Flashback Friday + 40 Reasons I’m Head Over Heels for Summer

Happy first day of summer ladies! The day has finally come…let the celebrations commence. I don’t know about you, but summer didn’t always bring up warm, happy, fuzzy feelings for me. In fact, it gave me a whole lot of anxiety to tell you the truth.

Pool parties, beach days, bikinis, BBQs, and heck even my birthday brought up lots of negative emotions for me. “Why can’t I have her body?” “How can I hide my ginormous, fat thighs at the beach?” “What can I do to work off all the ‘bad food’ I ate last night?” “Great…another birthday…another year…and I’m still single AND heavier than last year.”

Oh the endless guilt, self-hate and body-bashing. It was pure torture.

Once I quit dieting and began to fall in love with life, the weight started to come off, the negative emotions started to fade and I started to be a little nicer to my body.

Alas, summer has by far become my favorite season once again. Without further adieu, here are 40 reasons why summer gets my heart pumpin’!

1. Camping trips with zero makeup, zero distractions and zero drama

2. My birthday. July 5th that is. It’s a day to look back on the past year’s accomplishments and set new intentions for the year to come.

3. To go along with that — colorful fireworks, specifically fireworks on my birthday

4. Fireflies!

5. More sunshine, more vitamin D &  more playtime.

6. Fresh, green, glorious salads. (The fact that sweetgreen is opening in Boston next week means there’ll be a whole lot more of this)

7. Late-night cocktails on roofdecks

8. Long, flowy maxi dresses that make me feel pretty, comfy and free!

9. 80 degrees & sunny with a slight breeze. ‘nough said.

10. Weekend trips to our condo in N.H. filled with wine, apps, pool days & hikes

11. Sweaty, sweaty runs

12. Outdoor yoga.

13. WEDDING SEASON! I have 3 coming up & I’m pumpppedddd!

14. Fruit salad, fruit kebobs & fruit smoothies galore.

15. Perusing farmer’s markets for fresh produce, local cheese & homemade goodies

16. More romantic dates with The Boy to little hidden gems around the city

17. Charles River walks & sitting beneath the willow trees (my fave!)

18. Hot-pink, orange & purple nail polish

19. Long beach days with best friends

20. Last-minute spontaneous weekend getaways to destinations unknown

21. Pineapple + watermelon + berries oh my!

22. Sun-kissed, glowing skin

23. Iced coffee

24. Waking up earlier with the sun to start the day off on an energized, creative note

25. Less taking the T, more walking…

26. Flip flops all the time (seriously, I live in them and yes I know they aren’t the best for your feet)

27. Seafood! (some of my faves include grilled salmon, fish tacos and yes even fried calamari)

28. Date nights walking around the city with friends ending in fro-yo or gelato

29. Summer jams. Beach boys, anyone?

30. Beach hair. I’m finally starting to appreciate my naturally wavy hair.

31. Endless events & parties. ALL THE TIME.

32. Cape Cod trips…especially those that include your best friend’s bachelorette party!

33. Change. Summer is typically a season of change for me bringing fresh ideas, new insights & endless creativity

34. Homemade margaritas. On the rocks.  Preferably my cousin’s. (She makes The Best)

35. Happiness, stories, & special moments

36. Blissful trips to Fisher’s Island (an island off the coast of NY where my grandparent’s live)

37. Writing messages in the sand

38. Photos + new memories

39. Staying up late talking about life, love & everything in between

40. It’s the season for love & romance!

What do you LOVE about summer? P.S. If you’re not happy in your body & beach days + bikinis gives you anxiety, I’d love to talk with you. Schedule your FREE “Body Love” Breakthrough session today!



3 Responses to “Flashback Friday + 40 Reasons I’m Head Over Heels for Summer”

  1. Meaghan Says:

    great list! made me even MORE excited for summer. 😀

  2. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Meaghan Thanks! Happy summer to you my dear 🙂

  3. Bing Says:

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    this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date
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