Monday Inspiration: What Nourishes Your Mind, Body & Soul?

Do you know what nourishes you, you know those things that truly fill your soul & makes you feel your very best self? This is likely not a question you ask yourself very often, but I encourage you to do so.

So often, we eat what we’re told are the “right” foods to eat, do what we believe we “have” to do, and think the way we’re expected to think. I challenge you to stop right there and look beyond the expectations and rules we have for ourselves. Truly look within and ask yourself point blank: What makes me feel nourished?

Then take things a step further by writing it out:

These are the foods that nourish my body…

These are the activities that nourish my soul…

These are the thoughts that nourish my mind…

What came up for you? I encourage you to take a good, hard look at your list and fill yourself up with those things that nourish you most.

Here’s a hint: when we fill our life up with nourishment, we no longer need to use food/drugs/self sabotage/fill in the blank to “feel better.” That’s why talking about food is only a portion of my health coaching programs — it’s the other stuff going on that usually needs some deeper work.

My top nourishments from each category are leafy greens, yoga, and the positive affirmation “I am enough.”

What’s on your list? Do you use food to make you feel better or struggle with living a nourished life? I’d love to chat with you! Schedule your FREE “15 Minutes to Fabulous” Breakthrough Session today!

4 Responses to “Monday Inspiration: What Nourishes Your Mind, Body & Soul?”

  1. Jill Tomich Says:

    Love the Sutra Tank…super cute!

  2. Rachel @Healthy Chicks Says:

    @Jill Thanks Jill, it’s super comfy too! Definitely my new fave warm-weather item 🙂

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  4. sarah Says:

    i am so HAPPY i found you here! i feel like i have found a soumate when it comes to ” living as if the garden gate is open”. a couple women i know starve and kill thenselves to be thin. i have finally embarced that eating lots of pasta and healthy local pizza and really good chocolate makes me happy. trying to lose weight with more salads and no pasta made me into a psycotic fearful mess. iam so glad you have the guts to share this! thanks so much for the encouragment as i was not respected by a nutritionist of 11 yrs for knowing how to listen to my body and what it wanted and needed. the flat belly obession was her thing but it didnt work for me. thanks forever!

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