Quotable Monday: Let Go of Your Grievances

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This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Live Fall IINto Action Event in NYC. The event was absolutely amazing, with inspiring speakers like founder Joshua Rosenthal and mind-body expert Deepak Chopra. Throughout the weekend, we discussed everything from leadership and marketing to raw food, going vegan and the obesity epidemic in America.

One of the discussions on spirituality and faith really stood out to  me, and I’d like to share one of the quotes with you that really struck a chord.

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Quotable Sunday: On NOT Giving Up

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Happy Sunday ladies. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are enjoying this final day of relaxation. Anyway, I got to thinking this morning about goals, dreams and following through with them. All of us have dreams and aspirations for ourselves, including those magical ones we’ve had since we were five years old, and others which we develop as we go through life.

Goals and dreams are great. They keep us passionate. They keep up motivated. However, when we don’t achieve those said goals in ____ period of time, it’s easy to give up and get down on ourselves.

In these times we need to remember that, while it may be more difficult, trying just one more time is the better option. We all fall, but we need to learn to pick ourselves back up, wipe those tears and give it another go, or fight like hell for something we believe in.  After all, no one ever made it big by giving up. Next time you fall, remember that and remember this quote.

Cheers to a happy, inspirational Sunday afternoon!


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