailored to my busy lifestyle and taste preferences and, best of all, they were easy (“baby steps” — exactly as I requested!). I never felt overwhelmed, and Rachel guided me with humor and compassion every step of they way. Though I was not looking specifically for a weight loss program, I did notice a difference in my weight and energy level within only a couple of weeks! Bonus! Working with Rachel was one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent years.” -Jamie C., MA

“If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the journey towards self-love and becoming comfortable in your body is just that–a journey. While I’m still on that journey, Rachel gave me all the support and the tools I need to succeed and be free of a near-lifetime-long struggle with my body image.” -Erica Z., MA

“A few months ago I participated in Rachel’s “Get Happy & Healthy” Wellness Challenge. Of lately, I have started to realize the importance of watching what I eat, and less about how much I eat. My goal has been to eat less processed food and more of a variety of “natural” foods; so this challenge seemed like it would be perfect for me, as I wasn’t quite sure where to start. As I began the week, I found myself getting excited for that morning email which would clue me into my daily challenge. Although I love a good challenge, part of my excitement was due to Rachel’s encouragement and support- which she used to empower us on our daily “tasks”. By Day 2, I quickly realized that this challenge was not solely about diet. Even the days which incorporated new foods were not only about diet. Rachel immediately tried to teach us that health and wellness is not only about diet and exercise – it’s more about the “whole” you. For instance, one day of my challenge included taking a 20 minute break to myself, away from technology and the daily chaos of life. Because I tend to live a generally stressful life, I don’t always realize how much tension I carry. In just taking those 20 minutes outside, to enjoy the birds and the sun, to relax and ignore my responsibilities, I found myself at peace. This tranquility lasted me throughout the day. Not only did I have more patience for my kids, and more initiative to finish my work, I also felt happier and healthier. I also really liked how Rachel didn’t just give us new foods to try and leave us hanging. She offered up recipes and ways to use new foods, and gave us variety to choose from- knowing that people have different tastes and preferences. I would highly recommend Rachel’s programs, in particular if you are a person who is looking for well-rounded life changes (in both diet, lifestyle and attitude), as well as for people who work well with an encouraging coach- as this is where Rachel is exceptional!” -Kelsey K., CT

“I took part in Rachel’s 7-Day “Get Happy & Healthy” Wellness Challenge.  I must say, I truly looked forward to getting Rachel’s e-mails each morning—each with a new challenge.  These challenges were totally do-able and something that I found meaningful.  Rachel provided a thorough explanation of the challenge (for example, drinking hot water with lemon in the morning or eating a new green) along with a “why” (this is important because…).  So as a result I felt as though I had the means to accomplish the goal and the motivation because Rachel provided me with the knowledge of the benefits.  I learned that I have the capability to live healthier (and along with it, happier) with a few small changes that Rachel had suggested. It was never overwhelming or redundant. Rachel keeps things fresh, relatable, and fun! I would recommend this program or any similar program for someone who needs a new start, wants to learn more about food and ways to live healthier, or someone who needs a little motivation in her lifestyle.  Rachel is very flexible and appreciates how different we all are from one another.  Thank you, Rachel, for being an amazing support system, mentor, and friend!” -Jessica S., MA


“It’s been a true pleasure working with Rachel for the past year.  From attending her workshops to a full-on health coaching program, she’s made a real impact in my life. I finally understand and practice the concept of balance and have learned to be kinder to my mind, body, and soul. No longer am I afraid of fat, nor do I beat myself up for skipping a workout. She’s sincere, patient, generous, and resourceful. Id recommend Rachel to any young woman looking to achieve balance and happiness in their life!” -Sara R., MA

“I started working with Rachel with the hopes of learning a few tips and tricks to help with overall health.  What I ended up receiving was amazing support, constant motivation and a knowledgeable resource on all aspects of healthy living. Rachel is very passionate about helping others work towards a healthier lifestyle; she was nonjudgmental and truly interested which made it easy to talk about my personal health concerns.  She introduced me to different super foods I would never have tried on my own (such as kale!), encouraged me to try yoga and different group exercises that would make me enjoy exercising, and gave me tools to help manage stress of job, finances and personal life.  They were little changes, but they made a big impact on the way I felt about my health and well-being. I feel lucky to have Rachel as a health coach and friend and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change and become a Healthy Chick!” -Anna P., MA

