Non BS Advice for Ringing in the New Year + Getting Sh*t done in 2016

Eff the weight loss, green juice miracle cleanses + “bikini body by spring break” diet plans. Forget about the dream job/relationship/house/life. Say goodbye to cringe-worthy resolutions, doing things you don’t want to do and burning yourself out. This New Year, it’s going to be different. It’s time to do you (rather than what the self help book said you should do).

As you mosey your way through the whole new-year-resolution-setting thing this year, take a step back and pause. Breathe. Before you go through the motions of what you’ve done in years past or what your bffs are doing, think about what it is that lights you up + makes you feel most connected to yourself.

Here are some (BS-free!) tips to get you started on living your most authentic, productive, happiest self in 2016.

1. Let go of the stuff that no longer serves you: This is a biggie. Are you someone who says yes to everyone and everything? If so, you’ve got some major detoxing to do, and I’m not talking about your diet. It’s time to take a good, long hard look at your life.

Are the people, things and events in which you fill your life up with the things that make you feel good?

Are you surrounding yourself with positive people, those that lift you up and challenge you in a good way?

If not, it may be time to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. You know, the things that suck your energy, make you feel crappy or you find yourself complaining about. It’s time to say goodbye, for good. After all, when you say no to the things that suck from you, you’re actually saying yes to yourself!

2. Prioritize your self care: You could be doing all the right things and accomplishing so much, but none of that matters if you’re not taking care of yourself. It’s time to put your wellness back on the front burner where it belongs.

Fill up with nourishing foods that make your body feel fabulous. (Learn more about how to discover your humming foods here!). Treat your body like a goddess. Take time to rest, and don’t be afraid to take naps like a little kid — they’re divine. Practice yoga + deep breathing + meditation. Book a spa day just because.

When you put you first, you’re better able to get things done + serve others. Trust.

3. Focus on what you want to bring in to your life: Now that you’ve made some progress with #1 (i.e. cleansing yourself from things that are no longer serving you) it’s time to shower yourself with the good stuff. Forget mundane resolutions, and instead focus on what it is that you want to bring more of into your life.

Confidence? Strength? Success? Passion? Clarity? Love + comfort? What do you want to attract in 2016? Hold your focus on that. I’m a firm believer that what you put out into the universe has a beautiful way of coming back to you. If goals are your thing, feel free to create an intention around this; just keep it positive + feel-good i.e. no “lose 10 pounds” BS.

4. Take baby steps: Remember, it’s not a marathon. True progress takes time, patience and a whole lot o’ passion. Instead of shooting for the stars or coming up with ludicrous goals that you know can only hold up for a week or two, start small. ¬†Why set yourself up for failure? If fitness is a big priority for you this year, start by finding a yoga studio you love, setting workout dates with your friends or coming up with a fun challenge to get the whole family involved. It’s great to think big, but also be realistic about it!

5. But don’t lose sight of the big picture (or be afraid to think big): With that said, try not to lose sight of the big picture. As you forge your way through 2016, many things are going to get thrown your way. It’s important to constantly ask yourself, “Is this in the direction of where I want to go?” “Am I truly happy?” Check in with yourself, and if you fall off track slightly, simply hop right back on and keep going!

Also note that no dream is too big. Don’t lose sight of those big ideas that get your heart pumping be it that trip to Italy or dream to open up your own business. It’s important to keep these things as constant reminders as to where you want to go; use them to drive you in the right direction and keep you motivated.

6. Stop apologizing. Seriously, I mean it. It’s time to stop apologizing for our actions now, unless of course an apology is truly due…which 99% of the time it’s not. Own you you are and be proud of that. There is no reason you need to apologize for who you are! Ever. Remember that.

7. Reflect one how far you’ve come: As you navigate your way through the new year, you’re likely going to re-set your intentions and critique yourself for the things in which you did and did not accomplish. As the months go by, be sure to also reflect on how far you’ve come thus far. You’ve accomplished a heck of a lot more than you give yourself credit! Celebrate that.

Do you enjoy new year traditions? What are the things you want to bring into your life in 2016?

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