20 Ways to Conquer The Winter Blues

Winter blues got you down? Between colds & flu to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes you just want to curl up in a dark hole (your bed) and throw yourself a pity party. If feeling bummed out is becoming your daily norm, don’t you fear! You just need some good ol’ fashioned pick-me-ups to get  you back on your Winter A-Game ASAP.

Here are 20 ways to snap out of the winter blues starting right now!

1. Get some sunshine (or a Vitamin D supplement): Yes, it’s true – sunshine really does make you happy! Even though it’s cold out, make it a point to get outside every day so you can soak up some happiness for yourself. Also, check in with your doctor regarding your Vitamin D levels; many of us fellow north-easterners struggle with low levels throughout the winter which can contribute to the sluggishness and general “blah” feeling.

2. Take a Cat Nap: Naps aren’t just for tots, after all! Our bodies need more rest and warmth during the winter, so there’s definitely no shame in taking an afternoon cap nat, that is if it’s not at your office desk! Aim to get enough sleep for your body, and know what works for you.

3. Start Watching a New TV Series: Start watching a feel-good television series with your roomies to heighten your moods! Whether it’s The Bachelor or reruns of Friends, choose something lighthearted that will bring out the giggles. The Boy and I have recently started watching old episodes of The Wonder Years. It’s just as good as it was 15 years ago.

4. Sip On Some Tea: Make yourself a cup of soothing herbal tea to warm you up inside. My wintertime favorites are Ginger, Chamomile and Lavender. I absolutely love Yogi Tea, as their little feel-good messages on the tea bags make my day every time.

5. Meditate on It: Start & end your day with some meditation to get clear about your intentions and feelings. Not quite sure where to start? You’re in luck! My girl Heather Waxman just released her first ever meditation album “Soul Sessions,” offering easy-to-follow guided meditations combined with her lovely voice singing to you. I can’t think of anything better.

Also consider experimenting with essential oils; grapefruit & lemon are especially uplifting!

6.  Know Your Humming Foods: Get to know the foods that make you feel your very best inside & out (those that “hum” to you) and then those foods that make you feel like crap (those that suck from you). What you eat has LOTS to do with how you feel. Learn how to get clear about these foods over on this post here!

7. Find The Exercise That Makes You Shine: Are you dragging your butt to the gym to run on the elliptical every darn night, inside thinking “I hate this!” “Why am I doing this anyway?!” It’s because this particular exercise just isn’t for you. Go ahead & explore ways to move that make you feel your BEST SELF EVER. Maybe it’s rocking out with a zumba dance party. Perhaps it’s developing a yoga practice or trying that barre class for the first time. Whatever it may be, find what works for YOU.

8. Love Yourself: Self-love is the most important kind of love in my book. If you’ve been looking outward to feel love (from other people, places or things), take a step back to look within. How can you love yourself more fully? To start, make a list of the top 10 things you like about yourself. Then keep this list in your purse or by your desk to peak at when you’re feeling particularly low.

9. Pick up a New Hobby: Always wanted to be a photographer? Take out a camera and start taking some photography lessons! Is Martha Stewart your cooking idol? Get out that apron & start baking away, baby! Find a new hobby that both inspires & challenges you, and I assure you’ll start feeling better in no time.

10. Set Your Intention for 2014: If New Year’s resolutions are stressing you out & making you want to punch people in the face, forget ’em! This year, rather than aiming to lose 10 pounds again, set an intention that is near & dear to your heart.

11. Make a Vision Board: Speaking of intentions, if you’re feeling lost & confused in life perhaps you just need to get clearer about your visions. Whip out some old magazines and a large poster board or construction paper and start visioning away. Nothing is off limits! What do you want to see more of in your life? Take a look at my Super-sized Vision Board from 2012.

12. Make a Feel-Good Playlist: Create a feel-good playlist for bluesy days! I love using Spotify to make different “albums” for different days: I have one for chilling out, one for pumping me up and several full of my fave bands. What’s on your list?

13. Hit The Mountains: There’s nothing that makes me feel quite as good as escaping to the mountains & being one with nature. Take a ski trip with your girlfriends, or give snow-shoeing a try on a weekend! Hey, may as well take advantage of this chilly weather while it lasts.

14. Cook Up Some (Healthy) Comfort Food: Whip up some healthy comfort food for you & your loved ones. Think casseroles and crockpot meals! Here’s a list from Greatist of 31 Classic Comfort Food Recipes Made Healthy to get you started. Warm, cozy foods make us feel good inside. There’s no question about it.

15. Host a Game Night: Host a game night at your place. All you need is a little Cranium, Battle of The Sexes, Pictionary, your best friends, and some wine & cheese, and it’s ON!

16. Clear Out Your Closet: Give away old clothes that don’t fit (or don’t fit your style anymore) to make room for the new. Then take yourself on a solo shopping spree, obvi!

17. Plan a Girls Night Out: When was the last time you & your girls went out…just the girls? If it’s been a while, consider planning a girls night out to celebrate your friendship! It can be a night out at the bar, a fancy dinner or even an evening in with good movies and takeout. In February, my girlfriends & I are taking a trip to sunny FL to spend some time on the beach!

18. Step On Your Yoga Mat: Yoga makes you feel better about yourself (inside & out). Do more yoga. Enough said.

19. Heat Things Up In Your Love Life: Does your relationship need a little makeover? Heat things up at home & get those sparks flying again! Kiss more. Love more. Bring on the passion.

20. Amp Up The Self Care: Make sure you are taking time for YOU & taking care of yourself. Self-care is one of the most important pieces to health & wellness. Treat yourself to a massage or simply take 30 minutes a day for you & only you.

Do you suffer from the winter blues? How do you beat ’em?

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    […] 20 Ways to Conquer the Winter Blues by Rachel – Most of the country was in record low temps, snow, and ice for a good portion of this week. Rachel offers up some ways to conquer the winter blues that you may be experiencing. I seem to be working on number 16 – cleaning out my closet. Which ones could help you? Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean ur body isn't thirsty #hydration #H2O #drinkup […]

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