10 Positive Mantras To Break Free of Diet-Obsessed Living

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or ever took a sneak peak at my About Me page, you know that healthy living didn’t come naturally to me. In fact, my entire college years were consumed of yo-yo dieting, hours and hours at the gym, “fake food” and obsession with my weight. I can’t even tell you how many tears were shed over the darn scale alone! I was unhappy, and in effect definitely unhealthy. I felt frustrated, F-A-T, alone and “not good enough.”

It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I decided to throw all of my “food rules” and restrictions out the window and actually start LIVING. At this time I also discovered yoga, running, clean eating and my secret talent for cooking. When I switched from dieting to living (and felt OK with it), everything and I mean everything began to change.

If this sounds like you, or you know someone struggling with similar issues, here are 10 mantras to repeat over and over again to start make that positive shift toward a healthier lifestyle. Because, after all, you won’t see a change in your body or your health if you aren’t OK up there first (in that beautiful little mind of yours, that is).

1. This is the body I was given. It is strong and beautiful. Embrace it.

2. No one can love me until I love myself first. Self love is the most powerful kind of love.

3. My body needs good food for energy and support. I will fuel it with wholesome, healthy goodness.

4. Just because something is sugar-free, low-cal or fat-free doesn’t mean it is healthy. Read the ingredients! Know what’s in your food!

5. Counting blessings is much more therapeutic (and fun) than counting calories.

6. I will never be truly happy if I am depriving myself. Stop doing this. For real.

7. Food is meant to be celebrated, not feared. I will celebrate and honor my  food.

8. There is no such thing as a perfect body. I choose to love up my assets and forgive my flaws. They make me ME.

9. If I am beautiful on the inside, I am beautiful on the outside. I will take care of my inside.

10. An hour of solid, blissful yoga is more powerful than running 10 hours on an elliptical machine could ever be. It’s not about the number of calories burned. It’s about how I feel.

For more information on living a vibrant, diet-free lifestyle, check out my invigorating health coaching programs or schedule a FREE 15-minute healthy lifestyle consultation with me. Life is meant to be LOVED and CELEBRATED and I want everyone who went through what I went through to know that it doesn’t need to be this way forever. YOU are in charge of your destiny and health. Sometimes, we just need a little helping hand or change in mindset. Happy weekend friends!

10 Responses to “10 Positive Mantras To Break Free of Diet-Obsessed Living”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    My junior and senior years of college were spent this way. I was SO unhappy. Now I still have work to do but at least I recognize that the scale and hours on the StepMill are not what are going to make me happy. I wish I’d had a list like this back in college. It’s great!

  2. Clair Says:

    So of course I love this because…been there, done that. It’s really stunning how many young women go through this. Self love no matter what is so important simply because we are people and deserve it…but even if your goal is to be slim and attractive, I have found that this healthy mindset is more effective anyway!

  3. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Cailtin I think a lot of women go through similar phases! I too wish someone would have told me all of this back in college, or allowed me to see things a different way! It’s totally a work in progress and you are WELL on your way girl 🙂

  4. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Clair Totally, self love is the most powerful of all! And healthy inside = a healthy outside!

  5. Kirsten Says:

    Hello! This is my first visit to your blog, but I must say, I love it!

    It is nice to have read this as my introduction to your blog. I am learning to love myself, and you have essentially provided the ten commandments of sorts. ;] It is refreshing to read your honesty.

  6. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Kirsten Welcome to my blog Kirsten, I’m so happy you stopped by! I am so glad to hear you are learning to love yourself as I know all the many positive benefits you are going to witness. It’s a refreshing, wonderful journey indeed! Please let me know if you ever have any questions!

  7. jobo Says:

    WOW – this is probably one of my fave posts from you!! I nodded with every single thing!!! It’s about living a healthy life, not letting it become your jail because you are ‘dieting’ all the time. Love ths!

  8. Rachel @Healthy_Chicks Says:

    @jobo Thanks Jo! I must say, it was one of my favorite posts to write as well 🙂 So many women struggle with a tainted, negative mindset/beat themselves up and I want to spread the word to every single one of them! Mostly because I WAS there.

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