5 Things to do Right Now!

1. Throw on a cute fall outfit:tights+boots+fall skirt+scarf=my go-to trendy fall outfit. It makes me feel fall-esque and that I love. 

2. Go buy your most favorite coffee or tea from your fave coffee shop (or have your dad buy it): My dad bought me a black pumpkin spice coffee and I added in my own chocolate soy milk to make it the perfect fall drink. Buy your perfect drink! 

3. Light a yummy fall/winter-y candle: Light up that Jack Frost candle you’ve been saving for winter, or a yummy pumpkin or apple pie scent. Your house will smell of happiness in a few minutes. 

4. Go for a long walk/run sans music: I went for a 40-minute walk this morning, and although it was a little chilly for my liking, I loved being by myself with no iPod, simply soaking up the fall scenery. Gotta love foliage!

5. Search for festivals in your area: This post is extra-short ’cause we’re about to go to the APPLE FESTIVAL! It’s an annual festival in the neighborhood I grew up in, with anything and everything fall! They’ll have apples, pumpkin butter, kettle corn, crafts and music. Sorry to cut you short but off I go : )


4 Responses to “5 Things to do Right Now!”

  1. Jenny Jen Says:

    This is the absolute cutest post ever. So motivating (as I sit here in bed contemplating getting up for yoga.)

    When I get home from it and shower I’m going to follow suit. Thanks for the motivation, as always.

  2. healthychicks Says:

    Aw thank you! Yoga sounds lovely as well. Have a wonderful fall day : )

  3. Amanda Says:

    I love this! In fact, I wrote a list of 10 things to do before 2011 for my post for tomorrow. Great minds must think alike! My favorite is the candle. I bought the Jack Frost mini candles for my bathroom and I have an assortment of fall scents around a pumpkin on my island in the kitchen. Fall is too short of a season!

  4. healthychicks Says:

    Thanks Amanda! Yes, great minds must think alike : ) Those candles are to-die-for! Sometimes I want to eat them they smell so good! hehe

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