“My experience with Rachel has been so eye-opening and extremely beneficial to my health as well as all around fun! I was curious and excited during our initial consultation call and she was extremely easy to talk to – which continued throughout my 3-month program with Rachel. I learned what food was best for my body, what types of foods to avoid, and how to enjoy eating healthy while not watching the scale. I would highly recommend working with Rachel if you have any questions or concerns with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I had been super stressed and eating horribly, and Rachel taught me to take time for myself and listen to what my body needs. Her weekly check-ins and packages were well appreciated and fantastic as well!”-Christina G., VA


“I completed the 3-month health-coaching program with Rachel at the end of June and absolutely loved it.  The two main reasons I sought Rachel out was to reenergize my diet and to get help with training, finishing and recovering from my first half-marathon and I achieved both goals!  Our many meetings and e-mails went above and beyond my expectations.  She was always prepared with new recipes, interesting articles and health tips.  She also gave me a tour of my local Trader Joes and it opened my eyes to the different choices available.  Rachel always listened to my worries and concerns about running a half-marathon and gave me the confidence to complete it.  I always felt invigorated and excited after every meeting. Also Rachel was available any time and was very flexible with schedule face-to-face meetings.  I highly recommend Rachel as a health coach for whatever you are looking for!” -Courtney M, MA

“It is rare to meet a person who possesses as much passion and dedication toward health and wellbeing as Rachel. She is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in health, nutrition, and excercise. As she continues to gain more experience, she is willing to share her knowledge with others. At a recent workshop held by Rachel called “Detox & Declutter Your Mind & Body This Spring (without dieting)”, Rachel stressed the importance of intergrating healthy spices, “super foods”, and plenty of liquids into your normal diet. She also shared many easy to make recipes and tips with the group. Rachel is extremely motivational. She believes in taking pride in one’s self and treating yourself once and awhile. I would definitely recommend Rachel as a health coach to anyone who is trying to better themselves and become a Healthy Chick.” -Jessica L., MA

Before I attended Rachel’s workshop, I always read the labels before making a food purchase. But Rachel helped me look even closer at those labels and taught me that just as important as the fat content and the grams of sugar are the ingredients. I wasn’t aware of all the unknown chemicals I was putting into my body! Also during Rachel’s workshop, I was able to identify the guilty pleasures I was indulging in far too often and she offered healthy “real” alternatives that satisfied my cravings. Since attending the workshop, I have successfully lost 25 pounds! Thank you Rachel for helping me make better choices for myself and my family! -Destiny L, MA

“I attended the workshop put on by health coach Rachel Chemerynski back in May. The two-plus hour event was informative, inspiring and fun. Rachel had a surplus of knowledge to share with us attendees, and a great assortment of delectable, homemade goodies to accompany the information. The workshop was interactive, with lots of fact sheet handouts, and tons of Q&A time. As a health coach, Rachel is extremely approachable, and created a very informal, relaxed atmosphere which was very reassuring. I learned a lot about reading nutrition labels, and going beyond the “facade” that many flashy food labels present. I left the event armed with the know-how to make healthy, informed choices in my everyday life. Months later, I still remember things that Rachel taught me, and continue to incorporate her advice into my daily food-shopping and cooking. I look forward to attending another workshop put on by Rachel, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a little (or a lot) of help tweaking their healthy lifestyle!” -Morgan G, MA

Last year I decided enough was enough and that I was going to change the way I ate but like most people had no idea where to begin. This is when I turned to Rachel Chemerynski, a life long friend, and who turned out to be the best solution. When I contacted Rachel about what I wanted to do she immediately sprang into action and helped to motivate me to make the changes I wanted to. One of the first things she did was take me on a personalized grocery store tour. Rachel spend at least two hours with me walking about the local grocery store showing me the differences in foods and the do’s and don’ts (even some little cheat foods!). I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to eat better and get in shape. She will work with you every step of the way! The amount of knowledge that I gained by just listening to Rachel was astronomical. She is extremely educated and passionate about helping others get on track to a healthy life style while at the same time motivating and supporting them. She teaches you that you do not have to be a twig to be “healthy”. On top of that she helps you to find a balance in not only your eating but also your life. Since the day we took the grocery store tour I have incorporated what I have learned into my life and she is always there for the times when I forget or start to slip up. She’s worth her weight in gold!” -Matthew S., CT



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